So I ask you, just how desperate might the Democrats be in what has now become their dedicated mission to defeat President Trump in 2020.  Well, the fact that at least a couple of those folks, who are currently hoping to be the one selected as the nominee of their party regarding our next presidential contest, have made it pretty clear that there is quite literally nothing that they won’t do in their quest to be selected as Trump’s foe in 2020.  Desperation runs deep there in the Democrat Party.

You see, it has been both BEE-TOE O’Rourke and ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden who have now stated that they’d pretty much love nothing better than to have ‘Crybaby Stacey’ Abrams join them on the Democrat ticket.  And now she who has yet to concede her election loss in Georgia in which she was running for the state’s top job, has said that she would be open to such a thing apparently having decided that perhaps she was a bit too hasty in previously declaring that she had no interest in doing so.

Because it was earlier this week, on Thursday to be exact, that Abrams revealed that she has apparently reconsidered and that she would now be “open” to at least talking about running as the vice president with whomever it is that the Democrat nominee might be despite proclaiming just a few weeks ago that she had no intention to “run for second place.”  After all, what else is it that she would have to do other than to continue to travel around whining about she actually won her election in Georgia.

And so it was during an appearance on MSNBC that Abrams said, “After the determination is made about who the Democratic nominee is, if I am not that person for one reason or the other, I am open to the conversation [of running for vice president].”  So if she is “not that person?”  Ok, so suppose she isn’t that person, will she then resort to throwing yet another hissy-fit and claim that she was somehow robbed of a nomination that was rightfully hers simply because she is so deserving.

And it was also during this same interview that Abrams made it pretty clear that she still has her eye on the top spot as she addressed rumors that she is still at least considering entering what has already become a pretty crowded field of 2020 Democrat presidential hopefuls.  She said she is still watching and trying to decide whether she wants to enter the race, adding that she is confident she could enter the race “as late as the fall and still have a chance to win.”  What a scary thought!

She said, “I think we’ve got a robust crop of candidates and I think they’re having important conversations, but my mission is to make certain that we are keeping that attention focused all the way through the campaign. So, I’m going to keep watching and decide if I need to jump in.”  If she needs to “jump in?”  Great, another narcissist, exactly what we need.  And just what sort of a cockamamie scenario is it that would create what she sees as representing the “need” for her to “jump in?”

Anyway, it was BEE-TOW who suggested while campaigning in New Hampshire that he might choose Abrams to run with him as his vice presidential candidate.  But that really says more about his level of desperation to win than it says anything about what Abrams might actually bring to the ticket, which is nothing more than one more reason to vote for President Trump.  I mean, come one, what is there about this crybaby that would entice any rational person to vote for a BEE-TOO/Abrams ticket?

However, BEE-TOW was not the first 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful that has suggested Abrams would be an excellent running mate.  Nope, that ‘honor’ goes to ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden whose top campaign advisers had actually discussed adding Abrams to the top of the ticket back in March in an attempt to show Americans that the ex-vice president “isn’t just another old white guy.”  But in reality, that’s exactly what ‘Creepy Joe’ is, just another really old, and really white, white guy.

Abrams quickly rebuffed the idea of sharing the top of the ticket with ‘Creepy’, stating that “you don’t run for second place.”  And as mentioned previously she has also made it clear that she is still at least considering launching her own bid for the presidency in 2020.  Abrams is well-known for her consistent accusations of widespread voter suppression during the 2018 election cycle, which she further claims is racially motivated. There has been no evidence to corroborate Abrams’s claims.

If you wish to gauge just how truly corrupt our ‘fake news’ media is just think about how they have continued to allow her to blather on and on about voter suppression and racism but NEVER do anything to support her assertions with actual investigative journalism. Why not?  Because she’s a fool or a liar and if the media has made any attempt to corroborate her accusations, they obviously came up empty. So they give her a platform to lie.  Think about that, a platform to lie.

A lot of people are sick and tired of politicians who have nothing to offer, but mud-slinging and endless ad hominem attacks.  America needs leaders with solutions and proven abilities, with creativity and insight, with a proven track record of success, actual integrity, the ability to get things done and keep promises made to the country, that are patriotic and love our country and who will do everything in their power to always protect and uphold the Constitution as the law of the land.

And what America most definitely does not need in its government and in those whom we select as our leaders are:  Failed bartenders with the IQ of a cabbage, Lifelong career politicians with a history of lies, deceit, and corruption, Slimy grifters who only want positions of power in government to enrich themselves and their cronies, Mindless automatons whose primary mantra is higher taxes, and to tax the working class even more, Those seeking to subvert Constitutional rights of Americans.

Nor do we need those involved with election fraud or campaign finance violations, or anyone who approves of censorship and silencing American citizens, or who’s opposed to protecting our border and stopping the never-ending illegal alien invasion, or who are toxic narcissists, sociopaths, or psychopaths, etc, etc.!  America needs clean, moral, respectful leaders who can be trusted, and who deserve the responsibility of high offices, and honor their duties to Americans by serving them diligently.

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