I think we can file under, ‘sure didn’t see that coming’, the fact that 3 of the least-patriotic states in America are controlled by Democrats in political office.  Now I don’t know about anyone else, but realizing just how patriotic Democrats are known to be I was absolutely shocked to hear this news.  Actually, I wasn’t really all that surprised, primarily because it’s a pretty common knowledge that Democrats hate this country.  I often think it must be a prerequisite to be permitted to join the party.

Anyway, so how is it, you may ask, that I come by such information?  Well, apparently there was a recent survey that was done by someone, or something, called WalletHub.  This survey looked at 13 indicators of how people express patriotism— including military enrollment, voting in the 2016 presidential election, and volunteering for AmeriCorps, and it was this survey that found that the three least-patriotic states had been controlled by Democrats serving in public office.

Of the bottom three states— California, New York, and New Jersey— all of the states have Democrat-majority legislatures and a Democrat serving as governor. On a scale of 1 to 50, for example, New Jersey and New York rank toward the bottom in terms of military enrollment— with New Jersey taking 48 on the list while New York is even lower coming in at 49.  New Jersey and New York also have the lowest number of veterans per capita, which is also according to this same WalletHub survey.

The three states ranked low in terms of civic engagement as well. California ranked near the bottom for civic engagement, coming in at 48 on the list. It also has a low-volunteer rate, making it 46th in the nation for volunteers.  Overall, the survey found that red states had higher levels of patriotism than blue states due to their high levels of civic and military engagement.  The most patriotic states on the list included New Hampshire, Vermont, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho.  Vermont caught me by surprise.

So I think it safe to say that when it comes to the religion that is Liberalism and/or progressivism, the greatest sin that one can commit, and one that virtually guarantees one will burn in Hell, is to admit that you possess a love, no matter how minute, for your country and to exhibit ANY sort of behavior that might be construed as being patriotic.  You see, in order to be viewed as a good Democrat you MUST agree that America is responsible for every evil that takes place anywhere on the entire planet!

At the end of the day I don’t think any of us really needed some survey to tell us just how unpatriotic Democrats are.  If after seeing how the party has shifted so far to the left you still haven’t been able to figure that out then you’re either blind or just plain stupid.  But one thing Democrats do love to talk about is what they define as being “American values,” which are really something else entirely.  Because the ‘values’ these people espouse bear little or no resemblance to true ‘American’ values.

Let’s face it, it’s nearly every time one turns around that Democrats are coming out in support of some new, and even more twisted, behavior or policy issue.  And you have to ask yourself, how is it that support for such things as completely open borders, abortion at any time during pregnancy right up to, and even after, delivery, free healthcare and education for those in this country illegally or men using women’s restrooms, can in any way be described as ‘American values?’  That’s just nuts!

But don’t you dare EVER question their patriotism because, oddly enough, they seem to take great offense to that.  This despite the fact that it’s always some Democrat who’s heard proudly declaring that America was NEVER great, and lecturing us all on how America is nothing but a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, militaristic, no good kind of country that the world would have been far better off had it never existed.  So obviously, Democrats define patriotism far differently than the rest of us.

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