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It was just this past Thursday that presidential hopeful ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden was at the City University of New York to give a campaign speech, one that, while it was supposedly focused on President Trump’s foreign policy, sounded strangely, and rather eerily, familiar.  Because, you see, it was in listening to ‘Creepy’ as he described our current foreign policy that you would have sworn what he was actually talking about was the foreign policy that ‘Creepy Joe’ carried out together with Barry ‘O’. ‘Creepy’ even went so far as to call the president an “extreme” threat to the country’s national security.  And as to be expected, no one has yet taken ‘Creepy’ to task for describing the sitting Commander-in-Chief in such alarmist terms.

But that was not the most bizarre aspect of what was yet another pointless speech that ‘Creepy’ has given during this most recent quest of his for the White House.  He said the main problem in Trump’s foreign policy was…wait for it… Charlottesville, Virginia. ‘Creepy’ then went on to recite the repeatedly debunked version of the “very fine people” hoax, claiming the president had drawn a “moral equivalence between those who promoted hate and those who opposed it.” That, he said, was a threat to America’s mission of standing for democratic values in the world. But in fact, the president specifically condemned the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville on multiple occasions. The entire premise of ‘Creepy’s’ speech was simply…a lie.

Now we shouldn’t be at all surprised to find out at ‘Creepy’ would lie, after all he has made a quite a career out of lying.  And he wasn’t done yet.  Because it was from there that ‘Creepy’ went on to claim that President Trump’s foreign policy rejects democratic values and favors the rise of authoritarianism worldwide. He cited what he described as the president’s warmth to Russian president Vlad Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.  And he claimed that President Trump has undermined America’s alliances with democracies in favor of flattery from dictators.  Now, as is usually the case with these sufferers of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’, he sighted no specific examples, merely spewed his typical brand of ‘malarkey.’

So I can only assume that in his current mental state ‘Creepy’ somehow forgot that it was Barry ‘O’ who: literally bowed to the Saudi king; abandoned the pro-democracy protests during the Green Revolution in Iran; pushed for a “reset” with Russia and abandoned our Czech and Polish allies on missile defense; promised Putin he would be even more “flexible” after he won re-election; tried to normalize relations with the Cuban dictatorship without securing any democratic reforms there; gave the store away to the communist dictatorship in China; abandoned Israel, a betrayal in which ‘Creepy’ himself played a direct and shameful role, condemning Israel for building apartments in a Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem.  That was all Barry ‘O’!

President Trump praises dictators as a negotiating tactic; Barry ‘O’ praised them because he, too, thought America was the problem.  One of the few times that Barry ‘O’ and ‘Creepy Joe’ embraced democratic change was during the Arab Spring, when “democracy” meant the rise of the Moslem Brotherhood, which had absolutely no interest in freedom, only in power.  And it was back during the campaign 2008 that the Barry ‘O’ campaign actually cast ‘Creepy Joe’ as being some sort of a foreign policy guru, this despite ‘Creepy’s’ long, and rather storied, history of having been wrong on every single important foreign policy issue throughout his ‘career.’  Yet on Thursday, what ‘Creepy’ did was to simply ignore his own pathetic record.

And perhaps the most hilarious part of his speech came when ‘Creepy’ actually claimed credit for President Trump’s success in crushing the so-called “Islamic State,” saying he worked with Barry ‘O’ “to craft the military and diplomatic campaign that ultimately defeated ISIS.”  In fact, ‘Creepy’ can actually be said to have been complicit in the rise of ISIS.  He was Barry’s point man on Iraq when the U.S. suddenly pulled out of the country, leaving the vacuum that ISIS filled. He did not object when Barry ‘O’ called the terror group “junior varsity.”  Yup, chock up another one for the foreign policy ‘guru.’  I swear every time this guy opens his mouth he provides to all of us another example why he has absolutely no business being our president.

Now as to be expected ‘Creepy’ offered nothing new in terms of actual solutions to current foreign policy challenges. He claimed that the Iran nuclear deal had been a success, on the very day Iran was reported to have been cheating all along. He said the U.S. should re-enter the deal once Iran did, offering no idea how to ensure that it did so. On North Korea, ‘Creepy’ promised he would “empower our negotiators,” whatever that means.  He said that he would get “tough” with China, which President Trump is already doing (and which ‘Creepy once suggested he would not do). And on immigration, he ridiculed the very idea of borders, literally: “I respect no borders.” And you have to ask yourself, this is the best Democrats have on foreign policy?

I am always amazed every time I see this kind of crap happening. It happens in every single election cycle.  For some reason politicians truly believe that the American public are so stupid that they just take what they are told as the truth no matter how absurd it is.  Granted some do, but most don’t.  ‘Creepy’ is far from being the brightest bulb on the tree, but he knows that what he’s saying is outright lies. His only strength is his desperation to win, and he is willing to say anything including baseless lies, and misrepresentations of history. To me that is an embarrassment to our nation. Not only the American public, but the leaders, and people of other countries are also able to spot these lies, and know this boob is not to be trusted.

And in putting all of the toxic rhetoric aside, most intelligent people understand that the Democrats don’t really care about illegal immigrants, all they care about is political power and their enhancing their ability to amass even more.  When it was Barry ‘O’ and ‘Creepy Joe’ in office Democrats seemed to be bothered very little about the removal of illegal immigrants.  But with the arrival of a new Sheriff in town, and with a change in their priorities, Democrats have become very vocal regarding their opposition to border security, deporting just about anybody and even declaring that there is nothing illegal about crossing our border, illegally.  They’re going to cling to those positions and from there fight to legalize illegal voting.

Yes folks, that is the direction in which the Democrats are now headed.  And to deny that fact, or to ignore that very obvious truth, is to do so at your own peril.  All you have to do is to watch and to listen to today’s Democrats.  The pattern thus far shows very clearly that it’s only a matter of time, as they are basically already fighting to make it mind-numbingly easy for illegal immigrants to vote.  Democrats, including ‘Creepy Joe’, are doing all that they can to rip our country right out from under us.  And the cold, hard truth is that, love him or hate him, the only person standing between us and the Democrat effort to destroy our country is Donald J. Trump.  Come 2020 vote like your country depended on it, because, my friends, it does!

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