Pelosi 26

If there is one certainty here in what is our ever-changing world, it’s the fact that Democrats just love getting awards.  And it seems to matter not whether they are actually deserving of said award, all that’s really important is that they hate America and, perhaps even more importantly, they absolutely HATE President Trump.  Which brings me to Nancy Pelosi, the recent recipient of, now get this, something called the ‘Profile in Courage Award’ which was presented to her by Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston back on May 19.

And it was during her rather rambling acceptance ‘speech’ that she made sure to suck up, as best she could, to those who somehow saw fit to bestow upon her this idiotic little award.  And in so doing, Pelosi celebrated the Kennedy family as “a model of faith and hope.”  I must admit that I was more than a little confused when I read that she had said, “The Kennedy family has given so much to America’s history and to America’s future.”  Given so much to America?  I’m left wondering what, exactly, that this clan of inbred misfits has ever actually ‘given’ to America!

Anyway, Pelosi went on to say, “We remain in awe of the courage that is the Kennedy constant: their courage to accept the best and the saddest that God’s will has descended upon them and their courage to be a model of faith and hope.”  She said, “God bless the memory of President Kennedy and the family that he loved.”  And then she added, “May we heed his words that, here on Earth, God’s work must truly be our own.”  What she conveniently left out of her suck up was that if JFK were to run for president today, his party has now moved so far left they likely wouldn’t have him.

Personally, I wouldn’t define their love of money and power as “faith.”  They love only themselves and they most certainly don’t love our country. And was ‘Teddy’ a “model” of faith.  The very same Teddy who’s the ONLY American politician with a confirmed kill in what Democrats, themselves, love to call, “the war on women.”  If anything, Pelosi’s idiotic comments prove that she, quite literally, has no idea of the realities faced by those in roughly 90 percent of America. Growing up with a silver spoon in your mouth does not teach anyone what the real realities are in life.

Do we really have to list again the many ways that the Kennedy Clan has been anything but “a model of faith?”  John, father of 2 and Robert father of 10, used to have ‘Naked Swims’ with the White House secretaries, even while Jackie was right upstairs, and they also shared Marilyn Monroe who, as you may remember, died under very suspicious circumstances.  Note: when Jackie died, she asked to be buried next to the man who she loved and who had loved her, Aristotle Onassis . The rotten Kennedy Clan and the Democrats in DC made sure she was buried next to the cheater.

Old man Joe Kennedy was nothing but a bootlegger during prohibition who paid out tons of money to keep son John from being thrown out of the Navy.  And do I really have to mention the philandering, drunkard, murdering scumbag Teddy, the ‘Lion of the Senate?’  Where else but in some bastion of leftwing lunacy could this bizarre Clan of twisted and perverted people be held in such high regard.  After all, it was this very same enclave of losers who repeatedly elected John Kerry-Heinz, another ‘great’ example of the caliber of politicians this area of country has come to produce.

Frankly, I’m sick of Pelosi and her gaggle of twisted misfits, liars and crooks.  Never before has there been such a bunch of individuals who sought to profit politically from the incitement of nothing but hate.  They truly are a vile bunch.   They claim to love this country when in fact it has now become their mission in life to destroy it.  And this tired old hag has the audacity to hold up for praise a clan that has profited to such a high degree from the misery of so many others.  It’s really pretty pathetic.  They have ‘contributed’ nothing positive to this country.  Absolutely NOTHING!

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