Steyer 3

Who would have ever thought that the election of one guy could, and so completely, drive the entire Democrat Party totally round the bend?  And so it is that just when you think things couldn’t get any more nuts, here comes billionaire Democrat donor and ‘climate change’ zealot Tom Steyer who has now taken it upon himself to enter the 2020 presidential fray on the Democrat side.  I swear, is America great or what?  When even an idiot like Steyer can become a billionaire, ANYTHING is possible!

I’m sure most folks are no stranger to this flaming loon, Steyer, who at 62 is one of the most visible and deep-pocketed liberals advocating for President Trump’s impeachment.  He surprised many Democrats in January when he traveled to Iowa, home to the nation’s first presidential caucus, to declare that he would focus entirely on the impeachment effort instead of seeking the White House.  Well, I’m guessing he has since had a change of heart, and thinks he too is presidential timber.

Despite becoming a national voice on the impeachment issue, Steyer made no mention of it during his campaign announcement.  Instead, he said his campaign will focus on reducing the influence of corporations in politics.  He also plans to target ‘climate change’, which is the focus of the Steyer-backed advocacy group NextGen America.  Of course his fascination with ‘climate change’ has much less to do with his concern for the planet than it does with the amount of money it puts in his pockets.

It was courtesy of a video released by his ‘campaign that Steyer said, “Americans are deeply disappointed and hurt by the way they’re treated by what they see as the power elite in Washington, D.C., and that goes across party lines and it goes across democracy.”  And he went on to say, “We’ve got to take the corporate control out of our politics.”  Apparently it was just last week that Steyer held a conference call with supporters, telling them that he planned to launch a bid for the White House.

So here comes yet another rich white dude of a Democrat who apparently didn’t get the memo that he’s just not the ‘right’ type of candidate.  The race-mongers, the misandrists and the Socialists who hate the rich have now officially taken over the Democrat Party.  The white boys are now pretty much toast!  And if ‘Creepy Joe’ no longer has a real chance of being the nominee then what makes Steyer think he has a shot?  After all, he couldn’t even deliver on his many impeachment promises!

But in reality, Steyer is but another dud. He’s about as uninteresting as they come.  He’s simply one more Democrat presidential hopeful running on a platform of, let me guess here, higher taxes for the environment, open borders, repeal of the Second Amendment, more freebies for all, abolishing ICE, reparations, protection of abortion “rights” and more.   Oh good, another Democrat candidate, a billionaire no less, who wants the REST OF US to live in abject poverty while he dictates from on high.

He’s not really the ‘climate change’ crusader that he is purported to be.  What he is, is a solar energy crusader. He’s trying every trick in the book to keep the green energy subsidies flowing, and he’s doing exactly what President Trump has been, and continues to be, unjustly accused of.  That being, of course, using politics to raise his profile and to enrich himself.  He’s running for president to destroy the system that allowed him to amass the level of wealth he needed to run for president.

Like I said at the beginning, the election of Donald Trump seems to have had the most bizarre effect on those within the Democrat Party.  And it’s really amazing how the loss of a single election could end up bringing out the very worst in so many people, people who are proud members of the Democrat Party.  And it is each one of these candidates who, every single time they open their mouth, prove better than anyone else ever could, why none of them should ever be elected president.  EVER!

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