S. Moore

It was on March 22 that President Trump nominated noted economist Stephen Moore to serve on the Board of the Federal Reserve.  Mr. Moore has a distinguished career in leadership roles at both Heritage and The Wall Street Journal and is a founder at the Club for Growth.  Moore was an early Trump campaign supporter and wrote the book Trumponomics.  But Mr. Moore was to become yet another casualty in the ongoing war against President Trump, another example of collateral damage, with the country again coming out the loser because of the hatred being directed at our president.

The Democrats, along with more than a few RINOs, and members of the Deep State apparatus, did not want Mr. Moore on the board of the Federal Reserve despite Moore being a perfect pick for the job.  And so it was shortly after his being nominated that an coordinated attack was begun not only against the nominee but also against his family, in an effort to ‘convince’ Mr. Moore that he should withdraw his name from nomination.  So once again, for these America-haters, it was mission accomplished when on Thursday Moore withdrew his nomination for the Federal Reserve Board.

And at least some of the blame can be traced directly to a few RINO Senators, namely Joni Ernst, Shelley Moore Capito, Lisa Murkowsky and of course the ever-reliable NeverTrumper Mitt Romney (the new Jeff Flake) all of whom expressed reservations this week, and in so doing this cadre of RINOs effectively killed Moore’s nomination. These RINOs turncoats voiced their supposed concern over Moore’s nomination because of comments he made nearly 20 years ago about women earning as much as men in fields like women’s sports.  Comments that were purely satirical in nature!

And so instead of debating economic policy Moore ended up being forced to answer to criticism over columns written in the early 2000s that were supposed to be off-handed satire in which he suggested that women should get out of college sports.  It was 17 years ago, or in 2002 to make simple for liberals to figure out, that Moore wrote of college sports, “Here’s the rule change I propose: No more women refs, no women announcers, no women beer vendors, no women anything.”  So now apparently even those things said in jest are now to be considered as disqualifying?  Really?

And it was last Sunday, on ABC’s This Week, that Moore was “apologetic” over the old columns.  Moore told former Clinton hack, and now faux journalist, George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos that, “They were humor columns, but some of them weren’t funny, and so I am apologetic. I’m embarrassed by some of those things I wrote.”  But Moore also noted that he thought the attack was a distraction from his qualifications on economic matters. He said, “I’ll debate anybody on economics… Let’s make this about the economy.”  Nope can’t do that, that wouldn’t accomplish the necessary end goal.

And so Mr. Moore ends up being yet another casualty in what continues to be ‘The Swamp’s’ successful campaign in demonizing anyone who dares to associate with President Trump.  Mr. Moore was a great pick and I am sorry he didn’t make it through the gauntlet. The press in this country is supposed to hold both sides accountable, but instead they choose sides, and act as the enemy of the people.  And it doesn’t help when we have members of the president’s own party who, very willingly, continue to side with the enemy.  These RINOs are to be considered nothing less than traitors!

Romney, of course, is a ‘bought and paid for’ hack of the Deep State, he reeks of corruption.  Perhaps ‘The Swamp’ has promised to back Romney in yet another presidential run.  But I’ve got news for ‘The Swamp,’ Romney had his chance, two of them, there is no way he could ever be elected president.  And if he keeps it up, hopefully the good people of Utah will have had enough and not re-elect him in 2024. But until then, Romney will continue to be a thorn in America’s side. My wish is that something will eventually come out, and fairly soon, that will force him to resign.

America needs to wake up, and wake up soon.  We are now so close to losing this country, and it’s President Trump who is essentially our last, best chance of preventing that from happening.  We have been pawns and tools of our government for the last 50+ years, and it is this president who is trying to bring back the government our forefathers had intended.  This kind of retroactive punishment over something that was once considered funny, even culturally acceptable, has got to end.  Making mistakes is human and it’s learning from them that’s most important.

So another fine man has now been forced from the game because of something that occurred 15+ years ago.  In this case it was satirical articles Mr. Moore had written that apparently no one had a problem with at the time.  So commonsense would seem to say that that is the context in which they should now be viewed and not through the lens of some faux outrage over some perceived social injustice.  But sadly we are now in an age where there is nothing that Democrats will not do to drive out ANY candidate nominated by this president.  And if they don’t, RINOs like Romney will.

And lastly, while I can certainly understand why Mr. Moore did what he did, and can’t fault him for doing so, what he’s done is to further encourage this sort of behavior that we’re seeing more and more of under this president. Because candidate Trump was not supposed to win, his presidency continues to be seen by the opposition, on both sides of the aisle, as being illegitimate.  Perhaps had Mr. Moore taken a tougher stance against those who are nothing more than bullies, the outcome might have been different.  But as I said, I am not in his shoes, and can, therefore, place no blame.

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