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I would argue that there is no better ‘Poster Boy’ for Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) than that of Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff, although Eric Swallowswell and ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters can easily be considered as being in second and third place.  And it was in proving just that that ‘Shifty’, in a recent interview with the Washington Post, said he remains absolutely convinced that President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign colluded with the Russian government, this despite the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence that collusion had actually occurred.

So despite Mueller’s exhaustive 675-day investigation that involved some 500 witnesses and requests for information from 13 foreign governments and with no collusion being found to have occurred, ‘Shifty’ still has no doubt that collusion took place.  Mueller’s conclusion was summarized in a four-page letter to Congress by Attorney General William Barr on Sunday.  Barr quoted Mueller directly: “[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

And yet, ‘Shifty’ Schiff told the Post that he remains convinced there is still evidence to be found — somewhere.  ‘Shifty’ said, “Undoubtedly there is collusion.”  And he went on to say, “We will continue to investigate the counterintelligence issues. That is, is the president or people around him compromised in any way by a hostile foreign power? . . . It doesn’t appear that was any part of Mueller’s report.”  But this was far from being the first time that old ‘Shifty’ has publicly expressed his conviction in the Russia collusion theory despite the rather obvious lack of any actual evidence.

And it was as late as this past Sunday morning, two days ‘after’ Mueller turned in his report to Barr with no recommendations for further indictment, that we heard  ‘Shifty’ still claiming, on national television, that there was “significant evidence” of collusion.  It was in appearing with former Clinton hack and ‘fake news’ journalist George  ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos that ‘Shifty’ insisted that despite special counsel Robert Mueller not indicting anyone from the Trump campaign for crimes related to conspiring with Russia in the 2016 presidential election, there IS sufficient evidence.

‘Shifty’ said, “There is significant evidence of collusion. We have set that out time and time again from the secret meetings in Trump Tower to the conversations between Flynn, the Russian ambassador, to the providing of polling data to someone linked to Russian intelligence and Stone’s links to Wikileaks.”  He said, “There’s a difference between compelling evidence of collusion and whether the special counsel concludes that he can prove beyond a reasonable doubt the criminal charge of conspiracy. As I said before, I leave that decision to Bob Mueller.”

It’s ‘Shifty’ along with a whole host of other Democrats who are now demanding to see the entire Mueller report,  as well as any ‘underlying evidence’ that Mueller used, though it would be highly unusual to produce such evidence in a case where the underlying charge could not be corroborated.  Disclosing the “underlying evidence” to the Democrat-run House would essentially complete the task Fusion GPS had begun, providing, Democrats hope, damaging revelations, even if no evidence of guilt.  And so the Democrats continue to grab at straws in their effort to turn back the clock.

And as was reported earlier this week, it’s going all the way back to March of 2017 that ‘Shifty’ has claimed at least 14 times that there significant evidence of collusion, and yet none seems to have been found.  He has made some pretty bold claims and has yet to provide one iota of actual proof that supports any of his wild claims.  And still there are those in the ‘fake news’ media complex who continue to welcome him on, and provide to him a platform from which he can spew his accusations.  What follows are the 14 instances ‘Shifty’ took to Twitter to make his claim of ‘collusion’:

  1. March 19, 2017 — ‘Shifty’ tweets there is “circumstantial evidence of collusion.”
  2. July 16, 2017 — ‘Shifty’ tweets that Donald Trump Jr.’s emails are “clear evidence” the Trump campaign wanted to collude.
  3. December 19, 2017 — ‘Shifty’ asserts there is evidence of collusion on “public record.”
  4. March 12, 2018 — ‘Shifty’ accuses House Republicans of putting “party over country” by finding no collusion.
  5. March 17, 2018 — ‘Shifty’ claims Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee “did find evidence of collusion.”
  6. April 13, 2018 — ‘Shifty’ suggests President Trump’s attacks of James Comey is part of a collusion scheme.
  7. April 27, 2018 — ‘Shifty’ again suggests there is evidence of collusion.
  8. April 27, 2018 — ‘Shifty’ tweets again on the same day, that there is evidence of collusion “in plain sight.”
  9. July 17, 2018 — ‘Shifty’ asserts President Trump sided with Russia “over his own country.”
  10. July 26, 2018 — ‘Shifty’ tweets debunked story; asserts it means President Trump “privately approved” help from Russia.
  11. July 30, 2018 — ‘Shifty’ suggests President Trump committed a crime by conspiring with Russians.
  12. August 1, 2018 — ‘Shifty’ states as fact, “The Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign may very well have been one of the most successful in history.”
  13. August 31, 2018 — ‘Shifty’ states that Russian intelligence agencies “helped Trump win.”
  14. January 16, 2019 — ‘Shifty’ jokes that President Trump’s policies are too obviously “pro-Russian.”

I feel very confident in saying that if there is one certainty in what is our ever changing world it would be that old ‘Shifty’ Schiff is most certainly no seeker of truth, especially when it comes to any and all matters that may relate to President Trump.  But then in all fairness to ‘Shifty’, it’s the very same thing that can be said of just about every other Democrat.  They all seem to be stuck in 2016, when the political novice dared to take on she who was the most qualified individual to ever run for president, and actually won.  And two and a half years later they’ve yet to move on.

And just like ‘Juicy’ Smollett, ‘Shifty’ will only be willing to ‘move on’ when it is proven that he has been lying all along and KNEW he was lying. And just like ‘Juicy’, he will dodge all responsibility for his lies, and go right back to lying, saying things like, “The evidence just didn’t surface to prove him correct.”  The evidence didn’t surface, because it doesn’t exist, and they know it doesn’t exist, but Democrats value the false allegation over truth, honesty, the Constitution or our Republic. They only value regaining power to force their agenda onto Americans, by any means necessary!

The mission has always been to undermine President Trump’s legitimacy, and it started even before he took office.  Actually even before he was elected.  And all that had to be done was to accuse him of what Hitlery not only did but, at least up to this point, has actually gotten away with.  And then polarize the electorate over false claims of Trump’s guilt.  Weaponize the DOJ and the FBI in a determined effort to create the false impression that the only way that President Trump could have possible won the 2016 election was courtesy of ‘colluding’ with outside players.

‘Shifty’ is a weak, pathetic, and sorry excuse for a human being. He is a weasel of the highest order who has absolutely no business in any position of power.  Democrats continue in their refusal to accept the 2016 Trump election win, and now they refuse to accept the Mueller report and the Justice Department’s finding of no collusion and no obstruction.  ‘Shifty’ knows how the dossier came about and he knows that a 2 year investigation yielded nothing, yet he refuses give up. This shows the level of hatred Democrats have for this president and the level of stupidity he possesses.

We know President Trump did not collude with Russia.  That said, it is the ‘fake news’ media, the Democrats, our various intelligence agencies, the Clintons, Barry ‘O’, and the host of other players, now spouting off accusing a sitting president of treason, who did, and continue to, criminally collude to commit treason and sedition against the people and the duly elected President of The United States of America.  There’s your collusion, ‘Shifty’, and all the proof you need is staring you right in the face. The time has come to call out TREASON for what it has been and continues to be.

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