It would seem that there are those on the Democrat side of the aisle who must have a pretty strong prescription of ‘rose colored’ glasses.  And it would be one of those, a Democrat from California, who is Mr. Ted Lieu.  Because, apparently, it’s Mr. Lieu who now thinks that Mr. Mueller, during yesterday’s rather bizarre ‘testimony’, provided to the Democrats that much needed final nail in the coffin of the Trump presidency that they have now been desperately in search of for over two years.

You see, it was on the very day of the Mueller’s testimony, on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” that Lieu said former special counsel Mueller’s testimony before Congress showed President Trump committed “multiple felonies.”  Lieu said, “What the hearing showed today, that Donald Trump committed multiple acts of obstruction of justice. Those are felonies. What the American people and Congress choose to do with that information we’ll see in the next few days and weeks.”

And it was from there that this genius went on to say, “If the American people are watching this, the only conclusion they can conclude is that the Russians systematically and sweepingly interfered in our 2016 elections, the Trump campaign embraced that interference and then the president committed multiple acts of obstruction of justice to stop the investigation into that interference.”  Lieu simply proves once again he’s little more than one of Jerry ‘Pumpkin Head’ Nadler’s stooges.

Lieu continued, “Robert Mueller himself brings up the fact that he did not exonerate the president and then he says the OLC opinion prevents me from indicting a sitting president. That’s like saying two plus two and that we’re here going okay, that means four, right? That’s essentially where I got him to commit to today and if the American people watch these hearings, that’s the only conclusion they could come up with that the president of the United States committed multiple felonies.”

So, the unimpressive Mr. Lieu boldly declared, “What the hearing showed today, that Donald Trump committed multiple acts of obstruction of justice. Those are felonies.”  And yet if you ask him to name just ONE of the felonies that the president allegedly committed all you get is a deer in the headlights look.  Typical Leftist, don’t believe your eyes and ears, just believe what I tell you.  They’re all delusional!  They’re holding an apple and trying to convince the rest of us that it’s really an orange.

And it’s all of the NeverTrumpers that are essentially no different. They too don’t have a rational explanation for what it is that President Trump supposedly did that was so wrong, other than to say they just know he did something wrong.  Every Democrat made a complete ASS of themselves in trying to squeeze a smoking-gun statement from the obviously senile Mr. Mueller; meanwhile, I have to say it was the Republicans on the committee who were pretty darned impressive.

People really do need to stop feeling sorry for Mueller. He allowed people whose only ‘crime’ was that they supported Trump to be put in prison, yet ignored Democrats who should have been investigated.  So any karma that comes Mueller’s way is well deserved.  He’s not some feeble old man, he’s a vile, corrupt investigator who lead a corrupt team of anti-Trump Hitlery advocates in a coup against our President, based on nothing more than they don’t like him and will stop at nothing to remove him.

The left’s efforts were doomed to failure from the beginning.  Even a blind man could see it. They’re looking in all the wrong places. If they were truly interested in finding out who actually colluded with Russia, they’d be looking squarely at Hitlery and her presidential campaign cadre.  They’re still trying to make the Russia Hoax stick and it won’t so they need to end it!  The Democrats are trying to take down a dully elected president simply because their candidate lost, and there must be consequences.

The only logical conclusion to be drawn here is the fact that Mueller is suffering from some form of Dementia and the Democrats simply chose to use his name in their effort to legitimize their continuing witch hunt!  They then stacked the ‘investigation’ full of hard core Hitlery supporters, who used the Hitlery funded dossier to open their investigation, used paid for bureaucrats to continue the investigation, and slapped Mueller’s name on the report in an effort to imply that it was somehow legitimate.

The entire Democrat Party seems now firmly in the grasp of Trump Derangement Syndrome. And among those most seriously afflicted is none other than Mr. Lieu.  I mean, here’s a guy who had a front row seat at this hearing during which Mr. Mueller made clear that he was unable to relate to the details of ‘his’ report, and where, in pretty short order, it became obvious that he was likely not even involved in the writing of the report.  And for Lieu to imply something differently, is dishonest!

And in claiming his report didn’t exonerate the president, Mueller forgets that no prosecutor can exonerate anyone.  Every American, including a president, comes before the bar innocent, without need of exoneration.  All a prosecutor can do is to indict. Because there were no indictments, no conviction for conspiracy with a foreign government, there can be no obstruction of justice. President Trump stands exonerated by default.  Hitlery on the other hand, well, you get the idea.

Look, whether they like it of not, the time has now come for the Democrats to grow up and to finally realize it’s over.  The jig is up.  They lost.  And they lost not only their attempt to take down a duly elected president, but perhaps America as well.  And they lost because they chose to bet on hate, lies, division, a failed coup and because they labeled half of all America as racist.  Meanwhile they’ve made it quite clear that their mission is now one in which they seek to bring an end to America.

What’s truly scary is the fact that Democrats in our government are still insisting that President Trump is guilty of something, when the reality of this entire debacle is the FACT that members of the ‘Deep State’ fabricated the entire thing.  It should scare EVERY single American, regardless of party affiliation, that even though there’s proof this was nothing more a made-up hoax to justify what was a coup, members of Congress completely ignore that fact and want to proceed to hurt President Trump.

Democrats have no intention of conceding.  They have now become so committed to this fiasco they have left themselves no way out.  You simply cannot make this shit up.  And those in the ‘fake news’ media have also had a part to play, which essentially makes them co-conspirators in this effort to remove from office our duly elected president. Stop and think about it America, would you want your neighbor to accuse you of a crime courtesy of nothing more than totally concocted evidence?

Democrats attempted to convince us that America’s best days were now behind her, that jobs would not come back and that anemic economic growth was what we now had to accept as being the new normal.  They chose to ignore our Veterans while telling us that simply because will like borders we hate brown people.  They enthusiastically embraced Socialism and sat quietly by as slowly has taken over their party. And then President Trump arrived on the scene to squash them.

And it has been ever since that Democrats’ have sought to get rid of President Trump, by any means possible.  They feel if they can just do that all will once again be right with their world and they can then get back to the business at hand, the destruction of America.  But they’re wrong.  And it all could have been so very much different for them.  Had they simply chosen to work with the president they might have actually improved their odds of defeating him in 2020.  But they chose a different path.


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