Moochelle 3

I think it’s pretty clear how one tends to view this country depends a great deal on which end of the political spectrum you find yourself.  And that’s much truer today than in the past.  Today it’s those on the right who tend to see the country as being the land of opportunity, where you can become as prosperous as you want to be as long as you’re willing to work for it.  Meanwhile, those on the left, instead of seeing opportunity see only unfairness, injustice and even in some cases, oppression.

Which brings me to Moochelle Obama who, just this past Saturday, spoke to Gayle King at something called the ‘Essence Fest’ in New Orleans.  It was then that Moochelle described President Trump’s inauguration as being “not reflective of the country”.  She spoke about how emotional she was during President Trump’s inauguration because she had to move her two children out of the only house they had really known before then having to listen to “that speech.”

Now, regarding her need to move out of the White House at the end of her husband’s term, that was going to happen even if it hadn’t been the evil Donald Trump who won.  So I guess I’m not understanding how she might consider that as being in any way President Trump’s fault.  But then nothing these people say surprises me anymore.  These people have been handed everything their entire lives, and yet somehow we’re all supposed to believe that they were both somehow oppressed?

Anyway, it was then that Moochelle went on to say, “Then to sort of sit at that inauguration and to look around at a crowd that was not reflective of the country.”  And she then added, “It was just such the opposite… During Barack’s inauguration, we made sure that the crowd looked like all of America. Having the Tuskegee airmen, having civil rights folks, having folks who had marched. You could look out at his crowd and you would see America. All of it.”

Moochelle said she was just “one of a handful of people of color” at the inauguration and “it was a lot emotionally.”  She said, “And I had to sit in that audience, one of a handful of people of color, and then listen to that speech, and all that I had sort of held on to for eight years, watching my husband get raked over the coals, feeling like we had to do everything perfectly, no scandal, no nothing.”  Raked over the coals?  Seriously?  These two were pretty far from perfection, with plenty of scandals.

Moochelle added that she was exhausted after eight years of thinking she and her husband had to be “better than perfect to even be considered equal.”  She said, “So by the time I got on the plane, it was a release of eight years of having to try to show up, as we all know we have to do, we have to show up not only perfectly but a little bit better than perfect to even be considered equal.”  How delusional can one person possibly be?  Better than perfect?  Just to be considered as equal?  Seriously?

It really does tell you a lot about the caliber of these people, the Obamas.  I mean that this ‘woman’ can actually claim to have looked out on what was a crowd of hardworking, self-sufficient, God fearing, patriotic people who believe in secure borders, a strong national defense, a strong and expanding economy, respect for our Constitution and our history and view all of those gathered as not reflective of America, really says it all.  And it makes clear her hatred of America.

What likely bothers Moochelle the most is the fact that her hubby will likely end up being little more than a barely relevant footnote in the history of our country.  For sure he will go down as being this nation’s ‘first’ black president, but he will also likely be shown as being one of those president’s who left the country far worse off, as well as much weaker, than he found it.  Weaker, militarily, economically and even socially.  His only mission was to “fundamentally transform” our country.

So once again she left no doubt that she is a racist.  To her way of thinking white people are not reflective of America.  You see, the only people who count, are black. Now we all know why we have such a racial divide.  Does this woman live under a rock or what?  Barry ‘O’ was elected twice. Not because he was a great leader or brilliant statesman, but because of white guilt. It is time to stop the guilt game.  We need to quit feeling guilty for their plight, they are doing very well in America.

Before her husband became president, blacks and whites in the country were getting along reasonably well.  The police were not being targeted simply for being the police.  It was her husband who set race relations in this country back decades.  And it was her husband who placed a bullseye on every cop in the country. He divided us by race, gender, and job description.  He was not a unifier, but a divider. It will take far more than eight years of Donald Trump for this country to recover.

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