According to that well-known serial racist, and committed Trump hater, E-LIE-Jah Cummings, what we now have brewing here in America is nothing less than a Constitutional crisis.  And he should know since he’s one of the major players who are desperately trying to ensure that just such a thing takes place.  And it was during an appearance this past Wednesday there at ‘fake news’ headquarters, aka the Communist News Network, aka CNN, that E-LIE-Jah told faux journalist Chris Cuomo, “We have to have the (Mueller) report.” Now I have no doubt that few might have actually been tuned in to watch this idiotic little exchange, but still it was once again that E-LIE-Jah made clear just how dangerous to the country Democrats have become.

And while I don’t really want to rehash recent events, we do now know that according to Mueller’s report there was ZERO evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but it was left undecided as to whether or not President Trump obstructed justice.  That decision, for whatever the reason, was left to Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who came to the conclusion that the evidence developed by Mueller’s team was “not sufficient to establish that the President committed an obstruction-of-justice offense.”  And were it not for level of hatred that continues to be directed at President Trump that, in all likelihood, would have been the end of this continuing, and blatantly political, saga.

E-LIE-Jah told Cuomo, “And it’s going to be very interesting, Chris, to see what’s there.”  He said, said, “After all, this is a major issue for the American people and for our Congress. As a matter of fact, we could be headed towards a crisis, a constitutional crisis. So it makes sense for us to do everything in our power, that is, for Barr to do everything in his power to expedite this matter.  Of course, I do not want to jeopardize the release of grand jury testimony or things that might be classified or might be harmful to the security of but at the same time, we need to see this report.”  E-LIE-Jah continues to make a mountain out of this molehill despite the fact that this is not a major issue for anyone other than corrupt Democrats!

Anyway, Cuomo went on to ask E-LIE-Jah, “If it holds up that Mr. Mueller didn’t see criminal activity in terms of the president or anyone around him participating in Russian interference, and he couldn’t make a decision on obstruction, what kind of crisis are we facing?”  And E-LIE-Jah said, “Well, we’ve got a situation, Chris, where clearly, there are obviously, and I don’t know it to be a fact, because we haven’t seen the report, but obviously, there must be a number of facts on both sides. And at some point, we may very well come to a point where Mr. Barr, that is our attorney general, does not want to release hardly anything. That in and of itself could get us in a position where this would have to be challenged in some kind of way.”

And of course E-LIE-Jah very emphatically disagreed with those who have said that the Mueller report should end the many investigations into President Trump, including the ones conducted by Cumming’s committee that go back many years, in many directions.  E-LIE-Jah said, “Keep in mind, Chris, when we brought Mr. Cohen in, he brought some checks in, and he talked about the president involved with the paramours and brought the checks in, signed by the president. We also know that Mr. Cohen is going to prison for crimes whereby the U.S. Attorney says that were directed by the president.”  And we also know, E-LIE-Jah, Cohen would likely have sold out his own mother in an effort to avoid having to go away to prison for an extended stay.

And E-LIE-Jah went on to say, “So we have a duty to follow up on those things. You’ve got at least 12 investigations going on right now on other things. Such as, with his inaugural committee, his campaign, and a number of other issues. And we are looking very carefully at the whole issue of security clearances. So there’s a number of things we have to look at, but again, we can do more than one thing at one time and we’re doing them.”  But where was the interest of Democrats regarding the rather impressive list of questionable behavior of nearly all of those who were star players of ‘Barry ‘O’ & Co.?  Absolutely NOWHERE!  But let’s be honest here, E-LIE-Jah seeks to do nothing more than to continue this charade all the way to the next election.

According to Sen. Lindsey Graham, who met with Barr this week, the attorney general plans to release the Mueller report in “weeks.”  But, as to be expected, that simply wasn’t good enough for E-LIE-Jah.  He said, “Weeks is not good enough for us. We want it in days!”  He added, “As a matter of fact, we want it on the 2nd (of April).”  E-LIE-Jah is nothing more than an arrogant old racist.  He’s another one of those worthless scumbags who don’t give a squat about the country and who care even less for those in the black community.  For him, like for every other Democrat, it’s all about the party and regaining the necessary political power that will then enable them to shove down the throats of the American people their socialist agenda.

You know, I would be better able to take things that Democrats say at more than face value if there wasn’t quite so much hypocrisy surrounding what they do, or say.  After all, what interest was there among Democrats when it came to investigating Hitlery and her e-mail fiasco?   Or for that matter in investigating ‘Fast and Furious,’  the IRS, Benghazi or any of the other many scandals that occurred during Barry ‘O’s reign.  In all of these cases we were told there was really no need for an investigation and that we simply needed to trust them.  But E-LIE-Jah is right about the rising possibility of a Constitutional Crisis. These Democrats have now become so unhinged over losing the 2016 election that they are trying everything they can to bring down the country.

It was E-LIE-Jah and his fellow Democrats who passed the law/rule requiring a ‘summary letter’ from the Attorney General (AG) and not a full report, back when they didn’t want all of the salacious details about what their boy ‘Slick Willy’ was up to in the Oval Office to get out. The Mueller report is approximately 300 pages. On the one hand, Democrats are complaining that the AG couldn’t possibly have read it in order to get the summary letter out so soon, yet they expect the report to be given to them by April 2nd, even though all 300 pages must be scanned in more detail to remove sources/methods, classified info, and references to innocent parties who may have been interviewed or otherwise mentioned within.  They can’t have it both ways.

Finally, I’m sure most will remember how the Democrats, including Hitlery herself, made such a ‘yuge’ deal out of what ‘MIGHT’ happen if candidate Trump were to lose the election.  Personally, I was of the opinion that he would likely have gone back to building buildings.  But he didn’t lose, she whom we were told was the most qualified individual to ever run for president, did.  And now it’s the Democrats threatening nothing less than to end America in our 244th year. You simply cannot make this stuff up!  The time has long since passed to simply move on.  But nope, they just can’t bring themselves to do it.  Never have I seen so many people so literally consumed by such hatred of a man who has actually done some pretty good things for our country.

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