Democrats 88

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to understand why it would be that ANY rational, reasonably intelligent adult would see the wisdom in voting Democrat here in the 21st century.  Now of course there are any number reasons why your typical millennial or minority may see the ‘necessity’ for voting for the likes of Creepy Joe’ Biden, Liz ‘Fauxcahontas’ Warren, Bernie ‘The Socialist’ Sanders, or even ‘Con Man’ Cory Booker, but that, I suppose, is to be expected.  After all, the promises made of all that ‘free’ stuff is difficult to turn down after you’ve been brainwashed.

In a way I have always been very grateful for the fact that my dad was a proud working class Republican and raised me to be the same.  Frankly, he had very little use for Democrats, as well as for those who tended to vote for Democrats.  And were he alive today I’m sure he’d feel the same way. Because it now seems that the current contest for the Democrat nomination is less of a contest of ideas, since all two dozen candidates are offering the same policy proposals, as they fight to out-pander each other and be the last person standing in this bizarre little contest.

I mean come on folks, how is it that any RESPONSIBLE individual is able to take any of these people seriously?  And if I were a Democrat I would be appalled that ANY of these people are the best my party could come up with to be my party’s nominee for president of my country!  Reparations?  ‘Free’ healthcare for those in this country illegally?  Abolishing all usage of fossil fuels because of non-existent ‘climate change’? Seriously?  These are the kinds of ideas that serious Democrats are supposed to see as a reason to vote for any of these clowns now running?  Good luck with that!!

Take for instance the supposed frontrunner in this political circus, old ‘Creepy Joe.’   It’s in this guy that we seem to have someone who becomes a little less “with it” with each passing day.  Imagine, just for a second, this guy on the debate stage next to Donald Trump.  Now personally, since I’m a Trump supporter, I think it would be hilarious, but I’m not sure if you’re a Democrat you’d feel the same way.   But honestly, as strange as it may sound, ‘Creepy Joe’ sounds like one of the saner ones in the 20+ gaggle now running for the Democrat nomination.  Which is really nuts!

And keeping in mind that I’m on the outside looking in, I’m one of those who thinks that ‘Creepy Joe’s’ time has long since passed. He not only seems like a blast from the past, but he seems to almost yearn for it. He claims a prowess for getting along with people who have different opinions from his and has said it like it remains a virtue in the modern Democrat Party.  Which it does not!  The Democrat Party only views the ability to force people to bend to their will as a virtue these days, so ‘Creepy Joe’s’ argument wouldn’t seem to hold all that much water.  Just sayin’.

And there have been more than a few times during just this most recent contest that ‘Creepy Joe’ has proven to be his own worst enemy.  For instance when he recently referenced two long since dead racist, segregationist Democrats most of the country had never heard of.  This little faux pas not only showed his age, it also made clear just how oblivious he’d become to the current state of his own party.  Not only is saying nice things about bigots from the past not acceptable, not saying horrible things about them has, at least within the Democrat Party, now become required.

And it was by having done so that ‘Creepy Joe’ provided an opportunity that his competition had long been waiting for.  They had been waiting for an opening, any opening, to wound him and this was an opportunity to good to be true and one that one would be foolish not to take full advantage of.  ‘Con Man Cory’ Booker and ‘Hooker’ Harris, along with Commies de Blasio, Warren, Sanders, and the rest of the field jammed in what’s become known as the clown car of candidates collectively expressed their faux outrage. “He said nice things about racists,” they cried.

Well no he didn’t, not really.  At least not in any real way.  Now I’m no defender of ‘Creepy Joe’, but it doesn’t really matter what he meant, the only thing that mattered was that he had provided his competition with an opportunity to pounce, and to project on what he’d said.  And oddly enough, ‘Creepy Joe’ seemed to have been caught completely off guard.  And he really shouldn’t have been, after all, It’s been for the past few decades that the political left has come to make a sport out of taking things out of context and blowing them up into something they were not.

And while this particular tactic has generally been reserved for those who tend to be more conservative, those like ‘Creepy Joe’ had to have known that it was only a matter of time before Democrats would start firing on their own, especially when the stakes are as high as they are now.   And desperation is now at an all-time high among those seeking to be the one to take on President Trump, with potential candidates falling all over themselves to paint themselves as being the most fervent hater of Trump, while at the same time promising to give away the most ‘free’ stuff.

And what seems rather surprising to me is how a guy like ‘Creepy Joe’, who’s been in the business for decades managed to get caught so flat-footed here.  It’s as though he’s been asleep for the last 20 years.  That in itself should be a disqualifier for being president.  What sense does it make to mention a couple of racist Democrats during a time when his party is so determined to rewrite their own history?  The same party that uses race as much now as it did during segregation, albeit differently yet for the same effect. His party has now passed him by and he seems not to have noticed.

But I’m sure it’s in the big scheme of things that he has very little to worry about because it’s likely that in very short order all will soon be forgotten. Hell, at least two MSNBC hosts claimed the two Senators ‘Creepy Joe’ mentioned were Republicans, either because they’re either too stupid to know or, worse, simply too lazy to find out.  But it really doesn’t matter, because all the cover in the world won’t change the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’, while he’ll likely weather this most recent ‘controversy’, is unprepared for the change in the climate of the Democrat Party he’s clearly missed.

Let’s face it, ‘Creepy Joe’ is little more than a relic, of sorts, a throwback to those bygone days of old.  He’s been relegated to being little more than a novelty basking in the glow of name recognition. The only question is whether or not there are enough semi-sane voters left in the Democrat primary to drag him over the finish line before he says something normal they deem truly unforgivable.  And while there are no words to describe just how glad that I am I’m not a part of it, I will likely enjoy the show, if for no other reason than because I am not yet sure of how it all ends.

I can’t help being more than a little thrilled with all of the incredible stupidity that now appears rampant within the Democrat Party. One could not ask for a better set of candidates for President Trump to run against. I cannot wait for the debates where they push one another further and further toward insanity, attack ‘Creepy Joe’s’ rather well documented past and policies and stimulate him to respond with more gaffes along with old ‘Fauxcahonta’ Warren outshining even Hitlery in her irritating sense of smarmy superiority and ‘Bea-Toe’s’ truly stupid outbursts of leftist tripe.

‘Creepy Joe’ built his entire political career on being one whose stump speeches were chock-full of non sequiturs, blatant lies and just plain falsehoods that were always casually dismissed with a mere wave of the liberal limp wrist as being “oh, that’s just Joe being Joe” instead of being brought fully into the light making clear to all that he is little more than political opportunist and a panderer.  He isn’t used to people looking into the archives and doing a little fact-checking of their own. And so as with everything, there is no honor among thieves, neither is there among Democrats.

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