Dean 2

Democrats most certainly do have a rather high opinion of themselves.  And too, they apparently believe that without them, we, the poor unwashed masses, would simply be wondering helplessly through our mundane little lives, totally unable of being able to take care of ourselves.   But in truth, you will not find a more corrupt, dishonest and power-hungry group of individuals anywhere on the planet than those in the Democrat Party.  A group of people who are capable of looking you dead in the eye while telling you the most outrageous lies imaginable.  They truly are a disgusting bunch, and there are no words to express just how much I hate them!

Democrats, or so it would seem, are interested in nothing more than wasting time in what has been their continuing effort to come up with some sort of crime for which they could then justify their desire to impeach our current president.  That has become of far more importance to them than is the finding of common ground and working with this president in trying to improve the lives of all Americans.  Democrats are a rather useless bunch, who remain far more interested in achieving political power than working for the benefit of those people they claim to care so much about.  They are liars, they are frauds and above all else they are very dangerous.

Which brings me to Howard Dean, well-known left wing loon, and a very enthusiastic supporter of impeaching Donald Trump.  And it was in proving that very point that just this past Monday, during an appearance on MSNBC’s “All In,” that he made a most bizarre comment about how Nancy Pelosi is brilliantly using “strategic patience” to let the momentum build toward the impeachment of President Trump.  Dean said, “I’m one of the few people who was actually around when Nixon was impeached. This is exactly what happened. They were very careful. They were very deliberate. They didn’t go beyond the facts that were known, and the groundswell grew.”

Now I’m not sure what he might have been talking about because when it comes to the actual facts of the case, Democrats have simply chosen to ignore them while at the same time trying to create some of their own.  The Mueller ‘investigation’, if you wish to call it that, was, despite spending roughly $30 Million, nothing short of a complete bust for Democrats.  And perhaps someone needs to remind this boob, since he claims to remember so much, that President Nixon was not actually impeached.  Instead, he did the honorable thing and in putting the country above himself he chose to resign.   So say what you will about the man, he was still better than a Democrat.

Anyway, Dean continued by saying “I think what Pelosi’s doing is brilliant, actually. She’s letting the momentum build. I don’t think she’s resisting it as much as you said she was.” He added, “I think it’s strategic patience. Look, Pelosi has not missed a step. She’s the one person who has got Donald Trump’s number in Washington. She hasn’t missed a step yet. I think it’s great that people are calling for impeachment in the House. I don’t think that’s a problem. I think Pelosi’s playing her hand exactly right.”  So I’m curious, where is it, exactly, that this theoretical momentum can said to be building?  Certainly not among those of us who support the president.

And what is it about a political party whose members can be so recklessly haphazard when labeling certain of its people as brilliant when it’s so obviously the case that they are not.  Remember how it was that we were told how Hitlery was supposed to be the smartest person ever to run for president.  And yet she ran a campaign that allowed her to be beaten by someone who was a complete political novice.  And it has been ever since that all she has been able to do is to make excuse upon excuse and to claim that the ONLY reason she lost is because her opponent was somehow able to cheat.  Does that sound like someone who’s really all that smart?

Face it, Dean is has-been, a political relic searching for relevance and he obviously figures the best way to do that is to go after the president. Just another fool who sold out early in life, like so many others who have succeeded in doing little more than to completely bastardize the American political landscape.  The purpose of this continuing charade is to impeach a duly elected president whose only crime seems to be that he won an election that he actually wasn’t supposed to.  And frankly, if you listen to some of the crazier voices in the Democrat Party, they seem to have moved beyond simply wanting to remove him from office, they want to destroy him.

As for Pelosi, she has to know that impeachment is a dead end for Democrats, but at least for now she’s satisfied to let her minions rant and rave and ‘investigate’ to their little heart’s content, but it remains doubtful that she will actually allow a floor vote on ‘Articles of Impeachment’.  There is little ‘momentum’ for impeachment in spite of what loons like Dean may say. There’s NO majority, not even in the Democrat Party, to vote on impeachment.  And let’s face it, the threat of impeachment has essentially been in the air ever since the very night that ‘President’ Trump was elected. There was no case then for impeachment and there is not one now.

I have no doubt that what’s really underway here, on the part of these Democrats, is to drag this nonsense out all the way to late summer and early fall of 2020. They would like nothing more than to have the president under impeachment on Election Day.  Somehow, they seem to think that that will really ‘get their base out’ and to the polls.  Unfortunately, that may be a bit of a double edged sword in that it will also likely serve to ‘get out the vote’ for President Trump’s supporters who are from all walks of life.  The Democrats are gambling big time, but I only hope they end up once again falling flat on their collective face.  But we’ll just have to wait and see.

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