Biden 25

Now you may find this hard to believe but it was once upon a time that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden was actually against amnesty for those in this country illegally, and also he seemed to be very much in favor of requiring anyone who migrates to America to learn English.  So I’m guessing he was against amnesty BEFORE he was for it?  Which seems to be pretty common practice among Democrats when it comes to any number of different issues.  And it makes pretty clear how it is that the Democrat Party has come to be where it is today, a party that cares much less about the country and the concerns of the American people than it does about acquiring political power.

And so it was a little more than a decade ago that our ex-vice president and now 2020 Democrat presidential candidate, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, argued against amnesty for illegal immigrants and maintained that anyone who migrates to the United States should learn English.  The comments came 13 years ago, when he was in the Senate arguing for the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act, otherwise known as the “McCain-Kennedy Bill.” An immigration reform bill introduced the previous year by then-Democrat Sen. Teddy ‘I got Away With Murder’ Kennedy and RINO Sen. John ‘I’m a War Hero’ McCain, but the proposed legislation thankfully never got to a vote.

And if you’re old enough to remember this particular piece of legislation, it was supposed to have been an attempt at what was, and still is, commonly referred to as ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform when it was introduced in 2005 by duo of Kennedy and McCain and also many may recall that this particular piece of legislation was more about amnesty than it was about the implementing of any actual immigration reform to make our system better.  And I feel pretty confident in saying that we dodged a rather sizable bullet when the proposed legislation never made it to a vote, instead, dying in the House in what was a landslide of negative public opinion.

Anyway, it was then in a discussion with MSNBC’s Chris ‘Mr. Tingles’ Matthews, that ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “The Democratic position also recognizes you’ve got 11 million illegal aliens here.”  And it was ‘Creepy’ who then went on to say, “They have to have a way to earn their way into the deal. This isn’t amnesty. They’re required to take 11 years work. They’ve gotta pay a fine. They’ve got to learn to speak English. They’ve got to pass testing … ”  Matthews interrupted saying, “If we want the problems of Canada right now, keep encouraging people to keep their foreign language. ” Matthews added, “English is gonna unite this country, potentially.”

And it was in yet another video, this one from 2006,that ‘Creepy Joe’ argued for a 40-story fence to stop the drugs coming from “corrupt Mexico.”  It was to members of a rotary club in South Carolina that he said, “Folks, I voted for a fence, I voted, and unlike most Democrats — and some of you won’t like it — I voted for 700 miles of fence.”  And he went on to say, “But, let me tell you, we can build a fence 40 stories high — unless you change the dynamic in Mexico and — and you will not like this, and — punish American employers who knowingly violate the law when, in fact, they hire illegals.”  He said, “Unless you do those two things, all the rest is window dressing.”

But it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who, in running to become the next president of our country, is now singing quite the different tune when it comes to both the building of a fence and demanding that people coming into this country learn English.  Because today it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ and the rest of the Democrat Party that has absolutely no interest, whatsoever, in building a fence, nor for that matter in securing our border in any meaningful way and view it as being nothing short of racist to demand that those immigrating to OUR country actually learn OUR language.  They want as many people to come here as may ‘want’ to come here, which is nothing less than insane.

But it’s this sort of radical shift in position that’s really nothing new for Democrats.  And when it comes to their position on the issue of illegal immigration there is really no difference between that and how Democrats once spoke out about such things as gay marriage and abortion, having moved from once being somewhat opposed, or at least claiming to be, to now being not only supportive, but out and out advocates for both.  And why might that be?  Well because this is the direction in which their political winds are now blowing.  And if they are to have any possibility of attaining higher office then it must be damn the country and full speed to the left.

The American people have got to be able to recognize the fact that those in today’s Democrat Party have no interest in making the country better for all.  They are driven by a single purpose, that being to acquire ever more political power and to then proceed with making it impossible for them to EVER lose that power once acquired.  We are literally surrounded by all manner of examples regarding the catastrophic results of endless majority Democrat rule.  Look at any of our largest cities or states like California or New York and then ask yourself, do we really want our country to be made into what any of these decrepit enclaves of Democrat governance have become?

And on a side note, politicians of both parties have now made it very clear that, while they may still be elected by the people, once safely in office the priorities that receive the most attention from them are not the priorities of those who placed them into office. And until we decide the time has come for us to be much more hands on when it comes to how our country is to be governed, the idiocy that we have witnessed taking place over the course of the last several years on the part of those in Congress is likely to only get worse.  Republicans and Democrats alike MUST come together and rein in our politicians, because if the ship goes down, we ALL go down.

And while we’re on the subject here, well sort of, let me be perfectly clear on something.  The Democrat Party of today hates America and ALL that she has come to stand for.  And don’t let yourself be fooled, the days of being able to find an actual moderate Democrat are long gone, that particular breed of political animal was long ago forced into extinction.  And too, don’t be fooled by ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, he’s as much of a left wing kook as any of the other 22 Democrats now vying to be the one selected to take on President Trump in 2020.  All of these Democrats are of a single purpose, and would of course be the complete destruction of our country.

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