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Yes, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden finally went there, and we knew it was just a matter of time.  You see, in his effort to get himself elected, ‘Creepy’ already apparently feels it necessary to grasp at every last straw.  And so it was during an ‘interview’ on ABC’s “Good Morning America” (GMA) this past Tuesday that ‘Creepy’ said, “If, in fact, [those in the Trump administration] block the investigation, they have no alternative but to go to the only other constitutional resort they have, [which] is impeachment.”

‘Creepy’ also told GMA host Robin Roberts that while impeachment is a possibility, his focus is on unseating Trump in 2020.  He said, “My job, in the meantime, is to make sure he’s not back as President of the United States of America.”  Yup, you go get em’ ‘Creepy!’  That was a pretty ballsy statement coming from a member of the dynamic duo who did pretty much everything they could to thwart any and all investigations into the rampant corruption committed by Barry ‘O’ and Co.

So yes, President Trump has said that his administration is “fighting all the subpoenas,” claiming that Democrats in Congress are incapable of acting as impartial investigators. And the president is suing House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings after Cummings subpoenaed his financial records.  So I’m not exactly sure why ‘Creepy’s’ panties are in such a bunch because, after all, it was he and Barry ‘O’ who actually set that precedent.

So old ‘Creepy’ officially launched his campaign last week after months of speculation. The ex-vice president is widely considered to be the front-runner in what has become little more than a Democrat sideshow largely due to his name recognition and connection Barry ‘O’ who, for whatever reason, remains popular within the Democrat Party.  “Creepy’ has called this election “a battle for the soul of this nation,” and has warned of dire consequences should President Trump be re-elected.

‘Creepy’ said, “If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. And I cannot stand by and watch that happen.”  But in saying such a thing it would seem that ‘Creepy’ has forgotten entirely how it was that Barry ‘O’ had come into office with his stated goal being to “fundamentally transform” the country.   But then we shouldn’t be surprised, ‘Creepy’ is getting pretty old, and memory is always the first thing to go.

If President Trump is guilty of anything it’s trying to restore America to what it was before Barry ‘O’ and Co., of which “Creepy Joe’ was one of the major players, set about trying to destroy it.  Granted, there is still much to do, but the president can’t be expected to undo in two years what it took Barry and Co. eight years to do.  And where Barry ‘O’ hated this country to the point of wanting to destroy, love him or hate him I think it’s very obvious that President Trump truly does love America.

So while President Trump wants to MAGA, his potential Democrat contender, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, wants to MAMA.  In other words, Trump wants to “make American great again” and ‘Creepy’ wants to “make American moral again,” or so he announced to GMA host Robin Roberts while flanked by his wife, Jill.  ‘Creepy’ said, “Make America return to the essence of who we are … the dignity of the country … end this god-awful deliberate division.”  It was all so odd to hearing coming from this tired old pervert.

So I can only assume that the lesson that the Democrats are trying to teach us here is that when you run in a election and your side loses, despite having taken cheating to a whole level, you whine and cry about it like a bunch of spoiled little brats, and then work to remove the person to whom you lost, out of office, by any means necessary.  I simply don’t recall an election in my lifetime where the losing side then spent so much time, effort and money to take down the winner.  It’s just all so bizarre!

So ‘Creepy’ has now officially sold his soul to the fanatical impeachment wing of the Democrat Party, and likely all for naught. The ‘fake news’ media’s own polling seems to show that most Americans, even those who don’t much like the president, do not want to go through an impeachment.  Most Americans’ are tired of this seditious travesty, and if the Democrats can’t beat Trump at the polls, they don’t deserve the leadership.  Americans love a good fight, but few are willing to tolerate a dirty one.

And you know, perhaps it’s because of his dementia that ‘Creepy’ may not remember the corruption that took place when he was Barry’s sidekick.  But oddly that same level of dementia doesn’t seem to be a showstopper when it comes to his running for president. But then, if there is one thing that Democrats can be said to excel at, it’s being able to forget, or to simply ignore, their own crimes.  And it was ‘Creepy’s’ fellow pervert, Teddy Kennedy, who was the best at being able to do that.

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