I wish I could tell you what it is that’s going on within the Democrat Party of today, but to be honest with you I have absolutely no idea. From their desire to do away, completely, with our borders, their determination to treat those in this country illegally better than those who are here legally or far better than those who are actual American citizens, wanting felons to vote, even while still behind bars, Medicare for all, favoring abortion up to and even after the moment of birth, all of this transgender nonsense, the demand for reparations, and on and on the list goes.

And it is their position on abortion that is most revealing about Democrats because it reveals them to be nothing short of bloodthirsty and, dare I say, evil. And there is no better face for that ‘evil’ than that of the esteemed ‘Black Kow’ of Georgia, she who simply could not bring her herself to admit defeat in her state’s recent contest for governor, Stacy Abrams.  You see, it was this past Sunday during MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” that Ms. Abrams argued that the Georgia “fetal heartbeat” bill, that would ban abortion as soon as a doctor detects a fetal heartbeat, was nothing short of “evil.”

And it was while discussing a potential filming boycott in Georgia if the bill actually does become law that the rather bizarre Ms. Abrams said, “We have to be a state that is not only friendly to businesses we have to be friendly to the women who work in businesses. You should not have to worry about your ability to controlling your bodily autonomy because the governor has pushed such an abominable and evil bill that is so restrictive. It’s not only bad for morality and our humanity, it’s bad for business.”  Making such a statement makes obvious just how ‘evil’ Ms. Abrams, herself, really is.

So are we really to believe that it is now the ‘official’ position of the Democrat Party that protecting the beating heart of a baby is something to be considered worthy of being called “evil”?   And what of their Democrat constituents?  Are we also to believe that they feel the same way when it comes to the beating heart of an unborn child?  To my way of thinking it’s those who see nothing wrong with ripping a baby from the womb, in pieces, only to then sell those pieces to the highest bidder, who are truly “evil”. I hate to think that this is really what we as a people have now become.

There have been, over the course of the last 150 years or so, many who have run for the Democrat nomination for President who, while they were very ‘progressive’ in their philosophy, tended to be more clandestine regarding their true agenda.  And it was a number of them who not only won the nomination, but the Presidency as well.  But this current crop running for the Democrat nomination is by far the most radical bunch of degenerates ever to seek the nomination and they have become far more overt regarding what it is that they have planned for America.  And it ain’t pretty.

And if we’re going to be defining what is, or is not, evil, what about the fact that an unborn child, 20 weeks into pregnancy, is without question a living human being and it is Democrats, like Ms. Abrams, who feel absolutely NO remorse, NO shame, NO guilt, NO compassion and NO feelings at all when these innocent/defenseless human-beings are having their arms and legs ripped off, their brains crushed, being murdered with their tiny corpses then simply discarded like an empty beer can.  Does an unborn child mean so very little to Democrats, and is that so because they can’t vote?

Ms. Abrams is, without a doubt, one of the dimmest of bulbs out there when it comes to potential Democrat candidates for 2020.  Of all the sensible, good thinking blacks in this country that could bring forth a message of hope and freedom, why is it that her party insists upon pushing to the front blacks who hate America?  And haven’t we had quite enough of the knuckle-dragging types such as ‘Mad Maxine’, ‘Con Man’ Cory, Kamala ‘The Ho’ or the rest of the ‘I Hate America’ cretins?  Why is it that it’s people like these boobs that are always the only choice blacks have to vote for?

And I see it as odd that Democrats consider bacteria on Mars as being proof of life yet think a fetus here on Earth is merely a clump of cells. They also believe that capital punishment is murder, but abortion is a choice.  I have no doubt the day will come when history will look back on the atrocity that is abortion in much the same way as we now look back at slavery.  People will wonder how it was that a civilized nation like ours could have been so evil as to murder human infants in the womb and justify it by labeling them as non-human, just as was done with blacks during slavery.

And am I the only one to recognize the fact that it was, and is, the Democrat Party that was, and is, the driving force behind both slavery and abortion.  You would think that the party responsible for slavery would be in no hurry to also be seen as being responsible for the cold-blooded murder of 70 million babies, an atrocity far worse than slavery.  Democrats are always preaching to the rest of us about science, but if it is science that tells us life on Earth ends when one’s heart stops beating, then why is it that life cannot be said to begin when that same heart begins beating?

Abram once again is showing her true colors. She shouts that she is all for women and yet is also for the murdering of infants. She obviously has no concept of being accountable for your own actions. She is willing to murder a helpless human, simply out of convenience. This is an indication of how well she will take care of anyone foolhardy enough to elect her to any position of power.  She will surely throw her constituents under the bus just as fast as she has indicated she supports the murder of helpless and innocent human beings.  Georgia voters saw through her dishonesty.

And something else I find nearly as troubling as her position on this Georgia law is how she, as a black person, can so casually turn her back on those within her own community while seeking nothing more than elected office.  She hopes, I can only assume, that by doing so she increases her chances of actually winning an election. But how is it that anyone in the black community can look at someone such as herself and see someone working to improve the lives of blacks in America and not as she really is, someone who seeks only to use them in her effort to get to the top?

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