Democrats 91

There is nothing that calls into question the intelligence of Democrats than the fact that every clown on that side now running for president has been able to convince someone to support them in that endeavor.  And it’s every time one of these ‘candidates’ opens their mouth to make some new, and even crazier sounding, promise that I think we’ve finally heard that which will cause people to pause, and to realize that it would be nothing short of catastrophic for our country if any of these boobs were to be our next president.  And yet each time I seem to be proven wrong.

And to be perfectly honest, I don’t think I have ever seen a group of more disgusting individuals, none of whom would I ever consider as worthy of holding the highest office in the land.  The Democrat Party has now been so very thoroughly infiltrated by those of the far left kook fringe as to make it barely recognizable from the party of just a decade ago.  Where Democrats once kept their craziness a bit more under wraps, these days they show no willingness to do so, choosing instead to put their craziness out front and center and tout it as being the reason to vote for them.

I mean from open borders, to providing free healthcare to those in this country illegally, to Medicare for All, to the ‘Green New Deal’, to their continuing threats to pack the Supreme Court, a promise of debt-free college, and more, the insanity never seems to let up.  I can’t help but wonder just what it might take to finally become the straw that breaks the camel’s back causing what few remaining sensible Democrats that may still be out there to finally leave a party that has so very obviously left them.   But sadly, most Democrats are now simply too far gone to care.

And then there is the issue of hate.  Democrats love to accuse those of us on the right of being the purveyors of all manner of hate, but when was the last time you tuned into nearly any television ‘newscast’ and not heard some Democrat railing against those of us who want nothing more than our borders secure, to be able to keep a bit more of the money that we work for and who oppose abortion.  I’ve been called deplorable, a dreg of society, a racist, a Nazi, a white supremacist and all by someone belonging to the supposed party of peace, love, diversity and acceptance.

And so it is then that this next election will tell us much when it comes to the survivability of this grand experiment in human freedom.  Will we, the American people, choose to shun those who seek nothing more than to destroy our country by way of attempting to use their own rather toxic version of our history against us?  Or, will those of us who still do love this country choose to stand in proud opposition to those whose only purpose would seem to be the garnering for themselves a level of political power that would then allow them to solidify their grip on government.

So unfortunately, what I think that we are now witnessing from those Democrats running for president has much less to do with actually wanting to lead than it has to do with their sick and twisted desire to take what Ronald Reagan once described as being the last, best hope of man on Earth, and head us squarely into what he also warned us about as being 1000 years of darkness.  We are foolish if we think we can trust the survival of our country to politicians of either party but, more specifically, the Democrat Party.  ‘We the People’ have become this country’s last, best hope!

And I guess what truly frightens me the most is how the fate of our country would now seem to rest with those in the Democrat Party who just might still possess enough sense not to vote for any of those in what is the rather bizarre band of misfits now seeking to carry their party’s banner into the next presidential contest.  But what exactly is the chance of that happening?  After all, what might the IQ be of your average Democrat voter?  I’m guessing it would be a number relative to their shoe size.  So I guess all we can do is to hope for the best…and pray really, really hard.

And lastly, while I do not believe that every Democrat now running to be president hates this country, I do believe, and very firmly so, that there is not a one of them who genuinely loves this country.  Because if they did I very seriously doubt that they would now be spewing the level of hate filled rhetoric I hear coming from every single one of them.  And so with a Democrat Party as it exists today I can’t help but wonder that should any of these candidates actually get elected how long it will be that we are able to survive with a leader who does not love the country he, or she, leads?

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