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You would have to be pretty darn ignorant when it comes to the history of the Democrat Party not to understand that the party has always viewed blacks as being little more than a means to an end.  Whether we’re talking about the plantation days or about modern day politics, blacks are considered, by Democrats, a resource to be controlled.  Democrats have gone to great pains to rewrite the history of their party, to erase a century of racism that, if we’re being honest, continues to this very day.  Granted there are no more plantations, but blacks are still made to endure a form of slavery, one perhaps even more cruel than the one suffered by their ancestors.

Democrats today spend an inordinate amount of their time in a continuing effort to portray Republicans as being the guilty party when it comes to all matters having anything to do with race and racism.  Republicans, they say, are the only reason that blacks in this country remain, in large part, economically less fortunate.  But it’s the policies continually put forward by the Democrats that are to blame for so many black being unable to escape poverty.  Democrats justify these policies by claiming they have only the best interests of black folks at heart and are only working to bring what they claim is a certain level of fairness to the playing field, so all are treated justly.

But in reality all the Democrats are really doing is to further enslave blacks by forcing them to be even more dependent upon government, while telling them at the same time that it’s all for their own good.   Take, for instance, the current Democrat presidential frontrunner, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden and his defense of segregation in which he used what is likely considered to be the most racist premise of them all, that being the argument that segregation was somehow good for black folks.  Right, it’s somehow to their benefit to be segregated.  Now how backwards is that?  Who is it that really benefits from segregation?  The Democrat Party, that’s who!

And if we look back at the sterling history of ‘Creepy Joe’s Democrat Party, and I mean all the way back to its glory days when Democrats chose to go war over freeing their slaves, you will always find the “good for black people” rationale.  Go forward a few decades to the Democrats’ Jim Crow South and you’ll see the same thing.   More than 150 years ago, white Democrats argued slavery was good for the black man. More than 50 years ago, white Democrats argued segregation was good for the black man.  And just 44 years ago, in 1975, the current Democrat frontrunner, ‘Creepy Joe’, as a sitting U.S. senator, argued that racial segregation was good for black people.

And, this is the very same ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden who, just a few weeks ago, was reminiscing nostalgically about the good old days when he could work with arch segregationists, who were all Democrats by the way, to “get things done.”  This is the same ‘Creepy Joe’ who bragged about his racist colleagues calling him “son” instead of “boy,” during a time when Democrats referred to grown black men as “boys.”  And as recently as 1988, ‘Creepy’ praised a racist segregationist as a “man of character and courage.”  The year before that, he bragged about how much one of the Democrat Party’s most virulent racists, George Wallace, liked and admired him.

Worse still, ‘Creepy, Racist Joe’ even argued that the Democrat Party needed another George Wallace,  a “liberal George Wallace — someone who’s not afraid to stand up and offend people, someone who wouldn’t pander but would say what the American people know in their gut is right.”  What’s more, ‘Creepy Joe’ has yet to acknowledge his racist past or, for that matter, apologize for it.  So far, he has only managed to apologize for ‘appearing’ to praise segregationists saying, “Was I wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that I was praising those men who I successfully opposed time and again?  Yes, I was. I regret it.”

And ‘Creepy Joe’ went on to say, “And I’m sorry for any of the pain or misconception they may have caused anybody.”   Only he wasn’t giving the “impression” he praised segregationists, he did indeed praise segregationists and has defended racial segregation, and did so utilizing the most racist and patronizing premise there is.  But he’s a Democrat so none of that tends to matter.  Blacks apparently are not able to grasp the extremely simple concept that Democrats have NEVER done anything FOR them, unless it was of some strategic or tactical political value. Democrats are the party of segregation. Even today they still continue to segregate.

Democrats will never be able to erase the cold hard fact that it was they who propagated slavery and the Republicans who ended it. The ‘Left’ thinks slavery was ended because the slaves rose up and overthrew their masters, untrue. It was because of a bloody Civil War between predominately white people. Democrats refused to free their slaves so Republicans forced them to. The bill for that war was 620,000 men who died from combat, disease and starvation with the vast majority of those men being white. Reparations have already been paid by the blood of good men.  Further talk of reparations does a disservice to the memory and honor of those good men.

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