Presidential wannabe ‘Con Man Cory’ Booker, or he who views himself as being Spartacus, seems to be a bit selective when it comes to following our Constitution.   You see, when it was his bro Barry ‘O’ who was the president, ‘Con Man Cory’ had no issue whatsoever with Barry’s rather loose interpretation of how the Constitution defined the scope of his powers as president.  However, now that we have President Trump, ‘Con Man’ seems to view things quite differently.  But the thing is, hacks like ‘Con Man’ are never able point to actual violations of any laws committed by President Trump.  Whereas during the last administration, when corruption was as clear as it was rampant, folks like “Con Man’ simply chose to look the other way.

But I am curious, of course, about what exactly it is that the ‘Con Man’ ‘thinks’ President Trump has done that specifically violates our Constitution.  President Trump’s administration has been, and continues to be, dragged through the mud for no other reason than because he had the audacity to win an election.  And it’s clowns like ‘Con Man’ who have only continued to spew all manner of incendiary, idiotic and more than a little imbecilic rhetoric all of which is driven by their very intense hatred of this president.  How sad it must be to be consumed by hatred of someone for no other reason than they disagree with you politically.  And while this moron, ‘Con Man’, views himself as being worthy of being president, it’s few others who do.

This past Thursday during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Beat,” 2020 presidential hopeful ‘Con Man Cory’ put forth yet another unsubstantiated bit of bull shit about how President Trump “seems without remorse in his willingness to subvert the Constitution.”  Let’s face it, if brains were dynamite this boob ‘Con Man Cory’ wouldn’t be able to bow his nose.  Booker said, “I’m on the Judiciary Committee and we just got last week and I went down and read some of the un-redacted report but then I went back and reread it in sections in total. I really hope that Americans go and read this report. It is as it stands even with the redactions, it is a deep implication, Mueller clearly says there are about ten things that point to misconduct.”

This dolt went on to say, “Here’s someone who has instructed people to lie instructed people to change documents, had people on his campaign team cooperating with foreign adversaries. There is just so much there. And now he is instead of acting like the leader of the free world, he’s acting like an authoritarian leader by denying Congress what their constitutional duty is which is provide checks and balances to the administration to, provide administrative oversight. This is one of those times I’ve said very clearly, I was not a quick person towards beginning impeachment proceedings but seeing what I’m seeing right now that will Congress is being stymied by this president and where there’s real clear evidence, anybody that reads the plain black and white of the Mueller report, there is clear evidence of misconduct there, this is unacceptable what’s going on right now.”

He then continued, “The Congress should be able to do its work and it’s a shame that we’re now seeing this not only having to go into the courts but prudentially being stymied by a president that seems without remorse in his willingness to subvert the Constitution.”  What does it say about the people of New Jersey who, in there infinite wisdom, thought it was in any way a good idea to elect a braindead stooge like ‘Spartacus.’  I find it hard to understand how, even in a state like New Jerse, ‘Con Man Cory’ was the best they could come up with.  But then I suppose there should be no cause for surprise since it’s the senior senator from this cesspool of the north who is little more than another twisted creep of a pervert in the person of Bob Menendez.

The fact is that ‘Con Man Cory’ can whine about the president until the cows come home but the only people I see trying to subvert the Constitution, and succeeding far more than I’d like, are Democrats and their activist judge friends.  Barry’s threat to use his “Pen and a Phone” was clearly an attack on Constitutional checks and balances between the Legislative and Executive branches and indicated his willingness to do an end run, if necessary, around Congress’s legislative powers if they didn’t produce the kind of laws and legislation he wanted.  Claiming that President Trump is somehow subverting the Constitution by negating and undoing Barry’s Executive Orders is a load of crap, it’s well within the president’s authority to do exactly that.

And like I mentioned earlier, I don’t seem to remember ‘Con Man Cory’ ever having any sort of a problem when Barry ‘O’ granted executive privilege to the many members of his administration when being questioned by Congress. The Department of Justice under Eric Holder refused to testify or provide documents to Congress about Fast and Furious. Hitlery’s State Department refused to cooperate with investigations into Benghazi and her private email server. They openly destroyed tens of thousands of emails that had been requested by Congress. Records requested by Congress were never provided and supposedly destroyed by ‘accident.’  ‘Con Man’ was one who then called these legitimate congressional oversight investigations partisan witch hunts.

The Democrats realize that they cannot win on merit, because they have nothing to offer but further deconstruction of our Republic, which, sadly, appeals to a significant number of people.  All they have left are lies, obfuscation, disinformation, and projection of their own weaknesses and flaws on their opposition. The neo-Democrat party is full out subversive.  When Blacks insist upon voting for morons like ‘Con Man Cory’, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters and just about every other racist member of the ‘Congressional Black (Brain Dead) Caucus, why is it that they should be the least bit surprised when no one respects their race, when they belittle the greats in their race, like Thomas Sowell and elevate a traitor like Barry ‘O’.  How sad is that?

‘Con Man Cory’ lecturing us all on the Constitution, now that truly is a good one.  You know the Constitutionally illiterate Democrats are in some pretty deep trouble when they’re out thumping the Constitution.  Actually, it’s surprising that a halfwit like Booker can even pronounce a four-syllable word like ‘Constitution.’  Bald and unhinged, effeminate and obnoxious, and identifies as Spartacus-like.  A Democrat who supports abortion on demand up to third trimester, open borders and for illegal immigrants to get free taxpayer paid healthcare!  How do scumbags like this imbecile ever get elected in the first place, let alone allowed to run for president?  It just goes to show you that the country is worse trouble than any of us ever thought.

‘Con Man Cory’ is just another elevated imbecile, corrupt to the core, with nothing in his quiver but dishonest Democrat talking points.  I doubt he has ever read the Constitution, it would certainly help his argument if he had as he could then point to the part of the Constitution that he thinks President Trump has supposedly violated.  It is the Socialist Democrat Party that is working overtime in its effort to subvert the Constitution, by trying to get rid of the Electoral College, placing limits on free speech, repeal the Second Amendment, open borders, talk of packing the Supreme Court, introduce income and wealth confiscation and turn the Country into another third world shithole!  If you value liberty you must vote them out in 2020.


  1. America and its residents are doomed the enemy is inside the wire. People who have been labeled conspiracy nuts the worst nightmare is coming true the NWO is in country and the scumbags in the Democratic Party and Republicans have guided them to every level in our government they have stolen everything from the people. If the comfortable people nice house cars and career thinks it won’t happen. open your eyes it’s happened they are murdering including the military with this vax
    No one coming to help the ! USA people supported the scumbags while they destroyed the Middle East country to steal resources they harvested Organs from everyone they murdered. Our media does nothing but lie.
    The good humanity loving people needs a MIRACLE


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