I think there is very little disagreement regarding the fact that most of those who tend to vote Democrat also tend to be less educated, more than a little naive, and, dare I say, a touch lower on the evolutionary scale, politically speaking, than those who do not vote Democrat.  And as this current presidential campaign season continues to move forward it’s becoming increasingly obvious that ALL of those Democrats now running apparently seem to be of the same opinion, that all Americans are as stupid as those who vote for them.  I mean, how else can you possibly explain the insanity that we continue to hear from these people?  Open borders, Medicare for all, free healthcare for those in our country illegally, and on and on!

And so it was during this past weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” with ‘NeverTrumper’ Chris Wallace, that we had Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Tommy Perez doing his best to defend the indefensible, or that which is nothing more than the purest form of insanity that is now being proposed by those Democrats running to be our next president.  Not the least of which is the proposal that every one of the candidates now seem to be in favor of providing ‘free’ healthcare to immigrants who enter the United States illegally.  Because you’ll remember it was just last Thursday at the Democrat debate that all ten candidates raised their hands when asked if they support health care for illegal immigrants.

Perez said, “It’s an insurance program, so you got to pay into it. Immigrants, including undocumented immigrants, pay billions of dollars in taxes. That is the reality.”  He continued, “Democrats believe that you should be able to buy into a health insurance system. It is not a handout.”  He added, “I live in a community right now where if you are a pregnant woman and you are undocumented, we provide you with access to health care because we believe that having good prenatal care is an essential health care issue an essential issue of economics and frankly an essential issue of morality.”  What this moron seems to be totally oblivious to is the fact that these people are in this country ILLEGALLY!  They are breaking our law simply by being here!

And then this bonehead had the nerve to go on to say, “The party of Lincoln is dead, and one of the things that died with it is compassion, and this is not a handout. again, this is allowing people to buy into an insurance program, people who pay billions of dollars in taxes.”  Actually, the party that’s dead would be the party of Andrew Jackson!  The Democrat Party of today is made up of nothing more than bunch of leftist loons who hate this country and are desperate in their effort to come up a way that will result in it being far easier for them to win elections.  And of his claim of compassion and caring for these poor people is nothing more but empty rhetoric of the most deceptive and dishonest sort. There is a definitely an ulterior motive here.

In normal times I would argue that the likely result of what the Democrats have now embarked upon would likely be nothing more than political suicide.  But as most everyone is now well aware, these are not normal times.  And it’s only because the election of Donald Trump has, quite literally, resulted in those within the Democrat Party being driven completely mad.  As well, there now seems to be an air of desperation surrounding the Democrats, one that has now become quite obvious.  And it was their two recent debates that succeeded in only making that all the more apparent.  Democrats have always been the party of ‘tax and spend’ but this new generation of Democrat politicians has taken things to a whole new level.

And I feel quite confident in saying that Perez likely went on with Chris Wallace feeling comfortable in the knowledge that he was unlikely to be challenged regarding any of the more insane policy positions that the Democrats now seem to be in support of and what their candidates now seem to be running on.  We shouldn’t be surprised that Wallace failed to ask Perez any tough questions, after all, Wallace, who seems to view himself as some sort of political expert, is just one of the many ‘NeverTrumpers’ who regularly appear on Fox News and as such routinely saves his more aggressive style of questioning for those who either work for the president, or are supporters.  He’s more like someone who you would expect to see these days on CNN or MSNBC.

But in getting back to this dolt, Perez, and his pathetic desire to mislead, the “migrants” of which he speaks receive nearly 4 dollars in welfare benefits for every 1 dollar they ‘supposedly pay’ in taxes, if they pay any taxes at all aside from sales tax at points of purchase.  The Center for Immigration Studies has determined, using U.S. government numbers, the average “migrant” receives $82,141 in benefits over their lifetime while paying into the system a tiny fraction of what they receive. Personally, I find that number to be suspiciously low.  So Perez has a tough task ahead, to convince rational people that importing millions of low, or no, skill immigrants, the vast majority of whom will end up on some form of welfare, is great for America.

Ok, so let’s break this down. These immigrants have entered, and continue to enter, our country ILLEGALLY. That means they broke, and continue to break, our laws.  They may have applied for asylum, which is interesting, because most of them who enter ILLEGALLY never bother to show up for their asylum hearing, probably because they are here ILLEGALLY.  Now you can call it whatever you like, but the very last thing I need is to hear some leftwing Democrat trying to justify to me how the government being wasteful with MY money, isn’t really being wasteful at all. Democrats hate America and they hate Americans and they continue to prove that every day.  Allowing people to come here ILLEGALLY is the method to their madness.

The Democrats’ promising ‘free’ healthcare is little more than an advertisement encouraging folks to keep coming here.  Look, the Democrats know that their words entice people to come here illegally, and their motivation for doing so is blatantly political, and pretty obvious. They also know that some of those will die in the attempt, some will be assaulted, some raped, and there will be a certain amount of human trafficking and yet they still encourage these people to come. They don’t care in the least about what happens to these illegals, no matter what they say.  Because once again, this is ALL about them and their quest for permanent political power.  And anyone who goes along with them is nothing less than an enemy of freedom!

So this is all merely an act of total deception.  Perez is liar of the very worst kind.  He, as well as every single Democrat running for president is complicit in this scheme to rip off law-abiding American taxpayers and to flood our country with future socialist leaning voters.  America is a country of immigrants, this is an historical fact.  However, this illegal immigration fiasco that we are experiencing is like attaching a fire hose to your mouth and turning the hydrant valve to full open. This is a plain and simple an attack on America, with the desired outcome being the collapse of our economy. The perpetrators are sitting right here in America orchestrating from their homes with walls. Vote wisely, America. Your very lives depend on it.


  1. Your absolutely correct again again my articulate friend and down home scholar. Tom Perez has been a pious clergyman of Marxism throughout his subversive and anti American vocation. The Democrat party representing a constituency of the protected class of illegal immigrants,previously wet backs, and Islamist. Welfare recipients and terrorists. The Red/ Green axis is now beyond a reasonable doubt the existential threat. As to” Democratic socialist” nazi Germany under Hitler were so named. The systematical process from the Russian revolution to the killing fields of Pol Pot it’s always the same freedom of speech,gun confiscation,government dependency


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