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Just when you think you’ve heard it all from Sheila Jackson Lee, open comes her big fat mouth to prove you wrong.  Every time she speaks she literally leaves no doubt whatsoever that she truly is one of the dumbest, brain dead bitches on the entire planet.  I could list all of her previous examples that make it crystal clear that she has all the intelligence of your average ice cube, but instead I would simply direct everyone to YouTube, where you can hear her idiotic comments from her own mouth.

And anyone who might have been tuned into MSNBC recently would have witnessed yet another example when she appeared on something called “All In,” during which Jackson Lee said she agreed with fellow Democrat moron Jerry ‘Pumpkin Head’ Nadler and several of her other colleagues’ assessment that a “constitutional crisis” is now underway given the fact that the Trump administration has chosen not to cooperate with congressional Democrats’ effort to ‘investigate’ the White House.

However, she offered an additional term to describe what she sees as now being underway because of the administration’s “rejection” of congressional Democrats’ requests.  And how dare anyone “reject’ the demands being made by what is nothing more than a bunch of pompous, hypocritical, scumbag Democrats!  The very same Democrats, I might add, who viewed the most corrupt individual to ever hold office, Barack Hussein Obama, as nothing less than being as pure as the wind driven snow.

Anyway, it was this dim bulb, Jackson Lee, who said, “[I] saw this coming and mentioned the constitutional crisis was pending over the last couple of weeks.”  And she went on to say, “When I concluded my remarks today in the hearing, I added another metaphor, which was we’re seeing a Saturday Night Massacre of rejection. What I meant was the Saturday Night Massacre occurred for the toppling of officials who refused to adhere to Nixon’s instructions.”  She is so dreaming!

She said, “We’re getting from the White House a massacre of rejection — rejecting every single constitutional request that the Congress is making on behalf of the American people.”  And she added, “I think that is really the point,” she continued. “This is not a congressional fight. This is not a Republican-Democratic fight. This is actually the duty of the Congress in its legislative and oversight responsibilities that the president is now rejecting.” That same ‘duty’ seemed not to exist from 2009-2016.

She said, “I don’t think he is going to last. I don’t think this is going to last. I think the American people are going to see clearly that this is not in the best interest of this country. And once that occurs, once we pursue the legal options, which is going to the floor of the House for the final vote of this civil contempt, holding in our back pocket inherent contempt, moving forward through the courts, and I believe we can make the argument that this goes to the very seat of government. And we ask the federal courts to expedite their decision.”

This poor excuse for a human being has great difficulty whenever tasked with having to string more than two words together and into one coherent sentence. That, and she seems to have this recurring problem with the whole Constitution thing too.  It is NOT the role of Congress to interfere with the chief executive of this country or his administration.  They do not NEED to see grand jury testimony of people not charged with a crime.  The law that they themselves crafted back in 1999 says so!

Mueller and Co. was as biased and as partisan a pack of Democrats that could have possibly been hoped for in conducting an ‘investigation’ and yet they were unable to indict President Trump for anything.  For over two years the president has cooperated with Congress and Mueller with their endless investigations that lead to the discovery of nothing.  And still the Democrats won’t accept it any more than they did when Hitlery lost the election. This isn’t oversight, this is an abuse and perversion of power.

During her entire 24 year ‘career’ in the House, this worthless old sow has done nothing more than to belch out hate against anyone she doesn’t like while sucking up taxpayer dollars along with every benefit in the book, and what is it that she has actually done to move our country forward.  NOT A GOD DAMN THING!  I am so sick of this pathetic gang of corrupt scumbags that comprise today’s Democrat Party.  And it just keeps getting worse.  How stupid must you be to vote for morons like these?

And I keep waiting to hear a voice of reason to spring forth from the Democrats regarding this ongoing lunacy, but they all seem blinded by their ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ which now seems to have reached epidemic proportions in the party.  And until I start seeing some of these dirty cops and corrupt Democrats headed off to jail this entire exercise in hypocrisy will continue to be seen for exactly what it is, an attempt to remove a duly elected president from office with NO just cause!

And let’s face it, “I don’t think” are probably the three most honest words ever uttered by this mental midget.  She’s been going on and on about impeachment since the day President Trump was elected. Does she really believe we’re that stupid?  The last couple of weeks my ass.  Remember this is the same moron who also tried to lead impeachment against George W Bush. Apparently, for this moron, the ‘high crime or misdemeanor’ is being a Republican and President. It’s time the people let her go.

And I have to agree, there is a crisis underway, but it is a crisis of the Democrats’ own making, and is a crisis driven by the fact that not one of these Democrats seem to possess even the most basic understanding of our Constitution.  Starting an illegal investigation of a duly elected president over pure speculation using a dossier that they knew to be untrue has made clear just what the real “constitutional crisis” is! This is a party driven by hate and a desire to acquire power no matter what the cost.

It was almost immediately after Trump announced he was running that we heard there was NO WAY he was going to win the nomination, and when he did we then heard how there was NO WAY Trump was going to win the election, and when he won we heard how Trump was never going to be accepted by the Electoral College, and we he was we heard how Trump was never going to last six months, then we heard how Trump was never going to survive the special council witch hunt, blah, blah, blah.

If there is one certainty in this our ever-changing world it’s the fact that the Democrat Party has always been on the wrong side of every truly important issue, and it seems to be only getting worse. And yet, the Democrat Party remains somewhat viable only because of those in our ‘fake news’ media who serve as nothing less than the propaganda wing of the party. If America had a reliable media, the Democrat Party would be relegated to permanent minority status and no longer a threat.

Sadly, I fear our country is doomed. And until we take it upon ourselves to reduce the number of Democrats in government the fate of our country will remain uncertain.  Because they seek to flood our country with all manner of Third World trash from nearly every shithole country on the planet, these ‘immigrants’ who come here seeking nothing but freebies with the American people being forced to cover the costs courtesy of their taxes.  The priorities of the Democrat Party are killing us!

Ms. Jackson Lee is correct about one thing, President Trump won’t last beyond January 2025 when his second term comes to an end.  And it will be by that time that many of her fellow colleagues in the Democrat Party, perhaps even she herself, may very well have ended up being safely tucked away in a padded cell somewhere where they are no longer a danger to themselves or to the country.  Because by then they will likely have been driven completely mad by their hatred of President Trump.

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