Call me what you will, but I’ve always been more than a little leery when it comes to trusting ANY politician with the last name of Castro, especially when that politician is a Democrat, and even more so when that politician is a Democrat running to be the president of my country.  When it comes to the 20+ Democrats now vying to be the one to take on President Trump, we’ve heard some pretty outlandish claims being made.  And it would seem that in an effort to ensure he’s seen as nutty as the rest of the presidential wannabes, Julian Castro has made some pretty radical claims as well.

Most recently it was during a recent appearance, just this week, on MSNBC’s Velshi & Ruhle, which frankly is a program that I’ve never heard of, that Castro put forth the idiotic, and blatantly untrue, claim that the U.S.-Mexico border is “as secure as it ever has been” and re-upped his call to dismantle the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.  Now there’s an intelligent reason for voting for this loser.  NOT!  But one thing is for sure, we have yet another Democrat proving that he will say absolutely anything in an attempt to get his sorry ass elected.

Anyway, it’s a brief excerpt that bizarre exchange follows here:

RUHLE: Let’s talk about ICE. The president will have members of ICE working overtime next week, as he is calling for raids looking to deport thousands of undocumented immigrants. If elected, you are calling for the breakup of ICE. If ICE were to be broken up, how would you deal with the millions of undocumented immigrants already here and those who are crossing the border, the thousands who are crossing the border?

CASTRO: As you know, I was the first 2020 candidate to release a comprehensive immigration plan, and I have a completely different vision for how we’re going to do this than this president. I think what people on different sides of the aisle can acknowledge is that this president has failed. He came in saying that he was going to take care of this “immigration problem,” and he hasn’t. And in our name, little children have been separated from their mothers, people are in cages—

RUHLE: —So, what would you do?

CASTRO: What I would do is, number one, I would make sure that we maintain border security, and I believe that our border is as secure as it ever has been. I would ensure that we maintain it. But secondly, I would treat people with compassion and common sense and not with cruelty. I would make sure that we don’t separate families, that we don’t put people in cages, that we treat them like human beings. I would also get to the root of the problem.

Number one, we’ve got to create an immigration judiciary, immigration court system, that has enough judges and support staff to actually get through the asylum claims so that people are not waiting in limbo for years and years. And we got to get to the base challenge in countries like Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. People are coming over to the United States because they can’t find safety and opportunity there. We need to partner with those countries and I’ve called for a 21st century Marshall Plan, so people can be safe and find opportunities at home instead of coming here.

Nearly every major civilization up until our more recent history has been notably harsh on illegal invaders.  If you were in a high position of government in such times and had the audacity to state something like this, after a few MILLION people had illegally crossed your borders, you would likely have been run out of office.  But, as they say, that was then and this is now.  And it is courtesy of political hacks like Castro that we now essentially not only ‘welcome’ in anyone able to sneak across our border, but once there here we then provide them with all manner of ‘free’ stuff!

Once upon a time people from neighboring countries honored our borders and appreciated the fact that we welcomed many in as temporary seasonal workers, allowing them to earn more here than they could earn back home, before then returning home.  This unspoken ‘agreement’ allowed all to peacefully co-exist in what was a relationship that proved beneficial for all concerned.  However when people began to take advantage of the generosity bestowed upon them and came not to earn extra money, but instead to invade and steal, that ‘agreement’ had been broken.

Just as a locked door is required on a home to keep invaders out, so also is a locked wall at the border needed to keep invaders out.  Although that seems pretty basic, it remains something that those such as Mr. Castro seem unable, or unwilling, to grasp.  I’m quite sure that he keeps the doors to his house locked and is far from welcoming to those who wish to enter uninvited.  But apparently he’s another politician who thinks the same rules should not apply to our country.  We need to welcome in only those who choose to come here legally and who wish to become American citizens.

Sadly our Border Patrol is now longer able to focus on protecting our border, because they’re being forced into having to play babysitter.  The left not only has sent people down south to tell people that if they come to the U.S. they can get welfare as well as a free education, free medical care, etc, but they are also actually financing their journey here. They are working to destroy our country while at the same time laying blame for our growing immigration problem on President.  And, anyone who does not understand this, is either in denial, or has been brainwashed by the left.

Look, there are Americans who support the Democrats for no other reason than because of promises of what’s described as being ‘free’ stuff.  Then, there are those who support them, simply because their parents and grandparents did. These people believe anything their leadership says, because they’re too lazy to actually do any research to see if they’re being told the truth.  The Democrat Party of today is nowhere near the party it was during their grandparents’ day, just as it neither the party of their parents.  That party has now been officially declared as dead.

Castro is politically irrelevant as a candidate, and in need of attention from the press, so what better way to gain a little attention than to say something idiotic that then gets distributed by the press.  This guy’s entire worldview revolves around getting as many illegal aliens across the border as possible, by any and all means. People like this guy, Castro, are all about demographic warfare.  They want to disenfranchise and consign to irrelevance every native English speaker in the land.  It sounds extreme, but seriously, look at the stuff this dude has said. It’s some pretty creepy stuff.

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