At this particular point in time, I don’t think there is anything that terrifies more than having a Democrat, any Democrat, elected president in 2020.  And it seems that each new Democrat who throws his, or her, hat into the ring is a little crazier than the one who came before making the fate of my country all that much more uncertain.  And while I may not agree with everything that President Trump has, or has not, done, I would only hope that there remains in this country enough people not yet willing to hand complete control of it back to the Democrat Party, a party that has now moved so far to the left as to make it the most dangerous threat we now face as a country.

And when listening to any of those now running under the Democrat banner, it would seem that they are all taking part some weird sort of competition to see just who it is that can sound even more unhinged.  From advocating for this catastrophic “New Green Deal” to promising to simply do away completely with our southern border to Medicare for all to massive tax increases to pay for it all, I can’t help but wonder how there could possibly be enough Americans actually willing to vote for anyone who is in favor of such things.  While I hope that these Democrats will eventually go too far for people to vote for them, I’m beginning to wonder if that’s even possible anymore.

And judging by the number of people now cheering some of the most inane statements made by some of the most insane people it’s becoming all the more apparent that our educational system, both our public school system and our so-called institutions of ‘higher learning’, has pretty much accomplished exactly what it set out to.  That would of course be the complete brainwashing of our young into believing our government is able to provide for all of their needs in exchange for them giving up the ability to control their own lives.  Because who better to make all of those pesky decisions required in one’s life than some nameless, faceless government bureaucrat?

I could ask what has happened to America, but I think I answered that question in the previous paragraph.  Our educational system, I think, is our biggest problem in that it seems to be no longer interested in educating our young, and hasn’t been for what has been for a very long time.  What has now become the primary focus of our educators is the brainwashing and the indoctrinating of our children to hate their own country and to love, and even to blindly trust, our government, being told that it can simply do no wrong.  And so now we have crowds of young people actually applauding those calling for greater government control of the lives of every single American.

And it doesn’t help matters, nor improve our chances of being able to survive as a free and sovereign nation, that the majority of Republicans (RINOs) we have serving in Congress see it as being more advantageous, and beneficial, to do the bidding of their big money donors instead of the American people.  Because when people see very little difference between our two political parties they become convinced, and rightly so, that it matters not which party they vote for because the outcome is likely going to be pretty much the same.  When promises made do not become promises kept voters tend to be less interested in which political party the candidate may belong.

Voters, at least those of us on the right, have simply grown tired of hearing our politicians say all the right things while out on the campaign trail, only to see them come down with a rather severe case of dementia once they’ve been safely elected or, worse, re-elected and back in the safety of their cushy office.  All of which only serves to create even more doubt about the ultimate survival of our country.  And I wish I could trust that the American people would simply take matters into their own hands and grab their politicians by the short hairs and demand that it’s their priorities that must be addressed over the supposed priorities of the folks with all the money.

Unfortunately, and I hate to admit this, my faith in the American people to care enough about preserving this country for their children is at what is now an all new low.  And if our politicians, at least those who like to refer to themselves as being ‘conservative’, are going to continue to refuse to make good on the promises they make than those of us who would rather not see this country become the next Venezuela are going to need to somehow make our leaders understand that is ‘We the People’ that they work for, it’s not the other way around. These are scary times my friends!  And it would appear that our politicians are determined to destroy America.

So there continues to be those who say America is doomed, that we are being made to die from within and there now is really nothing that can be done to avoid an end that was long ago preordained.  Too many Americans have simply become content to give up their freedom in return for having the government take care of them from cradle to grave.  There are those who say Donald Trump’s presidency was always nothing but a rest stop, a sanity break of sorts, on what has long been, and now continues to be America’s Democrat inspired road to ruin.  My confidence in the American people grabbing the controls to prevent us from slamming into the deck has all but faded.

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