Legend 4

Entertainers of every stripe are without a doubt the biggest waste of skin on the entire planet.  They possess no real skill or ability, are not particularly bright nor are they all that well educated.  These people have been blessed with a God given talent that has allowed them, because they have also been blessed to live in a country like America, to amass great wealth.  And yet it is very few of them who have used that great wealth to benefit anyone other than themselves.  And yet they lecture US.

All of which brings me to that proverbial loudmouth, Mr. John Stephens, aka John Legend, a man of very questionable talent, as well as someone who appears to be a ‘legend’ in his very own limited mind.  You see it was Mr. ‘Legend’ who, just this past Sunday, after ‘singing’ at some bar there in Dayton, Ohio, used what has been described as being a ‘press conference’ to rant against the National Rifle Association (NRA) during which he claimed, “the NRA doesn’t represent America.”

‘Legend’s’ song of choice was “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” which he would later describe as “a testament to how we can be there for each other in these times of grief.”  What a bunch of bullshit coming from a guy who, like most in his useless ‘profession,’ obviously doesn’t give a squat about anyone other than himself.  Because rather than caring about those who are victims of gun violence, they are simply casualties to be exploited in order to advance the cause of gun control.

‘Legend’ described mass shootings as “preventable trauma.” He took part in a news conference with Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, another worthless Democrat, and said, “My direct message to legislators, to the president, to all of them, is the NRA doesn’t represent America.”  He added, “How many more people have to be killed for us to realize that this isn’t working? If you claim to represent the interests of the American people, then you need to be doing your job in a way that makes everyone safer.”

‘Legend’ specifically pushed for universal background checks and a ban on those mythical weapons that those on the left, like himself, insist upon calling “assault weapons.”  But he again revealed just how truly ignorant he is, because universal background checks would not have prevented the Dayton shooting as the rifle used was acquired “legally.” Moreover, the attacker had the element of surprise, so he could have used any number of firearms other than a rifle to carry out his act.

‘Legend’ opined, “We’re tired of bigotry and hate turning lethal because of easy access to guns.”  Again he merely distracts and chooses to advance his own brand of bigotry and hate directed at those whose only ‘crime’ is that they believe in our Constitution.  Perhaps he should be using his so-called ‘celebrity status’, and some of his many millions, to provide some good by spending a little time in places like Chicago and Baltimore where the primary hobby of blacks, is killing other blacks.

But ‘Legend’ is just one nut on what has become a rather long list of many very unimpressive people who love nothing more than to run down our country, express what is a very obvious lack of knowledge regarding our Constitution, criticize our president, as well as those who support him, before then returning to what are likely some rather big and very fancy houses surrounded by what are surely some very high walls and protected by what I’m quite sure are their own security guards.

So hallelujah, we finally have someone who has the solution to world peace, the one that we’ve been waiting for, for tens of thousands of years of human existence. Who knew it would be a musician?  I just love how celebrities are so certain of their world view that any opposing views must be wrong.  It’s like they never get told no, you’re wrong, or don’t have the humility to know that no one has all the answers, so try learning from other perspectives instead of assuming that you’re always right.

One thing is for sure, left-wing liberal entertainers don’t represent America, as they want to change it into a socialistic utopia where everyone is equal, except where the liberal elitists and rich entertainers are a bit more equal.  Week after week, dozens of innocent lives are lost to street gang violence and yet we hear not a peep from this arrogant bastard, John ‘Legend’.  If he was truly tired of the hate and bigotry then he would step away from the Democrat Party.  But he chooses not to.

Actually, Mr. ‘Legend’, the NRA does represent all of America, unlike you who are an avowed and unapologetic racist, race baiter as well as a bigot.  The NRA doesn’t care about race, creed, color, national origin or any other thing that you and others like you use to divide Americans in to more manageable groups.  They don’t even care if you choose to not own a firearm. They only care that you do not try to take ours or try to prevent the rest of us from the lawful exercise of our Second Amendment right.

The thing is, I can’t think of anyone less representative of America than are millionaire left wing elitist entertainers who have virtually no clue regarding how average Americans work and live in their daily lives.  And, as I have said numerous time before, just how arrogant and narcissistic must these people be to think that anyone outside their own little circle of kooks, might give a flying fart what they happen think on an issue as important as my right to protect myself and my family?

As a general rule, it’s when any of these Hollyweird elitists starts telling me what is or is not American, that I simply shut them off.  I don’t buy their music, I don’t watch their movies, and when it comes to moronic athletes, I don’t waste time watching them either.  The fact that they possess some level of notoriety at this moment in time doesn’t give them the right to tell me what to think, least of all a guy who has made a career out of little more than singing the same song over and over again.

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