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Democrats have always been rather fond of labelling themselves as being the party that always takes the high road, choosing never to enter into the mud.  Therefore it only stands to reason that it must be those evil, mean, racist, bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic Republicans who predictably ALWAYS take the low road.  So imagine my surprise when ‘Creepy Joe’ must have apparently taken a detour by referring to the president as a “no good S.O.B.” just this past Saturday, and after just telling donors he intended to take the high road in any coming discourse regarding the president.

And so it was while speaking at a private donor event in South Carolina that ‘Creepy Joe’ responded to nicknames, like “Sleepy Joe,” that the president has applied to our ex-vice president and Democrat presidential hopeful.  And it was according to Bloomberg that while an unnamed donor urged ‘Creepy’ to respond with his own nicknames for Trump that ‘Creepy’ said he’d aim to keep discourse at a higher level.  We’re told that ‘Creepy’ said, “The only place he has any confidence is in the mud. The only thing he doesn’t know how to respond to is issues and specifics.”

Even so, at another point in his response to the question, ‘Creepy’ referred to President Trump as a “no good S.O.B.” who would likely turn to attacking his children and grandchildren, “the last people I want to go through” what President Trump is likely to hurl their way.  Now anyone the least bit familiar with old ‘Creepy Joe’ is likely very well aware of his willingness, even eagerness, to drag things down into the mud, just like every other member of his pathetically corrupt party.  What they’re still not quite used to is the fact that we now have a guy not afraid to take them on.

While ‘Creepy’ fears the president will verbally assault his family, Democrats like Alabama State Rep. John Rogers, have routinely attacked the president’s family.  This boob Rogers has said of Donald Trump Jr: “Him being born is the very good defense that I have for abortion. His mother should’ve aborted him when he was born, and then he wouldn’t have made that stupid statement.”  He added, “He’s retarded or crazy, Donald Trump’s son. I knew he was crazy. The best defense I’ve got for abortion right there, looking at him.”  Yup, Democrats ALWAYS take the high road!

Democrats have a rather long and storied history of taking the low road.  And it’s a very rare event indeed when one from our side chooses to join them, choosing instead to remain on the high road and ending up getting their ass kicked.   And it is in doing so that those on our side end up being perceived as being little more than a wimp.  And while President Trump may be a lot of things, the one thing he most definitely is not, is a wimp.  So if ‘Creepy Joe’ wants to embark down the low road he does so knowing full well that he won’t be alone in doing so.  And I’m just fine with that.

Frankly, I really get tired of hearing from those folks who have refused to vote for President Trump claiming that he’s not “dignified” enough.  Really?  President Trump is EXACTLY what this country needed after having barely survived eight long years of Barry ‘O’ & Co., of which ‘Creepy Joe’ was number two. And the president has done a tremendous job of exposing the Democrats’ true colors. Now they say, “He’s retarded or crazy” and “The best defense for abortion.”  President Trump has now become the ‘dignified’ candidate by comparison.  And it’s all thanks to the Democrats.

Over the years it’s become rather tiresome to be left having to vote for the wimp in the contest.  I’m a firm believer in that old adage that nice guys tend to finish last, especially in politics.  You need to show that you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty, especially when going up against those who not only live in the gutter, but actually thrive there.  I have long argued that we needed someone on our side willing to play the game as the Democrats do and not make the idiotic claim of being above such behavior.  When the country is at stake I want a fighter, not another damn wuss.

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