Democrats 88

To say that the Democrat Party has now come completely off the tracks would seem to be more than an obvious understatement.  And I can’t help but wonder if any of those now running for president under the banner of the Democrat Party actually believe the propaganda that they are now so aggressively pushing in their effort to become the next President of the United States.  Because if they do then I would argue that that in itself reveals much about their current mental state and should, as far as I’m concerned, make them mentally unfit for the job they are now seeking.

For those who may be unconvinced when it comes to just how far to the left the Democrat Party is today what follows below is but a few examples of what those who want to be our next president would work to inflict upon this country if we are unfortunate enough to have any one of them be victorious.  Because if one of these Democrats should actually win, I worry about the future and whether America, as it once was, may actually be coming to an end.  And even if the president does get elected, might his victory only delay what many are now calling inevitable.

So here’s a list of just a few things that those Democrats now running for president are very much in favor of:

  1. Government gun confiscation: To the point where one of our stellar Democrat contenders has advocating the nuking of gun owners.
  2. Jail people for supposed false advertising: Another one of our brilliant Democrats apparently thinks it’s a good idea for the government to put “insurance executives in jail for misleading advertising.” This from the party who was completely silent as the American people were promised that “you can keep your insurance,” and you could “keep your doctor.” Both of which were blatant lies purposely told, repeatedly.
  3. Legalizing the murder of a maby AFTER it’s born: Every single major Democrat candidate believes abortion should be legal up until birth, this includes partial-birth abortion, where a baby outside the womb is butchered, just because.
  4. Slavery reparations: It’s the majority of those now running for president that support forcing American taxpayers to pay slavery reparations. This proposal alone would cost taxpayers anywhere between $9 and $17 Trillion.
  5. No one has to pay their student loans: And it’s a growing number of these presidential-wannabes who think it’s a terrific idea for the American taxpayers to simply write off $1.5 Trillion in student loan debt. This despite the fact that these students, these bona fide adults, entered into these loans voluntarily and promised to pay them back; although untold millions of American have already repaid student loans or worked their way through college or chose to forgo college to avoid debt, Democrats running for president want it all erased as though it never happened.
  6. Taxpayers paying for abortions: Every single one these Democrats now running for president is in favor of ending the longstanding ‘Hyde Amendment’ that made it illegal for the government to force taxpayers to pay for abortions. Which would make us all accomplices in the murder of our own young. Pretty sick stuff!
  7. Eliminating private health insurance: It’s also a few of these loons who seem to be rather enthusiastic supporters of outlawing our private insurance and forcing us all into a once-size-fits-all Medicare for All government scheme. Now I’m quite sure that they themselves would be excluded in what would surely be a healthcare fiasco.
  8. Health care for illegal immigrants: It was during last week’s debate that the candidates were asked whether or not various government health insurance programs should cover illegal immigrants. And, of course, it was every single Democrat candidate who raised their hand.
  9. Abolishing the Electoral College: Democrats are always on the prowl for ways they think will make it easier for them to win elections. Their most recent ploy is to call for doing away with the Electoral College. And why might that be?  Well, abolishing the Electoral College shifts all political power to the population centers of America, the deep blue cities, and renders most red states absolutely powerless in the choice of president.
  10. Packing the Supreme Court with left-wing ideologues disguised as judges: We’ve had many of these nutjob Democrats calling for packing the Supreme Court with those who are more political activists than judges would make it easier for the left to shove down the collective throat of the American people all manner of unconstitutional policy they can come up with. You see, it much easier to get the desired outcome when you can add more left-wing justices to the court.
  11. Decriminalizing illegal border crossings: Also, it’s every one of these candidates who is in favor of decriminalizing entering American illegally, which, as we all know, is the definition of open borders. No longer would it be a crime to enter our country without going through the legal process, no longer would it be a crime to enter our country to scoop up all that free health insurance. What a deal, right?
  12. Ending deportations of illegal immigrants: Every single Democrat candidate would end the deportation of illegal immigrants who have not been found guilty of a violent crime. Basically, our borders will be open to billions upon billions of people looking for free welfare benefits, driver’s licenses, and health insurance.
  13. Guaranteed income: It’s a couple of these geniuses who actually wants the federal government to send every household earning less than $100,000 per year as much as $6000 of taxpayer cash to supplement their income. What a deal!
  14. Tax increases for All Americans: Every Democrat candidate has promised to raise taxes for those Americans who pay taxes by repealing President Trump’s across the board tax cut.
  15. Saving the best for last, we have one of these candidates who actually supports taxpayer funded abortions for biological men who believe they are women. Now if you happen to be one of those who refuse to believe that Democrats are anything but bunch of leftwing loons this should convince even you. It’s this moron Julián Castro who actually said, “A trans female, is poor, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to exercise that right to choose. And so I absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion.”  So our esteemed Mr. Castro would “cover” the right for a biological man, who cannot get pregnant, to have an abortion.

Now keep in mind, these are positions held by those who now comprise the modern day Democrat Party today.  They support infanticide, massive illegal immigration, the economic destruction of this country, anti-semitism, and hate for all things related to this nation’s founding.  I fear that we are edging closer and closer to the point of no return and that it may be only a matter time before our country is lost.  Maybe not with the next election, but there will come a time when someone like one of these unsavory characters is able to get himself, or herself, elected.

Somehow Democrats feel that they and they alone have some inherent right to identify all of those things that we simply can’t do.  Because they are just so much smarter than the rest of us and as such are the only ones qualified to essentially protect us little people from ourselves.  We can’t deny ‘climate change’, we can’t purchase a scary gun, we cannot deny a women’s right to murder her baby if she chooses to, we need to limit our use of fossil fuels to save the planet, and on and on.  As I said, they have moved beyond being merely insane, they are dangerous.

And finally, if someone had told me back in the days of my youth that my country would, in my lifetime, would come to be hanging by a thread I would have laughed at them.  And yet here we are in just such a situation.  And I suppose we have no one to blame but ourselves.  What all of these people are advocating in their effort to get themselves elected is beyond rational thinking.  The Democrat Party is out to destroy America, it’s just that simple. And we need to fight back or they are going to be successful in their effort. None of these candidates belong in any position of power.

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