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So what is it about ex-presidents, particularly those of the Democrat persuasion, that makes them think we truly care what they think?  Which brings me to he who, until very recently, politically speaking, had the reputation of being the worst president this country has ever had and who apparently does not have a very high opinion of our current president.  Not that it matters, really, as no one other than those in the Democrat Party, I guess, actually values the opinion of this demented old fool.  And it is in dragging out his raggedy old ass that Democrats reveal just how desperate they have now become in their effort to avoid having to face President Trump in 2020.  I just don’t see how someone with his dismal legacy will be of much help.

And yet it was just this past Friday that ex-president Jimmy Carter very boldly declared that President Trump’s victory in 2016 was essentially illegitimate due to supposed Russian interference in that election.  Now mind you, he had absolutely zero proof to back up his idiotic claim, but since when does someone who is a Democrat ever required to provide proof to back up the accusations that they make.  It was during a panel discussion on, of all things, human rights issues there at the ‘Carter Center’ that this bonehead contended that a proper investigation into the extent of Russian meddling would, in fact, reveal President Trump did not win the White House.  But didn’t we pay Mr. Mueller millions of taxpayer dollars to do exactly that?

Carter was also asked by I’m not sure who, how the current administration should deal with alleged election meddling.  Carter said, “The president himself should condemn it.”  Carter went on to say, “Admit that it happened, which 16 intelligence agencies have already agreed to say.”  He said, “There’s no doubt the Russians did interfere in the election and I think the interference, although not yet quantified, if fully investigated, will show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016.”  And he added, “He lost the election and he was put into office because the Russians interfered on his behalf.”  If there was ever any doubt that Carter was, and is, little more than a partisan political hack that doubt has now been thoroughly debunked!

And it was all just so odd to hear coming from the very same man whose legacy as president is one that has him being responsible for installing the Terrorist Regime of Iran, seeing it as being a good idea to give up the Panama Canal before the lease was up, allowing the American Embassy in Iran to be held hostage for over a year, bringing about the misery index along with double digit interest rates and double digit unemployment, and setting into motion, by signing into law something called ‘The Community Re-Investment Act’ that which would ultimately result in he who would replace Carter as being the ‘Worst President in American History’, Barack Obama, getting elected.  Carter was a failure as president on so many different levels.

Jimmy Carter was the most ineffectual president in modern American history.  His economic and foreign policies were abysmal.  Carter was not a bad man, but he was an inept president, with a cadre of morons working for him.  Barry ‘O’, on the other hand, was, and remains to this day, nothing short of pure evil, full of malevolence toward the United States, especially towards whites.  The level of corruption and the number of scandals that occurred during his tenure was truly remarkable, to the point that our country was lucky to survive.  He was wrong about almost everything but he didn’t care as it was his mission to “fundamentally transform” America.   We have yet to find out the extent to which he may have permanently affected our country.

For those lucky enough to have missed the Carter years, and may therefore be unfamiliar with why it is that so many folks once referred to him as this nation’s worst president, here are but a few highlights: Carter gave us the Iranian hostage crisis, where STUDENTS took over our embassy and held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days. Carter gave us an annual inflation rate of 12% in a sluggish economy. Carter gave us spiraling gas prices.  Carter routinely demonstrated how he was in over his head.  It became rather obvious, rather quickly, that being president as well as Commander in Chief was something that he simply lacked the aptitude for.  The fact that he was elected had far more to do with timing than it had to do with his political prowess.

Radical Islam was nearly extinct until Jimmy Carter came along and refused to help the Shah of Iran during initial protests by a few radicals, which eventually led to a full blown Islamic revolution.  Then there was the Camp David peace talks during which Carter insisted Israel give back the Sinai to Egypt, and hand the West Bank to Jordan, and give the temple mount security zone to Jordanian control. Golan Heights back to Syria.  In other words give back everything Israel gained during the 6 day war. The threats that we continue to face to this day from this very same region of the globe are a direct result of Carter’s actions, or inactions, in the region during his presidency.  Carter, as do most Democrats had an odd definition of diplomacy.

Think about what would have happened if it had been Jimmy Carter who had been president during World War II.  It’s very unlikely that Carter would not have retaliated against Japan, McArthur never would have returned to Philippines, U.S. would have surrendered to Japan and England would now be Germany.  Because D-Day would have never happened and he most certainly would never dropped the atomic bombs that caused Japan to finally surrender and which ultimately saved more lives than were lost because of the bombs.  Jimmy Carter’s goal was always to surrender at all costs because all wars cannot be won so simply surrender to avoid war altogether.  Jimmy Carter was then, and he remains to this very day, little more than an idiot.

And if we’re going to have a serious discussion about interference in our election process than we’re going to need to talk about the actual interference that was made possible, and even actively participated in, by the likes of Google, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, to name just a few, who blocked conservatives in their attempt to affect the 2016 election outcome?  And make no mistake I have no doubt that they are already very busy at work formulating their plan about how best to have the greatest impact possible on the 2020 election, and to ensure their desired result.  But Democrats like Carter have no interest in doing that, because doing so might have a negative impact on the Democrats’ ability to win elections.

Carter would serve himself better by keeping his mouth shut instead of insisting upon continuing to open it leaving no doubt that he is little more than the addle-headed old fool we all know him to be. Nearly forty years ago he was essentially thrown out of office after one term. His administration stood as being the most inept until Barry ‘O’ came along, but where Carter was merely inept, Barry was corrupt to the extreme.  And it was Barry who would easily eclipse Carter as being this nation’s worst president. Time tends to heal all things and the public’s disapproval of Carter was beginning to moderate.  But it is once again that he has proven the perception we had of him in 1980 when he was thrown out of office was the correct one.

I am curious about something though.  I’m wondering if Carter somehow thinks it’s a bad thing that President Trump has made it possible for us to have achieved the lowest unemployment rate for blacks in over two decades and the lowest for women in forever.  Or that we now have over 4 million fewer Americans having to rely on food stamps?  And does Carter think it bad that, thanks to the president significantly reducing government regulations, companies are now able to expand and hire more people.  And I’m sure that Carter is none too happy that President Trump is working hard to rebuild our military, and he’s likely disappointed that we won’t be sending pallets of cash any country that is a state sponsor of terrorism.

Like ex-vice president ‘Creep Joe’ Biden, ex-president Jimmy Carter should realize that his time was essentially up decades ago and that his comments are no more relevant than other relics from our political past.  He is now close to 100 and has no more insight than his penchant for spewing that which is pure leftist political drivel. Of course he still considers himself a Democrat, and he seems to care very little about how far to the left his beloved Democrat Party has been moved. Carter has come to belong to a little club of other no-longer relevant leftist losers who need to go away. Folks like John Kerry-Heinz and Hitlery while still around spreading hate just need to go away.  They are now out of office and America is all the better for it.

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