Cummings 6

For as long as I can remember I can’t recall there being a Republican president who has been genuinely feared by the Democrat Party, not even Ronald Reagan.  Hence their desperate attempt to paint President Trump as a racist.  And it was during this past Sunday’s idiotic episode of ABC’s “This Week,” hosted by former Clinton hack and now wannabe ‘journalist’, George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos, that we had yet another attempt, this time perpetrated by Elijah Cummings, during which the president was once again accused, by Cummings, of being nothing more than a common racist and of actually instilling fear in those within the black community.

Cumming’s made it very clear that he believes that there is virtually no doubt that President Trump is a racist.  It was in discussing the president’s ongoing battle with the “Squad” that Stephy asked, “Do you believe President Trump is a racist?   To which Cummings responded saying, “Yes, no doubt about it. I try to give him the benefit of the doubt. I got to tell you, George, let me tell you, these young ladies, are merely trying to bring excellence to government and trying to make sure that generations yet unborn have an opportunity to experience a true democracy.”  Really, is that what these four imbeciles are trying to do?  You could have fooled me!

He went on to say, “When I hear those things it takes me back like I said and I can still remember bleeding from my forehead when people were throwing bottles, and these were adults, throwing bottles and saying go home.”  And Cummings continued claiming that his constituents tell him they are scared of President Trump.  Cummings said, “No matter where I go, what I’m hearing over and over from my constituents is ‘please, say save our democracy.’”  He continued, “They say ‘I’m scared.’ I have never in my total of 37 years in public service ever heard a constituent say they were scared of their leader.”  ‘Public service’, or service to himself?

Now keep in mind here that this is the very same dirtbag who once claimed that, when part of group marching to the Capitol to vote to destroy healthcare by voting for Obamacare, Tea Party folks were spitting on him, screaming racial epithets and even threatening his life. And despite being surrounded by all manner of cameras and microphones, he was never able to produce any bit of evidence to support his wild claims.  People who live in alternate universes tend to show signs of mental illness and therefore tend not to carry much credibility.  Let’s face it, Cummings clearly hates America, or maybe he just hates himself for ending up as a racist.

Cummings accusing President Trump of being a racist is not only idiotic, it’s patently dishonest.  And if he were to look in any mirror he would see what it is that a true racist looks like.  Cummings’ district encompasses just over half of Baltimore, most of the majority black sections of Baltimore County, and the majority of Howard County.  If his constituents express fear of anything, it’s likely regarding how their children may not make it out of that city alive!  Thousands of taxpayers have fled the area due to the crime and high taxes. And you still cannot defend yourself in Maryland.  And yet this racist old buffoon has managed to get himself re-elected since 1996.

Seriously folks, is there anyone in ALL of the U.S Congress who has done LESS for Blacks in America than this racist old boob, Elijah Cummings?  Ask anyone and they will tell you how his district is an atrocity, a hellhole, a blood soaked ‘No Go’ Zone and a place of death, drugs, permanent destruction and the worst sort of poverty.  Cummings is a liar, perhaps they should be asking him how it was that he became a millionaire on his salary and why the hell is he fighting for illegals more so than his own constituents.  He’s been in public office 37 years and hasn’t done a damn thing and is proof just because you have a job doesn’t mean you’re working.

But say Cummings is right, but what is it about President that has black Americans so scared?  What in the world is President Trump going to do to them that he hasn’t done already?  I mean besides lower crime rates, lower black unemployment, and trying to protect jobs for them by working to secure our border?  Blacks need to stop listening to dishonest liars like Cummings, because they’re simply being lied to over and over again.  For whatever the reason Blacks have continued to allow themselves to be used by a political party that has essentially done nothing for them, and it needs to stop.  President Trump is a far better friend to black than are the Democrats.

Cummings and his ilk love to fan the flames and then blame President Trump for the resulting fire. The mission of the ‘left’ and it’s ‘fake news’ media cohorts is to make people fearful of President Trump and they do so courtesy of all manner of distortion, rumor, innuendo,  misrepresentation and outright lie.  It’s sedition on an astounding scale, and proof of the failure of the ‘left’ to honor the social contract defined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They willfully and openly conspire to violate the rule of law on a daily basis. They are out of bounds, and they have disqualified themselves from participating in our government, and holding any political power, by doing so.

I’m thinking that what may be driving Cummings, and any number of his fellow Democrats, to become even more desperate in their effort to attack President Trump is the fact that more and more Black folks are slowly waking up to the facts around them and realizing that the president has done more to improve the black community via employment, housing, criminal justice reform, etc.  Whoever the Democrat candidate for president turns out to be in 2020 they will still receive the overwhelming amount of support from blacks, but I have no doubt it will be less than it has been in the past.  And it’s that that has the Democrats absolutely terrified.

Elijah Cummings is nothing but a charlatan and ‘race hustler’ no different than a Sharpton, a Jackson or a Farrakhan. He has no idea, nor does he even really care, what his ‘constituents’ want or need.  Like every other Democrat his intent is to keep blacks in poverty so they can then be convinced they ‘need’ the Democrats.  Yet it’s been President Trump who has done more for black folks than even Barry ‘O’. Economically, blacks are in the best shape since historical economic statistics have been kept.  So if that’s Cummings’ definition of being ‘racist’, keep it up.  Despicable human beings like Cummings will get is just reward, in this lifetime or the next.

What a clown, what a buffoon, what an ignoramus, what a…racist this guy, Cummings, is.  If we’re being honest here his constituents have far more to fear from Mr. Cummings and his many friends in the Democrat Party than they do from Mr. Trump. After all, it’s parts of Cummings’ district that has long had one of the highest murder rates in the entire country.  He’s represented his district for decades and what exactly has he done to improve the life of even one person who resides there?  That would be, absolutely nothing!  But then, that’s what you get when you elect and reelect a corrupt moron who can barely put a coherent sentence together.

Suppose we rephrase the question, shall we?  What it is that Cummings, and so many other Democrats, now seem to be so afraid of?  Might he, and they, be afraid that Democrats constituents will continue to get jobs and move up the ladder, all thanks to President Trump?  And might they be afraid that they will soon be moving off of the Democrat plantation?  As long as blacks continue to fall for the nonsense spewed by people like Cummings, the longer their going to find themselves left holding the nasty end of the stick, because that’s all the Democrats remain willing to give them.  And sadly, a great many blacks seem to be all too satisfied with that.  Too bad.

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