Hitlery 19

I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that it was she who has been described, on numerous occasions, as being the smartest woman on the planet and of whom we were repeatedly told was the most qualified individual to EVER run for president once made the rather bold claimed that the economy ALWAYS works better when there is a Democrat in the White House.  But if that’s true, would not the economy during the tenure of Barry ‘O’ have outperformed, and by a rather significant measure, the economy under President Trump?  But that doesn’t seem to be what’s happened.

And so it would seem that Hitlery’s rather bold declaration was, as is usually the case, much more fiction than fact.  Because it was over the course of Barry ‘O’s reign, with his trusty sidekick ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, that the economy averaged a rather anemic annual growth rate of just over 1%.  I only mention that because it was in the first three months of 2019 that our economy actually grew at a 3.2% annual rate, beating pretty much all expectations on Wall Street.  But how could that be since President Trump is NOT a Democrat and yet the economy worked rather spectacularly.

And it was those who pride themselves as being economists who predicted that the federal government shutdown and cold weather that slowed economic activity in parts of the country early in the year would drag down growth.  And so these supposed experts had predicted that the economy would grow at a much slower rate of 2.3% from January to March. The economy grew at 2.2% growth in the final quarter of 2018.  Over the course of 2018, the economy grew at an average pace of 2.9%, tying the highest growth rate achieved once in eight years by Barry & Co.

The U.S. jobs market has also continued to show strong growth. The March jobs report, released April 5, showed that the economy continued to add jobs for the 102nd straight month. The Unemployment rate held steady at 3.8%, which economists consider to be full employment.  And the 3.2% gain surpassed the 3% bar set by President Trump as evidence that his economic program is working.  There had been fears growth could dip below 1% this year due to a variety of ‘adverse’ factors, however, the economy managed to shrug off all of those supposed concerns.

And it is in spite of all the good economic news that we’re still being told by Democrats how it is that we currently have some soulless tyrant in the White House!  And it is constantly being said how the country is in ruins; economically, morally and internationally because we have a president who has been, and continues to be, a treasonous snake, a puppet of a foreign leader and a planted foreign agent!  We’re told he locks up little children in cages and doesn’t feed them.  If I didn’t know better I’d swear they were talking about Barry ‘O’, but nope, it’s all about President Trump.

And it was odd, don’t you think, that in the lead up to this good economic news all we continued to hear about, for months, was how there remains a looming recession.  So I ask you, how can we go from the likelihood of a recession to having 3.2% economic growth?  We have now gotten to the point where you can no longer believe anything that you hear, you just have to wait for the numbers because we’re in a place where those who hate President Trump will say absolutely anything, whether true or not, in what has been their continuing effort to get President Trump out of office.

Democrats are the party of doom and gloom.  They pray for all manner of calamity that they can exploit to push their scam of man-made ‘climate change.”  They live for a terrible economy and when in a position to do so, they work tirelessly to make that a reality. They want illegals flooding across our border, they want higher taxes, and, as always, great news for our country is considered terrible news by the Democrats along and their many friends and allies on the left, because their agenda is based on maintaining a constant state of hate and fear while instilling a sense of impending doom.


  1. Failed Muslim brotherhood presidential candidate crooked Hilary Clinton from a subversive radical in the sixties students for a Democratic society into the early seventies obstructing Justice,violating the civil rights of then president Richard M Nixon . Throughout the following decades scandals,corruption and both aggravated verbal and defamation of her husbands victims of sex crimes and suspicious connections to the deaths of co conspirators,friends and foes.the remarkable criminal career had only began in comparison to taking her nefarious and self absorbed activities to the world stage. As a senator from a state she had never resided in unethical and illegal transgressions were habitual endeavors. However the culmination of years of experience obfuscating,victimizing embellishments and un American activities had prepared HRC for both two shameful losses campaigning for the highest office in the and the treason,sedition and vast left wing conspiracies to both line the coffers of a leading criminal enterprise and selling out her country in which Judas would have been envious as the murderous security of state. Pathological into perpetuity


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