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Look, the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden has long been a bit of a pervert is certainly no secret, and hasn’t been for what likely has been for a very long time.  And it is courtesy of more than a few videos that his penchant for getting up close and personal with members of the opposite sex has become rather well known.  And we know that it wasn’t okay that Harvey Weinstein did it, and not okay that Charlie Rose did it, but when we learned in 2014 that Biden exposed his naked body to women in the Secret Service, the media didn’t care.  And the media still doesn’t care because ‘Orange Man Bad.’  And getting rid of him has been the primary objective.

And it should come as no surprise that Biden’s rather questionable behavior has long been something that Democrats either didn’t really want to talk about, or when they did talk about it simply downplayed it all as being just Joe being Joe, and the touchy-feely kind of guy that he is.  And just out of curiosity, does anyone remember the subject of Biden’s odd behavior ever coming up even once during the entire eight years that ‘Creepy Joe’ served as Barry’s second in command?  But hey, what would have been the point of bringing up any of that unsavory stuff up back then? Barry was president, Joe was pretty harmless, they are Democrats so what’s the big deal?

Well, apparently that was then and this is now.  I think we can all acknowledge that the Democrat Party, during old Joe’s decades long career in Washington, has now moved pretty far to the left, and Donald Trump is president.  And when you combine those two things what you have is a party that feels it can no longer, in good conscience, have as their candidate be an old white guy, unless he’s a socialist kook, because the country will simply not survive, in the manner they wish, another four years of a Trump presidency. And so there appears to a ‘movement’ now afoot, the focus of which is to convince old Joe that maybe he really shouldn’t run in 2020.

All of which brings me to a recent article in the New York Times telling us how two more women have now apparently come forward to accuse ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden of ‘touching’ them inappropriately.  It was former college student and sexual assault survivor Caitlyn Caruso who told the Times that Biden rested his hand on her thigh at an event on sexual assault at the University of Nevada and hugged her “just a little bit too long” at a University of Nevada, Las Vegas event in 2016 the topic of which sexual assault. Caruso told the Times she never mentioned the incident publicly and at the time simply attributed it to the behavior of men.

It was during his speech at that time that Biden told the students he was committed to changing the culture of sexual assault, particularly on college campuses, recalling how it was that his father taught him the worst sin was abuse of power.  He said, “The worst sin they could commit was to abuse power, whether it was economic power, political power, or physical power, this is the God’s truth.”  And he also pointed out at the time that his father also told him that the cardinal sin was raising an abusive hand to a defenseless woman or child.  Biden said, “Folks, this isn’t about sex, this is about power.”  And he added, “This is about the abuse of power.”

And then still another woman, 59-year-old D.J. Hill, met OLD ‘Creepy Joe’ back in 2012 at what was a Minneapolis fundraising event.  When she and her husband posed for a photograph, the then-vice president “put his hand on her shoulder and then started dropping it down her back, which made her ‘very uncomfortable,’” the Times reported. She told the Times that, “Her husband, seeing the movement, put his hand on Mr. Biden’s shoulder and interrupted with a joke.”  She said, “Only he knows his intent.”  And then went on to say, “But norms are changing now, and if something makes you feel uncomfortable, you have to feel able to say it.”

The two women now join former Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores who said that Biden made her uncomfortable after he smelled her hair and kissed her head at a campaign event, and Amy Lappos, who said Biden grabbed her head and pulled her close to “rub noses.”  Now of course multiple women have since come forward to defend Biden, including Barry ‘O’s former ‘security advisor’ Susan Rice, CNN’s Ana Navarro, and MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski.   The media shit-storm surrounding Biden’s rather well-known tendency to put his hands in awkward places began when Flores published “An Awkward Kiss Changed How I Saw Joe Biden” in New York Magazine.

And as to be expected, old ‘Creepy Joe’ defended his behavior in a weekend statement in which he said, “In my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort.”  He went on to say, “And not once — never — did I believe I acted inappropriately. If it is suggested I did so, I will listen respectfully. But it was never my intention.”  Well intent no longer seems to matter in what has become an environment that Biden himself actually helped to create, so it would seem only fitting that he becomes the latest casualty of what is something of his own making.

Biden’s ‘creepiness’ notwithstanding, I never really put much stock in a lot of these accusations especially those made during election season as their only purpose is typically used to get rid of a candidate.  But with ‘Creepy’ Joe’s reputation for being touchy-feely and his habit of skinny-dipping in front of females, has made it pretty easy for them.  And there are now calls from the far left about how Joe can’t be the Democrat candidate, because he’s old and white and a…man!  Democrats are hateful, bigoted and anti-America.  Biden has now been targeted by the radical left of his own party for political termination.  This is simply how the Democrat Party works.

But let’s face it, if these were normal times most of what ‘Creepy Joe’ is now being accused of would be considered as being nothing more than a resume enhancer.  After all, in the war on women the only party with a confirmed kill, courtesy of Teddy Kennedy, is the Democrat Party.  But I still argue that If Biden does end up getting knocked out of the race it won’t be because he’s a disrespectful reprobate. It will be because he is not enough of a communist to please the leftist radical kook fringe who now seems to be in control of his party. If you’re a reprobate, that’s ok.  The problem arises if you aren’t a true Marxist. That’s a problem for these leftwing looney tunes.

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