Lewis 08

The Democrat Party continues its effort to push their theory that President Trump somehow actually resorted to cheating, with help from Russia, in order to win the 2016 election for essentially two reasons.  Neither of which has absolutely anything to do with the fact that they actually think he cheated.  With the help of Putin or anyone else.  One reason is that they see as being their only hope of winning in 2020, the getting rid of the president before the election. By any means possible.

And of course the other reason has to do with the fact that leftist Democrats, like Lewis, which is just about EVERY Democrat, have now given into what is nothing less than complete desperation.  Since assuming control of House this past January, they have offered citizens ZERO solutions, only more FREE STUFF for everyone.  So as a way to distract attention away from that fact they must swing from one absurd conspiracy to another.  And there seems to be no claim considered to be too absurd.

And what continues to blow my mind is how any of these idiots could have ever possibly imagined how an absolute dud like Hillary could have ever been elected in the first place.  Hitlery failed to campaign in all 50 states (or 57 if you’re Barry).  She quite literally gave the finger to the citizens of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, all part of the blue wall, by not spending money there nor campaigning there.  And those folks responded to voting FOR the candidate who did both.

All of which brings me to last Saturday’s less than thrilling episode  MSNBC’s “AM Joy” with the appearance of John Lewis, racist Democrat, who offered his ‘thoughts’ on the completion of Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which was submitted to Attorney General William Barr on Friday.  Lewis insisted Congress will demand that the report be released to the public. He also said he still believes that President Donald Trump’s impeachment remains inevitable.

Lewis was asked about the prospects of impeachment and responded by saying, “I think that day will come’” And it was then that this racist old fool went on to say, “I don’t think he’s legitimate. I said it back at the end of the election. I still believe that today.”  Lewis was one of those who couldn’t quite bring themselves to attend President Trump’s inauguration. And while he may have thought he was making some sort of grand statement by doing so, he simply proved how small he really is.

The sheer hatred for a man who doesn’t even take a salary, is yet another new low for Lewis, and most others in his Democrat Party.  Perhaps he’s off his medication, after all what else is that could cause a man to spout such incendiary gibberish.  He is obviously a very sick individual.  I can’t imagine what Dr. King would say today of the man who marched with him, and for just cause, all those many years ago.  I can only assume that he would be very disappointed in a man who I assume was his friend.

Actually with their House majority the foolish Democrats could vote for impeachment with ZERO evidence of wrongdoing and, in all likelihood, probably will.  And it is then that the American people should voice their displeasure by proceeding to vote every one of them out of office for putting the needs of their party above the needs of the country. But such behavior is really nothing new for Democrats, especially more recently and after the era of Barry ‘O’.  It’s ‘the Party’ above all else!

And it’s Democrats such as Lewis who continue to ignore that it was HIS party, and NOT the Republicans, that is the party of Slavery, Segregation, the KKK, and Jim Crow.  And that today is the party of infanticide, antisemitism, open borders and the destruction of our economy through what being called the ‘Green New Deal.’  All while it has been President Trump who is responsible for a bona fide economic boom courtesy of a massive reduction in government regulations and his tax cuts.

And Lewis also seems to ignore how it’s President Trump who made possible the lowest unemployment rate in history for Lewis’ fellow blacks. But hey, none of that is important to the guy who supports Planned Parenthood whose founder Margret Sanger saw abortions as a way to cull Black and Brown babies from society and where today blacks account for 40% of all abortions despite being only 12% of the population. Yet Lewis stays on the Democrat Plantation because it has granted him wealth and power.

And Lewis continues his claim of how he doesn’t think President Trump is legitimate. Funny how it was many of us who reside out beyond the beltway thought the very same of Barry ‘O’.  And despite Barry numerous lies to the American people (if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor), and being what so many Democrats, Lewis included, now accuse President Trump of being, the most corrupt president in American History, there was NEVER any serious talk of impeaching Barry ‘O’.

And remember this is the same party that told us Trump would be a sore loser? It has now been more than two years and these crybabies are still carrying on as if the election was only yesterday. And other than making periodic comments on Twitter about there being a witch hunt for evidence of wrong doing, the president has pretty much ignored them, which I think pissed them off even more.  He’s never retaliated against them as Barry would have done by using various government agencies.

And keep in mind it wasn’t President Trump who said to Putin’s stooge Medvedev, “I will have more flexibility after my election.” Or pushed a silly Russia reset button that really changed nothing, as Hitlery did. He wasn’t who watched, in real time, as our embassy in Benghazi was attacked and did nothing and who then tried to hide the true reason of that attack by blaming it on some video so he could win an election.  In spite of all this, President Trump is still the bad guy?  Democrats are dangerous.

Democrats, like this racist Lewis, should never underestimate the desire for freedom and liberty.  There are worse things than death and living with the boot of government on your throat is of them!  We will not go quietly into the night because a bunch of anti-America, anti-Constitution, anti-Freedom and pro-Socialist mentally deficient goons think we should! You are more than welcome to give up your Constitutional rights, but you will not make that decision for me and mine!

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