Let’s face it, you would have to have had spent the last three years, or so, living under a freaking rock not to have heard a growing number of both Democrats, and their many minions in the ‘fake news’ media, screeching at the very top of their lungs about how it is that President Trump has now placed our country smack in the middle of what is nothing less than a “constitution crisis.”  And it’s according to such constitutional experts as Nancy ‘Botox’ Pelosi and Jerry ‘Pumpkin Head’ Nadler that it’s all because Donald Trump and Bill Barr are refusing to kneel before the Democrats.

Now in order to go along with what is a rather perverse level of insanity one MUST ignore completely the fact that President Trump allowed Robert Mueller to interview everyone and anyone he wanted and he never once asserted executive privilege, to the point where everything one ever wanted to know about the administration is now in Mueller’s report.  Also you would be required to forget about how it was back when the shoe was on the other foot with Barry ‘O’ ruling by decree and Eric ‘I’m a Racist’ Holder refused to talk about his little scheme, ‘Fast and Furious.’

But while we can chalk up much of what we continue to hear from the Democrats as being little more than the ravings of the terminally unhinged, we also need to understand that there is in fact a quiet constitutional crisis currently underway that, while it remains just below the surface, is getting closer to breaching the surface with each passing day.  The intent of those who crafted our Constitution was to create a separation of powers and based it on the premise that people could work together to enact what was hoped to be policies that were both basically sound and equitable.

But when one party simply refuses to work with the other, and for what would at least appear to be purely adversarial reasons, it becomes pretty obvious, pretty quick, that we must keep our expectations low regarding the possibility of anything of substance ever getting done.  It was in days of old that we had ‘Slick Willy’ working with Newt Gingrich and even George W. Bush working with Teddy “I Got Away With Murder’ Kennedy.  But if President Trump is Hitler and the dictator ‘Pumpkin Head’ is warning us all about, then we shouldn’t expect to see a whole lot getting done.

The election of Donald Trump seems to have driven the majority of those in the Democrat Party completely bonkers and there is virtually no sign, at least at the present time, that they are yet able to move beyond the election of November 2016.  The party now seems to have been taken over by those typically found in the nether regions of the party.  We now seem to be in an age where identity politics and accusations of racism are the weapons of choice by those in the Democrat Party and there is currently no sign that we can expect things to be changing any time soon.

Though you’ll never hear any of them admit it, Democrats now seem to have bought into some pretty crazy ideas, ideas that are now well outside what was once referred to as ‘mainstream’, and are in most cases much further to the left than in the past.  Where once we had ‘Slick Willy’ saying that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare,” that is not where his party is today.  Today it’s all about abortions on demand and right up to the point of delivery, and in some cases even after.  Also Democrats now running for president have all paid homage to, of all people, Al Sharpton.

And then of course we can’t forget about the ‘Green New Deal,’ and the fact that unless we act quickly the world is apparently going to end in just 12 short years.  And also there’s the issue of reparations, along with any number of other nutty ideas such as Medicare for all, which ends up being Medicare for no one, doing away completely with our southern border as well as abolishing the agency whose specific purpose is the tracking down of those in this country illegally and sending them back to where it was that they came from.  Such are the ideas of the ‘new’ Democrat Party.

So, is what we have here a bona fide “constitutional crisis” just as the Democrats are now claiming?  Well, not exactly.  But I do think that you can say that when we have one party eager to reinterpret the most fundamental understanding about our system of government, that at least the possibility of a crisis does exist.  Things like the idea that the winner of the Electoral College is the duly elected president, that there’s something special about American citizenship, something not shared with non-citizens.  Or simply the idea that Americans should be proud of their country.

I mean when you have one political party that no longer thinks our form of government is legitimate because it’s undemocratic, or simply because abortion rights aren’t protected or because Republicans do occasionally still win, then you do have the potential for a true constitutional crisis.  When one party goes so completely off the rails, it would seem that the best strategy for the other party would be to then act as the only adult in the room. And while President Trump hasn’t always helped, but if the Republicans stick to his policies, the threat of a constitutional crisis will just fizzle out.

America’s creed is liberalism, the traditionally Democratic idea that freedom is better than repression, that free markets beat socialism, that we don’t prefer one set of people on the basis of their race or religion, that free speech trumps censorship, that our government should provide an economy with jobs for everyone who can work and a generous safety net for those who can’t. It’s pretty basic stuff, but if today’s Democrats have abandoned it and the Republicans seize the mantle of old-fashioned liberalism, they can become America’s natural governing party.

If it were only the Democrats that would be bad enough, but it’s many in his own party who are working to undermine him and for no other reason than to preserve establishment control, and to placate their many special interests. This combination is a threat. This is very similar to what the two parties did to the Tea Party groups. They had the IRS selectively target them.  ‘Making America Great Again’ threatens the establishment’s existence.  So they have to choice but to attack its leader, President Trump.  They must be made to understand their need to adjust or perish.

Today’s Democrats are really no better at playing by the ‘rules’ than were the Democrats who came before them.  For instance, Democrat icon FDR was a real snake in the grass.  He surrounded himself with Communists and Socialists and made the Depression into the Great Depression.  Truman downsized the military after WW II and Korea War erupted. JFK cheated to win in 1969 and paid the coup plotters to kill President Diem.  That doomed our efforts in the Vietnam War and cost 58,000 Americans their lives.  And LBJ, well we all know what a racist he was.

Today’s Democrats are just continuing what has been their long tradition of ‘by any means necessary’ to win.  It’s become impossible to have a reasonably functioning government when those in charge of running it are a little more than a rather bizarre assortment of those who are elderly and sickly, drunkards, addicts, thieves and liars, along with those who are little more than traitors, all posing as our leaders. The election of President Trump has brought normalcy back into fashion which seems to strike at the very core of those who deem themselves to be our so-called elite.

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