Trump 37

While I am by no means declaring that a Trump victory is anywhere near a certainty come 2020, it is also nowhere near certain that he will lose to any of the current cast of Democrats who are increasingly outright hostile toward their own country.  Also, if the 2016 election made anything painfully clear, it was that we should pay very little attention to most polls, especially those conducted roughly 16 months prior to the next election.  Such as a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll already showing a tight general election matchups between President Trump and top Democrat candidates including Creepy Joe, Commie Bernie, Pocahontas Warren, and Hooker Harris.

We’re told this most recent poll in question surveyed 800 ‘registered’ voters between July 7-9 and supposedly showed President Trump trailing those identified as the ‘top tier’ of Democrat candidates, with ‘Creepy Joe’ leading the pack.  According to the results, ‘Creepy’ leads the president by 9 points – 51 percent to President Trump’s 42. Sanders leads President Trump by 7 points – 50 percent to 43 percent – and Warren leads President Trump by 5 points, 48 percent to 43 percent. All three of those candidates come in outside of the margin of error, which is +/- 3.5 percent.  Harris’ lead was within the margin of error – 45 percent to Trump’s 44.

Despite what appears to be a solid lead, as NBC News notes, the general election is far off, and “much can change” over the course of the next year. The Democrat field has yet to be narrowed. Many voters remember the total upset of the 2016 general election, with Trump securing victories in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, and Ohio and ultimately finishing with 306 electoral votes.  Additionally, the majority of polls showed Hitlery coming out as the general election victor. Although the gap narrowed, the final Real Clear Politics average still had Hitlery winning by over two points.  And yet here we are almost 3 years later still listening to her whine.

So if I’m reading this poll right the Democrats already have this thing all wrapped up and can just sit back and enjoy the ride because there is simply NO WAY President Trump will ever be re-elected.  Just as there is NO WAY the Republicans will retake the House and NO WAY the Republicans will grow their lead in the Senate.  Shoot, we might as well just cancel the election because these two unbiased news sources have all but made it official that any of the Democrats will kick the president’s ass. After all, everyone knows that when the economy is booming voters want a new president, especially a President who promises open borders and free healthcare for illegals.

Look, we all sympathize with immigrants who are attempting to flee economic, war, religious, or political turmoil.  But why is it that the United States has now somehow been made responsible for everyone on the planet born into some shithole of a country?  Because we most definitely are NOT, nor can we afford to be!  America is the most generous country on the planet when it comes to helping the needy here at home as well as abroad.  Yet we have politicians encouraging people to come here courtesy of their unwillingness to properly secure our border and by offering all manner of free stuff once they’ve arrived that taxpayers are forced to pay for.

So where is it that we are to draw the line, exactly, between legal versus illegal entry into our country?  If you listen to the Democrats there shouldn’t be any line.  America is in serious trouble when our laws say that even though you’re breaking our laws you will only be held for two weeks before then being set free with a court date for which you are expected to show up. Setting criminal illegal immigrants free after breaking our laws and expecting them to meet court dates takes stupidity to a whole new level, and sadly this stupidity has been going on for 20+ years.  And the ones whose job is change the current laws seem to have no interest whatsoever in doing so.

The polls today are more meaningless than ever.  In order to believe any of these polls you must also believe that the majority of the country also strongly supports open borders, reparations, secularism, unrestricted abortion and free health care for illegals, over the lowest unemployment level in decades, getting NATO to pay its fair share for their own defense, moving the judiciary back to the center, rebuilding our military, the elimination of ISIS, taking on China and protecting the unborn as well as religious freedom.  But, if that truly is the case and Americans do vote for Socialism then our country will, most certainly, be put on the path to what will be an ugly end.

President Trump is a polarizing figure, no doubt. But take away the fake controversies, the ridiculous accusations, the 90 percent negative news coverage, the circus atmosphere, etc. and he really hasn’t done that bad of a job as President.  What the Democrats are pushing sounds absolutely crazy, and frankly destructive to the country. Now it’s just my opinion, but I just can’t see voters choosing any of the Democrats over President Trump. Also, a lot of these polls seem to contradict one another. This poll says President Trump will lose to any Democrat. Another says his approval rating is higher than Barry’s at the same point of his presidency.

I’m telling you right now, if every man, regardless of race, religion or sexual persuasion in America doesn’t vote for President Trump that America truly is a nation of pussies. He does nothing less than to tell it like it is.  His only crime is that he has made good on many of his campaign promises.  And it’s the same people claiming how he has yet to make good on securing our southern border and building ‘The Wall’ who are also the same people who have pulled out every stop in their effort to prevent him from doing just that.  He is not to blame, they are.  The very same ones who hate this country and want nothing less than to see it completely destroyed!

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