I suppose it should come as no surprise to hear that well-known leftwing Hollyweirdo, and good friend of Venezuelan Socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro, Danny Glubber, is a very enthusiastic supporter of reparations for slavery.  So much so that he recently dragged his raggedy-old-ass off to ‘testify’ before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, yes there really is such a thing, where he argued in favor of instituting a national policy on reparations for descendants of Africans enslaved in the United States, describing it as a “moral, democratic, and economic imperative.”  Personally, I think he’s nothing more than another irrelevant has-been trying his best to claw his way back into the spotlight any way that he can.

And besides the ‘esteemed’ Mr. Glubber it was the members of this particular subcommittee also ‘welcomed’ such luminaries on the subject of reparations as senator and current presidential candidate, ‘Con Man’ Cory Booker, author Ta-Nehisi Coates, and a number of others thought worthy enough to discuss the need for reparations in the wake of subcommittee member Sheila ‘Dumb As A Rock’ Jackson Lee reintroducing H.R. 40 to establish a commission to study reparations.  And it was during his prepared remarks, of which I’m quite sure that he needed more than a little help to compose, Glubber called the hearing “historic.”  What does this loser know of history, nothing!  Which makes him unworthy of being listened to.

Anyway, Glubber expressed appreciation for being given the opportunity to offer his two cents on what he called a “reckoning of a crime against humanity that is foundational to the development of democracy and material well-being” of the United States.  He said, “A national reparations policy is a moral, democratic, and economic imperative.”  And then he went on to detail his ‘supposed’ lineage as a descendant of former slaves saying, “I sit here as a great-grandson of a former slave, Mary Brown, who was freed by the Emancipation Proclamation of January 1st, 1863. I had the fortune of meeting her as a small child.”  I’m guessing that I’m supposed to care about something that I played no part in, although I’m not sure why.

Glubber continued by saying, “Despite much progress over the last centuries, this hearing is yet another important step in the long and heroic struggle of African-Americans to cure the damages inflicted by enslavement, post-emancipation and forced racial exclusionary policies.”  Exactly what damages might this racist boob be referring to?  Are we to believe that we still have blacks today who suffer from some sort of PTSD-like affliction because they had long ago ancestors who might have been slaves?  Between affirmative action and every type of government welfare program imaginable blacks continue to be provided with reparations in one form or another to the tune of TRILLIONS of wasted dollars.  I see no need to provide any more.

And so this idiotic hearing comes amid a growing discussion by those in the Democrat Party regarding the need for reparations. Several of the party’s presidential candidates have endorsed the idea, though they have stopped short of endorsing direct payouts for blacks.  In a Point Taken-Marist poll conducted in 2016, 68 percent of Americans said the country should not pay cash reparations to descendants of slaves to make up for the ‘harm’ caused by slavery and racial discrimination.  About 8 in 10 white Americans said they were opposed to reparations, while it was about 6 in 10 black Americans who said they were in favor.  You can count me in amongst those who stand opposed, it’s a stupid, pointless idea that accomplishes nothing.

But since slavery was 150 years ago how about we talk about reparations for something a little more recent.  Like the millions of middle class Americans who had our lives ruined by ex-president Barry ‘O’ during the years from 2008 to 2016.  I think it would be great if those who ran the government during those 8 years and who were purposefully negligent regarding their oath of office were finally held accountable for their actions, or should I say inaction.  Aren’t we citizens owed reparations for their dishonest behavior?  And doesn’t the liability belong to everyone involved in the corruption from Barry ‘O’ to Chuckie Schumer to Nancy Pelosi? It isn’t just restricted to the Executive Branch, the people were sold out by Congress as well.

Or how about this! Since it was members of the Democrat Party who not only owned slaves, but also actually went to war to keep their slaves, and also since it was the Democrats who enacted Jim Crow laws, and since it was the Democrats who enacted the Fugitive Slaves Act, and since it was the Democrats who resisted Reconstruction, and since it was the Democrats who created the Ku Klux Klan, and since it was the Democrats who resisted desegregation, haven’t Democrats shown, time and again, that if reparations are owed, they are owed by them.  How is it that simply by virtue of my skin color it has somehow now been determined that I owe for something that I took no part in?  It’s all just another ploy to get something for nothing.

If you stop and think about it, it was reparations that began with the 600,000 lives lost in the war to end slavery.  Since then there has been civil rights legislation that granted voting rights, equal housing loans, anti-discrimination laws in education and hiring, Federal education grants, Affirmative Action, and even a Black President. And now a cash payments?  When will the debt finally be paid?  Will a cash payment bring about racial harmony, an end to Police assassinations or retirement for race pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?  No, nothing will ever change and many will simply consider whatever the amount as being too little, too late. You can’t change history.  And therefore nothing will ever cancel the debt.

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