Pelosi 16

Once upon a time members of the Democrat Party operated much more clandestinely when it came to exhibiting their true feelings about our country.  But for some reason, starting with the election of Barry ‘O’, and over the following eight years, admitting a love for one’s country, even if untrue, came to be looked down upon by those on the left, and even before Barry left office, at least among those within the Democrat Party, love of country was replaced by possessing disdain, or even outright hatred, of one’s country.  And it was with the election of Donald J. Trump, that Democrats have become even more vocal about just how much they hate this country.

And it’s that trend that seems to have continued to as recently as Wednesday of this week, when our illustrious Speaker of the House, Nancy ‘The Botox queen’ Pelosi, explained at her press conference on Wednesday what she believes America is about.  She said, “The president wants to make America great again. We all do.”  And she then proceeded to ask, “What does that mean? What is America?”  She then said, “So many times we’ve come together and we’ve talked about America.”  Pelosi then went on to answer her own question. Below is an excerpt from the transcript of her press conference where Pelosi reveals her lack of understanding of America:

“So, it is – let’s just take it to a better place. Let’s take it to a better place: America. The president wants to make America great again. We all do.

What does that mean? What is America? So many times we’ve come together and we’ve talked about America. America as our ideals in the Constitution, an example to the world of Founding documents that rejected a monarch and put forth separation of powers, Article I, the legislative branch having that priority and listing. And that is being under – that’s being dishonored by the President of the United States.

What is America? We the People. We the People. A nation of immigrants, by and large. And he is denigrating every – all the newcomers who come to our country, in complete opposition to the beautiful words of Ronald Reagan in the last speech that he made to the country as President of the United States.

What is America? This beautiful land, from sea to shining sea and beyond, God’s gift to us, that he is almost every day, but certainly every week, degrading and saying that we’re not going to deal with climate on the basis of any science. Really?

What is America? Our values. And that’s the debate we have all the time, in the battle of the budget and the rest, in terms of how we invest in our children’s future and how these things all come together. Under the guidance of our Founders, ‘We the People,’ they said in the Preamble to the Constitution.

But they also said, ‘E pluribus unum. From many, one.’ Couldn’t imagine how many or how different we’d be, but they knew we had to be one. And that beautiful guidance is something that we must constantly keep in mind as we engage in our differences.

At the end of the day, we want to be unifying and not dividing. I wish the President would read that.”

Granted, it’s little about the history of our great nation that is still taught in our poor excuse of a government run public education system.  And yet there does remain a good number of adults who are familiar with our history and understand that our Founding Fathers were largely Christian men who respected, honored and followed the Bible and its principles for life as best as they understood.  They wrote our Constitution based on those very same principles, establishing freedom for our citizens, removing the overburdening governance of England and the tyrants who held its people bound as being little more than slaves to the government.

She asks, “What does that mean?”   She’s been in Congress for over 30 years and yet she can’t answer her own question?  Or is it perhaps that she simply chooses not to?  I’m sure she understands that America leads from the front, in technology, in business, and in education.  And how it is that by having the most advanced and strongest military this country is far better able to protect America and its interests abroad.  That someone can have been in government for as long as she has, and can still question what it is that makes America great, really says it all.  But this is the Democrat Party of 2019. A party populated by those who absolutely hate America.

The strongest, most prosperous and most technologically advanced nations are usually Christian and nearly all Caucasian and/or Asian. The United States fit this description when it successfully landed men on the Moon in 1969. Now that the U.S. is mired in crushing debt, has a population only about 50 percent Caucasian, and is no longer culturally homogenous, with the federal government in charge of the American public education system, turning public schooling into ‘government indoctrination’ ensures that another American generation bold enough, educated enough, imaginative enough, will never arise again. The U.S. will likely never again return to the Moon.

America is a state of mind.  It symbolizes what it means to be truly free.  We cannot allow more immigrants in than can be assimilated. Europe has found out the hard way that multiculturalism simply does not work. The immigrants cannot be expected to become proficient in English but their children born here can be. They can and will follow the same path as the German, French, and Italian immigrants of the past.  But the acculturation must include a voluntary commitment to individual liberty, individual responsibility, and non-dependence on government.  We don’t need immigrants who come here who only live off the labors of others.

Democrats applauded when Barry ‘O’ violated separation of powers and applauded when judges rewrote law to validate Obamacare.  They continue to celebrate as Congress attempts to strip Presidential power as they usurp the Executive branch. They’ve denigrated the Founders as racist white slave owners and the Constitution as tainted, outdated and imperfect. They denounce our history as beyond redemption, tear down our statues and paint over our murals and describe our people as being racist to their core. They honor the ILLEGAL immigrants, setting them on a pedestal as more virtuous and industrious than the American citizen or the legal immigrant.

Democrats simply bestow upon those in this country illegally the rights of citizens and at the same time essentially robbing Peter (the American taxpayers) to pay Paul (illegals) in order to provide those here illegally with all manner of ‘free’ stuff. Democrat ‘values’ include the murder of innocent children for the sin of being unwanted and the denouncing of people of faith for defending their beliefs. These are our modern day Democrats.  And these are the most dangerous foes that we now face as a country.  There is no enemy that would ever dare to take us on from without, but it is from within that we are now made to face those who are our most dangerous foe.

Pelosi would do herself a yuge favor if she took the time to read the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence.  Then, perhaps, she would understand what America is/was before politicians like herself started making up laws and regulations that have no basis in our Constitution.  Simply stated, we the people have rights that come NOT from government, but are endowed by our Creator.  The government exists only to protect those rights, not to take them away. Government exists only with the consent of the governed.  We are not serfs like in so many other countries that existed before our great country came into being.

While America still is, I think, THE land of opportunity, it’s because of growing government interference into the everyday lives of average Americans that has made it increasingly more difficult.  The initial concept of ‘limited government’ was long ago made to go by the wayside.  And where we were once a nation that took pride in “personal responsibility” and “individual accountability” we seem to have morphed into a country whose citizens seem far more interested in trying to get as much as they can while providing little or nothing in return.  What happened to that country where a Democrat politician once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you?”

America is said to be a nation of laws and a place where citizens can expect equal treatment under the law and yet somewhere along the line that seems to have become less and less the case.  We have a political party who now sees nothing wrong with turning a blind eye to people first entering into our country illegally, buy then continuing to break our laws by staying here, illegally, even when committing additional crimes while in this country illegally.  Meanwhile, the rest of us ordinary folks are expected to follow the laws to the absolute letter or be made to face the consequences that those here illegally are NEVER made to face.

So let me see if I make it so simple that even Nancy and her fellow America-hating Democrats can understand it.  ‘Making America Great Again’ begins with ridding ourselves of Pelosi and all her Socialist colleagues.  It means returning our country to its Constitutional roots.  It means finding some commonsense compromises on issues like government spending and refusing to confirm activist judges who legislate from the bench those issues Democrats can’t accomplish through legislation.  And it means protecting our sovereignty as a nation and preventing illegal immigrants from flooding into our country at will. In short, it means opposing everything Democrats support.

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