Trump 44

QUESTION: Will the Trump presidency ultimately be little more than a speed bump on the way to America’s demise?   Or, will it instead be a signal to those who are working so very hard to bring about that same demise that the American people have finally awakened to the fact that the greatest enemy that they now face is right here at home and operating under the guise of a political party.  A political party that has long claimed to be the guardian of the weak, protector of the middle class, and of course the champion of diversity, but that in reality is none of the above.  A political party comprised of those who seek only more, and permanent, political power.

And something that should come as virtually no surprise is the fact that the party involved here is exactly same one with the rather checkered past when it comes to all matters dealing with racism in this country, going all the way back to the days of slavery.  This same party was not only willing to go to war over being able to own other human beings, but once it lost that battle it persisted in its effort to treat blacks as being something other than human via legislation and even the Supreme Court.  Also it was those in the party who resisted very strenuously against allowing blacks to vote and to essentially enjoy the same God given rights that they enjoyed.

And then enter into the fray a no nonsense kind of man who, while he had attained a certain level of success in the business world, was a complete stranger to the world of politics.  A man who very obviously loves his country and who could no longer sit idly by and simply watch from the sideline as his country was ridiculed from abroad, continued to embroil itself in pointless wars, continued to amass skyrocketing debt, continued to allow millions of illegal immigrants to flood over its borders and on and on.  He stepped up, spoke to the American people, and the American people liked what they heard.  And he has since made good on much of what he promised them.

And it has been since his very first day in office that those who represent the status quo, on both sides of the political aisle, have been very determined in their effort to bring his presidency to a premature, if not an abrupt, end.  And it would seem that there is, quite literally, nothing that the political enemies of this president will not do or say in their attempt to make that happen, to the point where they accomplish little more than to make themselves appear to be raving lunatics.  The absolute absurdity of their many claims only serves to diminish their argument that the president must be removed from office if our nation is to have any hope of surviving.

But make no mistake it is not only those who are hip deep in ‘The Swamp’ that are determined in their effort to remove this president from office, it’s also roughly 90 percent of those currently employed by our supposed ‘objective’ news media.  These wannabe ‘journalists’ seem to have long ago forgotten what their part to play is in our being able to maintain this unique exercise in human freedom.  Instead they now seem to see as being their mission the allying of themselves with those whose only mission in life is the complete and utter destruction of our country.  And make no mistake that is their true goal here, although they’ll never admit that.

And let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that those who comprise the forces of darkness, those that form our own ‘little axis of evil’ right here at home, are unable to overturn the will of the people and not only does the president survive his first term in office but goes on to be re-elected overwhelmingly, what next?  Who is it that might be waiting in the wings that the president can then pass the baton?  Realistically, I just don’t really see Pence as being the guy. He’s a nice guy and all, but our current president will be leaving behind some very sizable shoes to fill, shoes difficult to fill, and that will require someone who is not easily intimidated.

And so in the end even if the 2020 election yields the result that all patriotic Americans are all hoping for, the Trump presidency may well end up serving as little more than a speedbump, historically speaking, unless we are able to somehow prevent those who despise freedom from regaining sufficient political power that would enable them to erase the gains, economically, militarily and internationally, made by President Trump.  And make no mistake it’s never too early to start looking beyond the Trump presidency, and to begin our search now for those who could be likely replacements, and who would be unafraid to take the baton from the president.

But being able to continue down the path that President Trump has put us on is going to be no easy task.  Those on the left, courtesy of our public education system combined with the vast majority of our ‘institutions of high learning’, our children, for what can be 20 out of their first 25 years of life, are constantly bombarded by all manner of leftwing propaganda which, as we have seen, makes for an adult voting population comprised of generations of Americans who are virtually clueless about the history of their country.  So the challenges that we will likely encounter in a post-Trump America could prove to be many and rather difficult to move beyond.

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