It’s kind of weird, really, but the more Americans make known their continuing, and growing, distrust of those involved in our ‘fake news’ media complex, the more determined these people seem to become in their effort to actually justify that distrust.   And nothing proves that point better than all of the bizarre goings on regarding the wild conspiracy theory about the Trump campaign somehow ‘colluded’ with the Russians leading up to the 2016 election, and it was that, and that alone, that actually made possible President Trump victory over she who was supposed to be the most qualified individual to ever run for President of these United States.  Because, they told us, there was no way this political novice could ever actually win.

And it was one of the many faux journalists employed by one of the more notorious repeat offenders when it comes to the spreading of ‘fake news’, the Communist News Network, aka CNN, Brian Stelter, who recently placed blame, or at least attempted to, for the staggering loss in credibility regarding those in the ‘fake news’ media on, who else but, Fox News.  Following a week where the ‘fake news’ media suffered a pretty significant blow to whatever credibility they may have still possessed, with the finding that NO collusion took place between the Trump campaign and Russia, Stelter’s network offered little reflection regarding their role in first generating, and then aggressively pushing what was nothing but ‘fake news’ and conspiracy theories.

And it was during a recent broadcast of CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources,’ the network’s program dedicated to the worshiping of those in the media, host Stelter once again obsessed about what Fox News has been doing, pointing out how it is that the network has called out many of his colleagues there at ‘fake news’ headquarters.  Shortly afterward Stelter brought on CNN ‘global affairs analyst’ Susan Glasser to complain even more about Fox News’ choosing to report on the media’s collusion conspiracy snafu.  Or as they called it: the “anti-journalism” message.  Of course, Stelter had to bring up what he described as President Trump’s ‘personal’ relationships with Fox News prime time hosts, acting as though it was completely unprecedented.

Stelter said, “But the existence of Fox as a repeater of his narrative, over and over again, I think those clip I was playing in the intro underscore how powerful it is for him, that he has the megaphone.”   Now of course he made absolutely no mention of how the Obama administration worked very closely with, and hired from, friendly media outlets, or how CNN folks were caught partying it up with accused shakedown artist Michael ‘The Creepy Porn Lawyer’ Avenatti, or the recent case of an NBC editor intimidating a reporter on behalf of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  And in referencing the president this moron added, “He fills in as a Fox News PR person. He really does.”  Really, there was no evidence that, so much for “facts first”.

Stelter’s apparent real concern about Fox News likely has more to do with how they continue to report on how the liberal media’s massive two-year screw-up was hurting the media’s credibility.  Stelter asked Glasser, “Do you think with these anti-media, anti-journalism messages coming out of Fox’s prime time line up every day to 3 to 5 million people, is it doing damage to the press’s credibility.” To which this genius responded by saying, “No question,” before admitting that slide predated the President.  She said, “Conflating investigative journalists with idiot resistance tweeters is a time-honored tactic of the President’s media allies. It’s cynical. It’s ridiculous but effective for them,” offering no clarification on who those idiots were.

It’s no surprise, really, that these liberal talking heads refuse to take any level of responsibility for their own politically motivated and overzealous reporting.  Just looking back at the last week, CNN’s own prime time hosts continuously pushed the debunked conspiracy that the President was actually a Russian agent.  Those conspiracy theories also flourished on the broadcast networks were ABC seemed to suggest that Attorney General William Barr was lying in his summary letter of the investigation’s findings. And shortly before Stelter’s show, Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ claimed President Trump was only “technically exonerated of a crime.”   So, clearly, Fox News is to blame for tanking the media’s credibility.

The more these clowns at CNN claim to be objective, the more laughable the entire network becomes.  In their scrambling for credibility this network only sinks deeper and deeper into the abyss of absurdity.  And it has become increasingly difficult to determine just which network suffers more from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), CNN or the other network that’s been a laughingstock for years, MSNBC.  But let’s face it, what else is it that they can say?  They have no choice but to double down on their lies and malfeasance.  What, did you expect them to say, “You know what guys, you’re all right, we’re fake news and we pushed this collusion delusion because we hate Trump and will do and say anything to get him out of office.”?

Now imagine applying this same sort of logic to the automobile manufacturing industry.  Let’s say we have Ford complaining of very poor auto sales because General Motors builds a better quality, faster, more dependable and cheaper vehicle.  The ‘fake news’ industry is now using the same approach in that it spews nothing but ‘fake news’ with no apparent quality control and no apologies, flooding the market with propaganda that falls apart after just a few days, all the while telling you they are superior and more believable than their biggest competitor.  And when they get caught telling their lies, it’s always someone else’s fault for forcing them to lie, in other words, the same kind of behavior you’d expect from a spoiled 4 year old.

So I’m thinking you’d have to be politically warped to the extreme not to be able to recognize the level of delusion obviously present in today’s rabidly anti-America propagandists masquerading as journalists.  And I can only assume that their lunatic antics were intentionally designed to distract Americans from the fact that Hitlery, the DNC, Barry ‘O’, the criminal Deep State, and their propagandists in the ‘fake news’ media first organized, and then attempted to carry out against a duly elected President and his administration, a coup based on the deliberate fiction of Russian collusion.  And their fear now is that those who actually did collude with the Russians will finally be investigated, indicted, tried, convicted and, hopefully, imprisoned.

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