Let me just start by saying that I think many of us can agree that our Constitution always becomes imperiled whenever it is that we have Democrats in control of the government, every time leftists have a majority on the Supreme Court, and every time a Democrat president appoints leftist activist ‘judges’ to the judiciary, where they think they can simply circumvent both the Constitution and our Legislative Branch from there on the bench.  And in truth it is always the Democrats who choose to simply ignore the Constitution whenever they’re in power.  And despite their many claims that it is President Trump who represents the greatest danger to the Constitution, what is it that he has done that adds credence to that little theory?

So imagine my surprise when I learned that Nancy Pelosi, during an appearance over there at ‘fake news’ headquarters, the Communist News Network, aka CNN, actually admitted that the Constitution of the United States of America will be very much at stake in the 2020 presidential election.  And I was even more surprised to find myself actually agreeing with her, albeit from a slightly different perspective.  Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think we could agree on anything.  Pelosi started out by saying, “Let me just say I’m very proud of all of the Democrats who have put themselves forward. They show why they are running. They know what they are talking about and they know how to communicate with the electorate.”

And she then went on to say, “The electorate, the people will decide who our nominee is, not anything from on high, and I do believe though that the way we won this last election, which was a message of simplicity for the people—lower healthcare costs, bigger paychecks, cleaner government, that’s the kind of message that we’ll bring forward. A unifying message that again addresses the insecurity of American will be pretty exciting.”  And the part that I agreed with was when she said, “Everything is at stake in this election. The Constitution of the United States, which the president is trying to usurp the power of the legislative branch of government, the environment in which we live.”  Where was this concern during the eight years of Barry ‘O’?

But it was then that she brought up an issue on which I could not disagree with her more, or with her fellow leftwing kooks.  I was when she said, “A Republican party that’s in denial about the assault on climate and the climate crisis, which is a health issue, a national security issue, an economic and jobs issue and a moral issue.”  Anyone who falls for this cockamamie, cooked up, fake science that Democrats like Pelosi continue to peddle is little more than a complete moron.  Republicans are not in denial a climate change, many actually believe that it may even be taking place. What they are not willing to accept is the ‘fact’ that man has anything to do with it and thus they are not willing to destroy our entire economy in combating it.

But anyway, in getting back to the topic at hand which is the Democrats and the danger they continue to represent to our Constitution, despite their many claims, other than him saying he wants to “Make America Great Again,” how many times have you ever heard President Trump say that he wants to change America?  Barry ‘O’ said it, Bernie has said it, even Hitlery said it.  So from where I’m standing, the ONLY ones I see as being a continuing threat to our Constitution are not only those in the Democrat Party, but pretty much anyone on the Left, because it is they, and only they, who hate this country and view our Constitution as being nothing more than an impediment to what it is that they wish to bring about in this country.

Democrats not only want to change our Constitution, they want it changed instantaneously and without having to bother going through the pesky process for doing so.  They want mob rule, imported voters and they want to mandate emotions and word usage into crime.  Meanwhile it’s actual crimes that they seem to want to have decriminalized.  They abhor the traditions and beliefs that form the very foundation of this country.  And they refuse to accept that it is God who has granted us those certain inalienable rights because it is they who see government as being the sole entity responsible for granting, limiting, or even denying those rights as way of reinforcing what those in government view as being correct behavior and/or thought.

So this is one of those rare occasions where Pelosi is actually correct, in a way. The future of this country is at stake in 2020 because Democrats want to finally get rid of the Bill of Rights once and for all. They want to limit free speech, eliminate due process and the presumption of innocence. They want to repeal the Second Amendment and totally disregard the Tenth Amendment and pack the Supreme Court. They want to nationalize entire industries and selectively target individuals because of their income and wealth. They seek nothing more than to turn America into another Third World socialist shithole. And make no mistake, they will do all of these things if we ever again grant them any measureable level of political power.

And so Pelosi would have us all believe the party that is the true defender of the Constitution also just so happens to be the very same party that supports: 1. Open borders and a continued invasion of hordes of uneducated, unskilled, destitute, disease ridden and often violent illegals; 2. The right to murder babies right up to and even beyond their birth; 3. The elimination of the Electoral College; 4. Replacing Capitalism with Socialism; 5. So-called reparations for blacks; 6. Continuing the attack on free speech and even free thought that departs from liberal groupthink; cede US sovereignty to the globalist elites by moronic policies on so-called global warming; and on and on.  And Pelosi says we MUST elect those people!

To be honest I don’t really consider President Trump a Republican, at least in the sense we have known them in the past.  President Trump is someone I would call an individual who ran for president on a Republican ticket.  He certainly isn’t a globalist, he’s not a NOW type nor is he a ‘Deep State’ type.  And he most certainly is not a RINO.  He actually is a president of the people, first one in living memory.  Which is why ‘The Establishment’ hates him so.  Meanwhile, nothing that the Democrat Party stands for, or promotes, has anything to do with adhering to the Constitution!  If anything, they promote everything that is against both our Constitution and our way of life!  They spend all of their time attempting to destroy this nation!

And Pelosi can make all of the idiotic claims she wishes, but it isn’t President Trump who has been out campaigning on issues like the eliminating the Electoral College or doing away with our southern border.  That would be the same Democrats that Pelosi herself has claimed are ‘mainstream.’  Yes, the Constitution of the United States of America is at stake, but ONLY if a Democrat is elected. Every Democrat now running for president essentially advocates the scrapping of our Constitution.  Pure Democracies die from within, the tyranny of the majority wants what you have and individual rights quickly become extinct.  Democrats are dead serious when it comes to making it possible for government to better control the people.

And make no mistake, come 2020 if the Democrats are able to achieve victory in any meaningful way, including keeping the House, winning the Senate or ,God forbid, winning the Presidency, America and her Constitution will be forever changed and in less than a heartbeat. The Democrats have been saying since 2016 what they intend to do if they are ever able to worm their way back into power, and it should terrify every freedom loving American.  And it goes without saying that if they are able to return to power, they will destroy all or most of what so many have fought and died for.  Democrats today represent the greatest danger this country now faces, and to think they will not make good on their promises is beyond foolhardy.

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