Despite the continuing Democrat fairytale currently being perpetuated by just about everyone involved in the ‘fake news’ media and EVERY Democrat, including Hitlery herself, regarding how President Trump is something of a stooge for Vlad Putin, can we please put all of the nonsense aside and agree that Russia could have achieved its objectives, far more easily and at much less cost, if it had been Hitlery who was elected president and not Donald Trump.

And let’s face it, you’d have to be a complete moron, or a hardcore Democrat hack, not to realize that autocrats, dictators, and warlords everywhere were absolutely salivating over the prospects of a Hitlery presidency. They very much favored, even preferred, the far more malleable Hitlery instead of the nationalistic and assertive Donald Trump who campaigned on, and then adopted, a far more aggressive “America first” leadership approach to defense and foreign policy.

That point is even more compelling, given President Trump’s more uncompromising U.S. policy with regard to Russia.  And it was likely during the president’s first year in office that Russia first felt the consequences of a more assertive United States.  Because, as you may remember, it was in November 2017 that the U.S. approved the $10.5-billion sale of Patriot anti-missile systems to NATO ally Poland to counter then perceived Russian aggression.

And then it was in December that the U.S. authorized the transfer of anti-tank weapons to Ukraine to help that nation defend against Russian-backed separatists.  U.S. troop presence in Eastern Europe was increased over Obama-era levels to bolster European defenses, while the U.S. imposed monetary sanctions targeting individual Russian actors and companies.  Further, the Trump administration persisted in convincing U.S. NATO allies to increase their defense spending.

And so it would seem to be rather obvious, at least to me, that Russia would fondly remember Barry ‘O’s less than impressive secretary of state.  Her inane “reset button” set the tone.  Old Vlad had surveyed the Hitlery of Benghazi infamy and noted the facilitation of the transfer of large uranium assets to Russia.  The U.S. obliged the Kremlin by removing missile defense systems from Central Europe and never did more than complain about Crimea’s annexation.

And then there was Barry’s fuzzy line-in-the-sand indecisiveness over Syrian chemical weapons that made way for Russia’s effective military intervention in Syria.  And Vlad surely approved of Barry’s concessions to Iran on the nuclear ‘deal,’ and it was Barry who had once told former Russian president Medvedev that Vlad should give him more “space” because after his election he would “have more flexibility.”  Barry had given Vlad a peak at what a Hitlery presidency might be like.

And it was in Hitlery that Russia (read Putin) saw a candidate far more interested in globalists’ demands from Paris, Katowice, and Davos than on the truly tough issues like global proxy wars, Russian revanchism, nuclear proliferation, and NATO solidarity.  Given the world’s pre-election political and media consensus, a Hitlery victory was almost assuredly a given inside the Kremlin.  Just as it was here at home among those in ‘fake news’ and especially, the Democrat Party.

And so Vlad was likely just as surprised as CNN to wake up that November morning in 2016 to learn that the “impossible” had in fact happened.  Look I don’t think anyone can deny that there was some level of Russian interference in the 2016 election.  But at the same time one must admit that there was no organized scheme of coordination or dreaded “collusion” with the Trump campaign.  There was nothing to be gained by doing so as Hitlery was Russia’s preferred candidate, hands down!

So why was it that Russia would choose to interfere?  Well, I would think that obvious, to sow discord and acrimony among the political parties and voters to undermine American government, society, and leadership.  And can we all at least agree on the fact that U.S. competitors and adversaries would love nothing better than to see, above all else, America fiscally exhaust ourselves on social programs instead of on national defense and security.  Or is that obvious just to me?

After eight long years of Barry ‘O’ Vlad had every reason to think that the U.S. was far more interested in Davos, Paris, and climate change than in any Russian adventurism.  And so Vlad & Co. sought to further breakdown of societal mores and law and order and to take a certain amount of pleasure in watching Americans further divided by identity politics, bathroom protocols, and political animus.  And there are many who seem more than willing to fall for that, hook, line and sinker.

With Russian, along with interference from any number of other sinister players in the 2016 presidential election, one person was ultimately responsible for this nation’s defense and security as “Commander-in-Chief.”  And of course that was Barack Hussein Obama.  And yet with full knowledge of what was determined organized foreign interference, he ultimately failed in oath-sworn responsibilities to keep the nation’s democratic processes secure and free from that interference.

The fact is that it was in Hitlery that the Russians had someone who could very easily be bought, and they knew it.  But none of this even begins to cover Hitlery’s most despicable crimes. With her use of an unsecured email server handling highly classified State Department correspondence, she left the door wide open for Russia, China, and most likely N. Korea and Iran to infiltrate every part of the U.S. government, perhaps even our military.  She is obnoxiously corrupt!

This is treason, and espionage, and not just once or twice, but thousands of times. Every time she sent or received something from the White House, she left open the door for that system to be breached as well.  The Russians knew this. The Chinese also knew.  And given her willingness, even eagerness to accept bribes and kickbacks through her ‘Foundation’, it’s conceivable, even highly likely, that she might even have sold access to one or both.  Nothing would surprise me.

And it was Vlad who ‘invested’ $145 Million into the Clinton slush fund and $1.2M for a 60 minute speech.  So why would he have decided to do that?  Because he knew how easily the Clinton’s and any number of other top Democrats could be bought off by China, so why would he want someone who doesn’t need Russia’s or China’s money? To normal, thinking people it made no sense. Only to those who fear the jig is up and their useful idiots believed something so delusional.

And we haven’t even touched on the direction that President Trump has now taken U.S. energy production, which is another huge reason Vlad would have much rather dealt with a President Hitlery.  Because there is absolutely no doubt that Hitlery would have favored a continuation of Barry ‘O’s ongoing war on fossil fuel development in the U.S. as opposed to a President Trump who had promised to reduce regulations and to fast track pipeline approvals.

Russia’s economy is extremely dependent on gas and oil exports so the last thing Vlad would want is increased U.S. production putting downward pressure on global energy prices.  Why do you think Russia, and other oil producing adversaries, donate millions to American environmental organizations?  The notion that Vlad favored Trump over Hillary is ludicrous yet it’s generally accepted as fact even still.  Vlad couldn’t dream of any more feckless dupes than Barry and Hitlery.


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