Hitlery 34

Like an overweight dog with its favorite bone, Hitlery Clinton remains stuck in the past as she stubbornly refuses to move beyond November 8, 2016.  Even after fretting that Donald Trump would not accept her victory, it has been she who has been unable to accept her loss for going on three years now.  And it was earlier this week that Hitlery again made very clear that she is still not quite ready to accept blame for her rather humiliating defeat at the hands of a complete political novice, doing so during an appearance at one of our so-called institutions of ‘higher learning.’

You see it was this past Wednesday night at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire that two time loser Democrat presidential candidate Hitlery made the rather hypocritical declaration in saying that Republican lawmakers needed to decide if they care more about the ‘rule of law’ than they about supporting President Trump.  Hitlery said, “We are at a crisis point and I say that with great sadness.”  So says someone who remains one of the two people considered by many to be the most corrupt individuals to ever run for the office of president.  The other, of course, being Barack Obama.

She continued, “The biggest disappointment to me has been the Republican Party. With very few exceptions very very few Republicans have stood up and most of them left, they didn’t run for reelection. That is happening again this time. So you have a Republican party particularly in the Senate that is not looking out for the country. And they have occasionally disagreed with Trump on a few things but overall they have been unfortunately intimidated or willing to go along.”  Again she’s being more than a bit disingenuous here, her biggest disappointment is that…she lost.

Hitlery said there will be “big court fights,” that will “end up in the Supreme Court” over the Trump administration’s defiance of congressional subpoenas.  She added, “We’ll see whether it’s the rule of law or the rule of Trump that the Republicans in the Congress and in the courts are going to abide by.”  It’s in Hitlery that again we have someone on the left who seems to have forgotten entirely about all of the many subpoenas ignored by Barry &Co., as well as by herself.  And for someone who is not in possession of the required plumbing, that’s all pretty ballsy!

So, is that not the funniest thing you’ve EVER heard, Hitlery choosing to lecture Americans on the “rule of law?”  And after all of the crimes she has personally committed and yet has still managed to remain able to roam around free.  She has to be joking, right?  Ah yes, tis good to be a Democrat, and someone viewed as being completely unable to do anything wrong, despite the fact that there now exists a mountain of evidence that would at least seem to provide more than ample proof of her personal involvement in a surprising number of illegal acts.

At this point, if I were her I believe I would be searching out a few of my many contacts there within the ‘deep state’ and asking them to assist me in moving underground and to perhaps wipe away my identity (“Like with a cloth, or something?) and to assist me in assuming some new identity in a foreign country without an extradition agreement.  But I doubt we could ever be that lucky, I fear we that will likely be saddled with this perpetual sore loser until the day that she finally expires, a day that cannot get here soon enough for me.

But I can’t help wondering when it might have been that Hitlery ever really cared about the “rule of law.” What is there in her past that might indicate that that was ever the case?  Not to mention the fact that it was her husband, and our ex-president, who committed perjury.  Was THAT the ‘rule of law?”  She is a charlatan and a grifter, just like her pervert of a husband, and both belong in prison, for the rest of their lives!  She is the poster child for all that is wrong with the modern day Democrat Party and the symbol for why the Democrats need to be kept few in number.

But seriously, all kidding aside, her choosing to make such a patently dishonest claim would actually be funny if it didn’t demonstrate, and in very stark terms, how it is that those who are rich and powerful, and staunch members of the left, are able to avoid the punishment that the rest of us ‘little people’ would, most assuredly, be forced to endure.  This woman and her husband have, together, committed treason, sedition and any number of other crimes against the people of this country and still she has the nerve to lecture us on the ‘rule of law’ and what’s best for the country.

Personally, I think that President Trump’s biggest mistake thus far was in choosing NOT to prosecute this bitch, before then putting her behind bars where she rightfully belongs and to then throw away the key.  And her pervert of husband should be right next door in an adjoining cell.  I will, however, cut their daughter a certain amount of slack if for no other reason than because she’s just so damned ugly.  This single family has done more harm to this country than I could have ever thought possible.  And that she came as close as she did to becoming president is a national embarrassment.

I have no doubt that this condescending bitch will likely go to her grave claiming that she was somehow cheated out of being able to assume her rightful place as the first female president of these United States and by someone who was only able to defeat her by cheating.  The 2016 presidential election was hers to lose, and she did.  She was so confident of having it the bag that she thought victory would come to her simply because she deserved it.  And all she has done since is to attack the winner, as if it was his fault that she ran one of the inept campaigns in recent memory.

Even with all that said, Hitlery will forever view Donald Trump as being the source for that which she still considers to be the unimaginable and, to her way of thinking, the undeserved level of embarrassment that she continues to be made to suffer and that she is, apparently, yet to get over.  After all, she was considered to be the most qualified person to EVER run for president, just ask any loony member of the Democrat Party and they’ll certainly tell you.  And so she still wonders how it is possible that things could have gone so horribly wrong.


  1. When crooked Hilary Clinton failed Muslim brotherhood presidential candidate,serial anti American rich white trash and ugly face of the Islamist apologetics is locked up most” deplorable and irredeemably right wing extremists”will enjoy justice. However I’ll be euphoric and beside myself in the glow of hands free multi orgasmic satisfaction should her pathological head be covered in a hijab and the Muslim brotherhood is made an FTO. The most grievous acts of treason and sedition in the hall of shame of subversion was the UN resolution 16/18 an” collusion” with the organization of Islamic conference,O I C


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