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If recent polling data is correct, might we now be able to safely assume that ‘Creepy Joe’ just might now be on the verge of going 0 and 3 when it comes to his quest to become President of these United States?  And it would seem that the longer the campaign goes on, the more obvious it becomes why he failed in his previous two attempts.  And, does the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’s’ campaign may be hanging by a thread tell us anything regarding the current state of the Democrat Party?

Now I know after the 2016 election for anyone to place any amount of confidence whatsoever in just about any poll could prove to be more than a little foolhardy to say the least.  But with that said it was an Economist/YouGov Poll released just this past Wednesday that revealed ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s ‘secure’ footing as the Democrat primary’s solid frontrunner has become a lot less ‘secure.’  But should we really be surprised to hear such news?  I mean, we’ve been down this road before.

Now this particular little survey was conducted July 7 – 9 and was participated in by 1500 U.S. adult citizens (1140 registered voters) who were asked: “If the Democratic presidential primary or caucus in your state were held today, who would you vote for?”  And while ‘Creepy’ continued to lead the pack with 22 percent support, it was ‘Pocahontas’ Warren who landed squarely in second place with 18 percent support and ‘Hooker’ Harris who followed at a close third, garnering 15 percent support.

Interestingly it was Bernie ‘The Commie’, who now seems to have lost his solid second place status after a rather lackluster debate performance last month, and now finds himself in fourth place with 12 percent support and tied with the “not sure” option, which 12 percent of respondents chose.  The survey also showed Pete Buttplug maintaining his status as a second-tier candidate with a whopping six percent support. Which should beg the question, why is he even still around taking up space?

And yet, it’s Buttplug who is followed by a couple of other losers, ‘Con Man Cory’ Booker and Julio Castro, who both secured a less than impressive two percent support. The remaining candidates garnered one percent support or less.  Also, 83 percent of polled Democrats say they are satisfied with the 20+ choices, while 17 percent said they would like more.  I’m curious, what might those who want MORE candidates in the running really be telling us about those already in the race?

Those who took part in this poll were also asked, “Are there any presidential candidates that you would be disappointed if they became the Democratic nominee?”  Marianne Williamson topped the list with 29 percent, followed by Mayor Bill de Blasio with 22 percent, Andrew Yang, with 21 percent, Sanders with 20 percent, and Biden with 19 percent. Only nine percent said they would be disappointed if Harris secured the nomination, and seven percent said they would be disappointed if Warren did.

I can’t help but wonder what it must be like to be old ‘Creepy Joe?’  I mean, he has to take every insult that’s hurled his way and in return bestow all manner of praise to the very people who have the knives out for him as well as to enthusiastically renounce everything that he has ever stood for.  Seems to be a pretty high price to pay in terms of a public humiliation when, at the end of the day, in all likelihood he’s not even going to the nominee.  So why subject himself to all of the abuse?

Seriously, ‘Creepy’ is simply far too flawed not to fade, and Pocahontas can’t seem to stop making promises regarding all manner of ‘free’ stuff.  And Bernie, well Bernie is simply too old and too inflexible.  It is looking more and more like ‘Hooker’ Harris.  Too many assume Harris is a leftist because she mouths the standard leftist platitudes, but she is not. She is an unprincipled opportunist in the mold of Hitlery, and she will say absolutely anything and do absolutely anything to claim the prize.

So the top two Democrats end up being an old white guy with the penchant for exposing himself to female Secret Service agents, fondling women and little girls and who also appears to have at least borderline dementia, and the old white woman who got to where she is today by fraudulently claiming to be a minority and scamming affirmative action programs for decades.  And then waiting there in the wings, but well within striking distance, is the Hooker.  Quite the menagerie we have here.

So, could it be that the stars may be lining up for a repeat of 1972?  In other words, might we again end up with a socialist Democrat running against a strong incumbent Republican president?  Like today, the Democrats then had 15 candidates but with 3 main contenders in Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern and, yes, George Wallace.  Wallace had more than 23 percent support and was in third place. McGovern had the most votes at the convention but Wallace got 381 votes good for third.

I wonder if ‘Creepy’ ‘worked with’ Wallace at any time. McGovern picked Eagleton as vice president but then it turned out Eagleton had received heavy duty electroshock treatment and was replaced by Sargent Shriver.  McGovern campaigned on abandoning the Vietnam War effort and a guaranteed income to every citizen funded by taxes. Today’s Democrats are going to run on open borders and benefits for non-citizens. Nixon carried 49 states, McGovern carried Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.

Now granted, these are most definitely different times.  But the question yet to be answered is, have the American people now been moved far enough to the left so that the Democrats will be able to successfully avoid a repeat of 1972?  These days that’s really hard to say with any degree of certainty.  But I just don’t see a majority of Americans supporting such things as unrestricted abortion, wide open borders, bogus ‘climate change’, or all the other nonsense that would allow any Democrat to win.

For whatever the reason, most head to head polls do still show ‘Creepy Joe’ coming out on top against President Trump.  Yet ‘Creepy’ is running into some pretty stiff headwinds to the point where many are now wondering if he will even make it to the finish line.  Since he first threw his hat into the ring, a relatively short time ago politically speaking, ‘Creepy’ has gone from being the only ‘moderate’ in the contest to being just one more in chorus of devoted left-wing loons.  So will he survive?

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