Democrats need to stop talking about impeachment and just do it.  They now seem to have themselves talked into the notion, and have themselves quite convinced, that the impeachment of President Trump will actually be a political winner for them in 2020. In fact it was according to one of these dim bulbs, Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, that if House Democrats fail to bring impeachment proceedings against the president the party could actually lose their majority.  So what’s the hold up, Bennie?  Let’s get this party started!  “Impeach foty fi, Impeach foty fi!”

Any way it was this boob, Thompson, who recently told MSNBC “Kasie DC” host Kasie Hunt that he hopes the Democrat leaders “start having serious conversations” with members of the House about impeachment. And he went on to say, “I think we risk losing the majority if we don’t bring impeachment proceedings.”  And as I said, go ahead Bennie, make my day.  If Democrats are so very confident that they are on the right path, then what’s the hold up?  Democrats claim that they already in possession of more than enough evidence that the president committed a ‘crime.’

Bennie continued, “It will be hard pressed for a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives not to go forward with an impeachment operation. Let me tell you, you can’t justify the acts of this president and sit on your hands when you [are] in charge. I think Speaker Pelosi and the other leadership, I hope when we come back this week in Washington, they’ll start having serious conversations with the members and not listen to the consultants and the pollsters and other people — people who are not close to the ground.”  What “acts” is he supposedly talking about?

Now for whatever it’s worth, it’s my humble opinion that the Democrats have no real interest in moving ahead with impeaching the president.  What they want to be able to do is to simply continue talking about it for as long as they can in the hopes of doing some level of damage to President Trump’s chances of being re-elected.  I mean the crowd the Democrats now have running to being his potential opponent, the only possible chance they have of pulling off a win is to somehow succeed in convincing enough people that President Trump is what they say he is.

And it’s this boob, Bennie, who is yet another example of those who have been in Congress for far too long and of whom it can be said is now well beyond his expiration date.  This fool represents part of Jackson, and is the only majority black district in the state. He’s been in Congress since 1993, so of course his seat is safe no matter what – as long as he don’t turn white.  He’s done nothing for his district but apparently that doesn’t seem to matter to those who continue to vote for him.  He’s a Democrat and he’s black, I’m guessing that’s all that matters.

If the Democrats do lose their majority in the House I doubt it will be because they chose not to impeach the president, it will have much more to do with how they chose to have wasted more than two years, and have not done one thing legislatively for this country since winning their majority in the House. They refuse to govern, instead choosing to whine and cry about a successful President Trump. They are already finished in my opinion.  It is my fervent hope that if they choose to impeach President Trump it will be the final nail in their political coffin.

Democrats have not only succeeded in alienating many Independent voters, and swing voters, with all of their incessant whining and crying about collusion and by refusing to their job as members of the legislative branch of our government, but also a great many Democrats who will proudly tell you that Donald Trump was the first Republican they have EVER voted for.  And yet Democrats, like old Bennie, continue to be very determined in their effort to ‘re-investigate’ all of that which has ALREADY been investigated, for over two years and at a cost of $25 million.

Now granted I’m pretty sure that there are more than a few extreme members of the Democrat Party who view the priority of those they elected to be, above all else, the impeachment of President Trump.  Now while you would think these people would be likely be in the minority, they apparently are not and seem to be wielding significant control regarding where it is that their party is headed on the issue of impeachment.  And if the Democrat Party does in fact lose their current majority in the House it will be the fault of all those who went along with of these loons.

And look, I think few people will argue over whether or not Russia meddled in our election, after all it’s what they do.  What really bothers me is this pompous, arrogant attitude of how dare anyone meddle in our elections after we have meddled in other’s elections.  If the U.S. is going to meddle in other countries elections, we shouldn’t be surprised when someone meddles in ours. Remember how it was that our own country, at the direction of then president Barry ‘O,’ meddled in Israel’s election because Barry didn’t particular like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

Personally I’m of the opinion that the Democrats have now painted themselves into a corner.  No matter how they play this, they get damaged.  Impeach the president and they get a Senate show trial, followed by the whole thing then getting thrown out.  Don’t impeach, and they look weak to their base and possess no legislative accomplishments to show voters. Ordinarily, I’d say there’s no way for Republicans to miss here, but today’s Republican Party has practiced losing for so long that their skills are now finely honed.  If anyone can screw this up, it’s the Republicans.

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