It would seem that with nearly each passing day more evidence comes to light that would seem to indicate that the Democrats have truly gone completely mad.  And it was very recently that they took yet another step in that direction with the release of a new ‘public service announcement’ (PSA), the basis of which is, now get this, preventing cruelty to chickens.  Now I must admit that I have a difficult time taking seriously folks calling for treating chickens more humanely, when it’s at the very same time that the very same people enthusiastically support the treating of the unborn, in the most inhumane manner imaginable.  It simply makes no sense.

And it’s now a that a cadre of 25 pretty hardcore leftwing loons have now apparently joined forces for a PSA from ‘Mercy For Animals’ during which they urge viewers to demand McDonald’s “eliminate the worst cruelty for their chickens.”  Now keep in mind that these are the very same people who have absolutely no problem whatsoever with a ‘doctor’ shoving a pair of scissors into the back of an infant’s brain and killing it for no other reason that because the mother doesn’t want it.  Is it me, am I the one who’s nuts?  I’m just not understanding how it is that ANYONE is able to see the life of an unborn baby as being less important than the life of a…chicken.

And it is this bizarre band of crazies demanding that we “take action,” that includes such left-wing luminaries as actor James Cromwell, electronic music DJ Moby, ex-NBA player John Salley, and actors Ignacio Serricchio, Mark Hapka, James Kyson, Alexandra Paul, Kimberly Elise, Daisy Fuentes, Daniella Monet, Emily Deschanel, among many other our rather legendary left-wing kooks.  If anything it would seem that these imbeciles have far too much free time on their hands.   And what is truly sad, is the fact that they seem entirely serious.  What is it, do you suppose, that might have happened to them to cause them to become so insane?

So anyway, it’s in this one-minute ‘ad’, entitled, “Dear McDonald’s,” that this group of misfits actually scolds the fast food chain for forcing the chickens they use for their products to “sit in waste,” to “live in constant pain,” along with a series of numerous other ‘charges.’  Frankly it never ceases to surprise me how it is that losers such as these somehow feel entitled to lecture us regarding those things that only they see as being ‘important.’  And these are the very same people who say that American ‘values’ are under assault by President Trump.  Yet it is they who have been, and continue to be, nothing less than willing accomplices in the murder of millions.

And it is on this same group’s idiotic website that they point out, “Chickens used by McDonald’s are among the most abused animals on the planet.”  And they go on to say, “Bred to grow so large so fast, they often can’t walk without pain. Hundreds of brands — including Burger King, Starbucks, Subway, Jack in the Box, and Denny’s — have committed to banning the cruelest practices inflicted on chickens. McDonald’s has not. Let McDonald’s know that animal abuse is bad business.”  So I need to be letting McDonald’s know that they need to be kinder to chickens, meanwhile I have no right to protest outside of my local abortion clinic if I choose to do so?

Now keep in mind here that this ridiculous little video comes out at the very same time that we’ve heard from literally scores of Hollyweird directors, producers, and actors regarding their call for boycotting states like Georgia and Alabama over their new laws restricting most abortions.  And it was this very same organization that has attacked McDonald’s chain in the past, as well. Just last year, it was this very same group that was also seen going after the fast food chain over its treatment of chickens with another sophomoric video ad that, I’m guessing, was supposed to make us all feel guilty because it featured a series of images of dying birds.

Now I must admit that I’m a little curious as to why this group focused on McDonald’s instead of perhaps choosing first to go after Chick-Fil-A?  I mean, after all, pretty much all they sell is chicken.  And worse, from the left’s point of view, is the fact that they’re also a Christian company.  I mean that would have been a two-fer for these flaming left-wing nut jobs.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like Chick-Fil-A, I eat there quite frequently, I was just using it as an example since I wonder if this is really about the treatment of chickens or something else entirely.  This whole thing is like some weird parody that no one was actually ever meant to take seriously.

And so these same losers now demanding better treatment of chickens also see as being absolutely acceptable the pulling from the womb a fully developed, yet unborn child, then sticking of a pair of scissors into the base of its skull before then twisting those scissors to create an opening before then inserting a vacuum tube into the brain cavity and proceeding to suck the child’s brain out, all while it’s alive and in agony.  Next comes pulling the rest of the body from the womb and to toss it into the trash or, as in many cases, simply tear it apart and then sell the pieces.  But oh those poor chickens.  Really?  Is this what we have now become as a nation?

I dare say that you would be very hard-pressed to find anyone anywhere on the entire planet more willfully ignorant than these people now calling us to their cause of safeguarding chickens.  And it is they, themselves, who continue to provide to us all the evidence that we need for there no longer being any reason to take them seriously.  They are a very bad joke and no longer worthy of even being listened to.  They are deserving of nothing more than our ridicule and our contempt.  Such a video makes clear that today’s Democrat Party bares very little resemblance to the Democrat Party of the past, it also shows how totally unhinged the party has become.


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