Scarborough 3

It’s become just about impossible, these days, to determine just which ‘news’ organization it is that is least interested in reporting the ‘news’ and far more interested in assisting the Democrat Party in its quest to, and by any means possible, undermine and to delegitimize the Trump presidency.  And now that rabid Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) seems to be running rampant throughout our ‘fake news’ media establishment, and at near epidemic levels, have we gotten to the point where it can now be said that ‘journalists’ have now all simply gone extinct?

And so as President Trump continues to spar with House Democrats over subpoenas, it was MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host, Joe Scarborough who, while not an actual ‘journalist,’ recently applauded Democrats, going so far as to say that “history has chosen” their party to “stand up and defend the rule of law” in America. Scarborough said that as a former Republican, it makes him “sad” to see the Republicans “breaking the law.”  And the most remarkable thing, I think, about him saying such a thing is the fact that he was able to get through his entire rant with a straight face.

Joe said, “You can look at all of the document requests that they’ve ignored.”  And then went on to say, “They’re in contempt of Congress.”  He later added, “History has chosen the Democratic Party at this point in time to be the only party in America who will stand up and defend the rule of law. The only party. There is no one else there.” Personally I can’t stand this boob if for no other reason than because he’s a freaking idiot!  I don’t seem to recall ever once having heard him complain when Barry ‘O’ and crew actually did break all kinds of laws, including spying on the opposition.

But I’m more than a bit curious regarding how it is that Joe may choose to actually define the ‘rule of law’.  I mean does it include such things as being in favor of open borders, sanctuary cities and allowing anyone who may want to come into this country to simply ‘come on down?’  Does it include favoring rampant election fraud that always seems to benefit the Democrats, and does it include granting voting rights to criminals, the killing of babies right up the moment of birth and even after?  Is this how he might define the “rule of law?”  I’m serious, I’d really like to know.

And if history truly has chosen the party which has committed the most egregious breach of our laws in attempting that which was nothing less than a coup of a sitting, duly elected President, to ‘Stand Up and Defend the Rule of Law’, then I would have to say that Hell hath truly frozen over.  Who would have ever thought that the party of slavery, the Civil War, Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan, segregation, Black Lives Matter, By Any Means Necessary and more, would actually be the party that history would decide upon as being the ‘rule of law’ party?  Sure didn’t see that coming.

But an interesting little factoid that Joe must not be aware of:  In 1999 Congress passed additional laws after ‘Slick Willy’s’ impeachment regulating the powers of the Special Prosecutor. One addition was when the final report is released, information could be redacted that would reveal the names of peripheral and non-involved witnesses, as well as information that was being used in ongoing federal investigations.  That is precisely the law followed by Mr. Barr.  Democrats are now asking Mr. Barr to break that very same law and release the UNREDACTED report.

When you run into someone who declares the Democrats are the party of the rule of law ask them when they intend to prosecute Hitlery for her: 1) willful violation of FOIA, 2) destruction of governmental property by deleting 30K emails, 3) her obstruction of justice by deleting those 30K emails will they were under subpoena, 4) her will removal of classified materials from secure storage to insecure storage, and 5) her deliberate dissemination of classified materials to people without clearance. You will see them fly into a rage as they try to declare she did nothing wrong.

Joe has become a punch line, but is too dunderheaded to get it. His haircut is suited for a twenty something skateboarder (you aren’t fooling anyone, Joe. You are in no way “hip”). He has a third grader’s understanding of the law and the Constitution and can’t help proving it day, after day, after day. Mika is a simpering dingbat who nods and pearl clutches at his idiocy and has nothing of substance to offer. They’re a couple of clowns, stuck in an echo chamber where the rest of the clowns reside. No worries, though. The two of them are so obnoxious no one watches anyway.

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