Democrats 88

So riddle me this…Which party is it that is to be considered as being the more extreme?  Now if you’re a regular viewer of our ‘fake news’ media, or a Democrat, the answer to that question would likely be seen as a no brainer.  Why it’s the Republican Party, of course!  You know, the same party that supports the right of EVERY American citizen to defend themselves, that favors keeping the government small opposes governmental intrusion into the lives of American citizens, the party that seeks to place reasonable limits on abortion, that supports allowing the American people to keep more of the money they work so hard for, that supports the actual securing of our southern border, and generally favors prosperity for ALL.

Now keep in mind that it is all of the above that have been deemed by both those in the media and in the Democrat Party as being far more extreme, even radical, than the party that supports allowing abortion all the way up to the point of delivery, the party that approves the withholding healthcare from a fully developed child outside the womb if the mother didn’t ‘want’ the baby, the party that thinks it’s just fine for men to use the same restrooms as women, and even for men to complete against women in sports, the party that says that you have absolutely NO right to defend yourself and the party who wants to do away, completely, with our southern border and to allow ANYONE who might want to come here, entrance into this country.

And it’s on the topic of abortion that the Democrat Party has now become the most extreme, even fanatical.  Keep in mind, here, that very few countries in the world allow abortion after twenty weeks, yet in the U.S. people who support such limitations are described as “extreme.”  A significant majority of Americans are against late term abortions, and yet not one Democrat now running for president has taken a stand against late term abortions. If they said that, they might be labeled as being against reproductive ‘rights.’  Democrats say they believe that everyone has a right to health care, but some obviously don’t believe it because they are willing to withhold health care from the most vulnerable, a child that has just been delivered.

We know that Democrats are more than willing to withhold health care from people who they deem as being unworthy, based on what then president Barry ‘O’ said to a woman at a town hall meeting when he was busy out lobbying for Obamacare. This particular woman asked if her 100-year-old mother could get a pacemaker if her doctor agreed that she had great zeal.  Barry essentially said the 100-year-old had lived long enough and maybe she should just take a pill. Obviously, Barry didn’t give a damn about what the woman or her doctor thought. In his thought process it was up to government to decide. Why don’t our faux journalists stop pretending that they favor people choose, when they actually favor the government doing the choosing?

We also know that under Obamacare, which was passed 100% by Democrats, hospitals received bonuses if they didn’t readmit as many patients. Again, the government, not the patient or the doctor, were controlling the decision. We were all told that health care would greatly improve for all if Obamacare was passed yet life expectancy went down unexpectedly starting in 2015 for three straight years. And could the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program and a president and his advisors who determined that people may have lived long enough, be equated to a death panel?  Nothing Democrats say gives people freedom of choice and control of their own health care.  Democrats have long favored that the government be in charge of such decisions.

And which party is it that we can actually say is racist?  Would that be the party that wants more minority women to have their babies or the party that wants to continue to abort minority children at a much higher rate than their percent of the population? Democrats love to describe themselves as being the party of science, but if that’s so then why do they so adamantly refuse to admit that the only date a human life can begin is at conception?  And I am still a little confused about why Democrats call themselves progressives?  Perhaps it would be more fitting to call themselves the regressive party since it’s as science gets better and children are better able to survive after early childbirth, they lengthen the time to be eligible for abortion.

So you tell me, which party can we now safely say is the party of extremism in America?  As I said in the beginning, this should be very much of a no-brainer.  It is a Democrat Party that has now moved so far to the left and has become so fanatical in its quest for political power as to make itself completely unrecognizable from its former self.  With the election of Donald Trump the Democrats seem to have lost their collective mind.  Where they once worked very hard to keep their radical agenda a bit closer to the vest, these days Democrats seem almost compelled to ‘let it all hang out’ regardless of the, at least potential, consequences.  Where it was once easier for them to dodge the ‘extreme’ label, today that is no longer possible.

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