A growing number of oldtime Democrats seem to be going out of their way in what appears to be an effort to convince other oldtime Democrats that the party is NOT moving further to the left and not becoming what appears to be the Socialist Party.  The most recent voice to take part in that effort comes from Hitlery supporter, former DNC chairman and governor of Pennsylvania, ‘Fast Eddy’ Rendell.  It was during an appearance at ‘fake news’ headquarters, aka the Communist News Network, aka CNN, that Rendell put forward the argument that freshman Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “does not represent the Democratic Party.”

It was Thursday night on “Erin Burnett OutFront” that a clip of ‘Fast Eddy’ aired during a story about Keystone State voters, which included interviews with residents from Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  It was during the clip that ‘Fast Eddy’ said, “I think, all of a sudden, the 2020 election went from a slam dunk for Democrats to something where we’re going to have trouble beating this guy because he’s going to make democratic socialism swing to the left, which I don’t think is real, but he’s going to make it into the issue.”  And he then went on to add, “AOC does not speak for the Democratic Party.”  But of course she does!  If not her, then who?

Rendell recently criticized Democrat Party leadership for passing the anti-hate resolution in response to comments made by Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar that many considered to be anti-Semitic.  And it was earlier this month during an exchanged on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox, that Rendell said, “I think it should have focused on the anti-Semitism.” And he said, “It should have said that Omar made a mistake. Because she did make a mistake.  As an American Jew, I can tell you the thing that’s most cutting to me is when people talk about Jews, the money, the benjamins, and us being sneaky people who control things by our money.”

Frankly I’m not sure which it is that might make for the better case that ‘Fast Eddy’ is nothing short of delusional, the fact that he once actually considered the 2020 presidential election to be a slam dunk for the Democrats, or his outright denial that his much beloved Democrat Party has now lurched so significantly to the left as to make in increasingly difficult to win any election.  And Eddy seems to not yet have come to grips with the fact that the Democrat Party of his time is now pretty much dead, and I think most people would disagree with his assessment that at least for the present time when it comes to who is, or is not, be the current face of his party.

Because there are many folks, particularly those who younger, who do, at least for right now, view this leftwing empty-headed twit as being the true face of the today’s Democrat Party.  And as amazing as it may sound, there seems to be no one in any position of power, at least within the Democrat Party, who has yet chosen to repudiate her views, and there are now several within the party who are actually supporting her insane dreams to further Democrat aims of destroying the country.  And she has also made it abundantly clear that she’s a racist, at least regarding how she feels toward Israel. Which I’m sure she doesn’t view as being racist.

And apparently Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is also now a campaign funding felon.  Add to that the fact that she seems clueless when it comes knowing ANYTHING about our three branches of the government, the fact that she preaches socialism with a straight face while at the same time we’re watching Venezuela go up in smoke, the fact that she proposes plans that do not exist in the same universe as reality as well as threatening her political enemies with abuses of power before she even set foot in office.  She is the epitome of today’s Democrat.  She’s perfect.  And yet Eddy still, and with a straight face, claims that she is not now the face of today’s Democrat Party.

From their days in the 1950s when Democrats were much more clandestine about their continuing effort to destroy our Republic, to today when they’ve chosen to operate much more out in the open, not much has really changed regarding the stated mission of the Democrat Party.  And simply denying that they are socialists simply doesn’t fly anymore.  From the 1960’s when the hard left first gained a foot hold, of sorts, within the party, it has been over time that they have since come to gain complete control of the party.  They’ve steadily evolved over time from being simply liberals, to progressives, to finally admitting what they’ve always been, Socialists.

Eddy does make a good point, and I agree, that it is rather ironic that the party whose first inclination in every situation has always been to pull the race card, also now seems to be the one with a huge and growing problem with anti-Semitism, i.e racism.  They see anti-Semitism as not being racism because the majority of Jews are white.  However, that in itself is racist which is why the party if tearing itself apart.  Ocasio-Cortez and the other freshmen represent the radical intolerant leftists that now control college campuses and work to shut down all debate and any speech except their own. The new face of the Democrat Party is actually Fascism.

Perhaps ‘Fast Eddy’ should pause for a bit in order to take a closer look at the brief history of Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘accomplishments.’  After all, it has been in near record time that she has: taken Amazon out of NYC, along with a significant number of jobs; mounted Nancy’s precious gavel on her trophy wall; launched her plan to bankrupt the country courtesy of her ‘Green New Deal’, tossed campaign finance rules into the circular file; ascended, essentially unchallenged, to major league heights of hypocrisy; found a really nice place to live in DC on a limited budget and; told everyone, including Eddy, and in no uncertain terms, that she, by golly, is the boss.

So are we to believe that ‘Fast Eddy’ doesn’t really think that his party has actually been moving to the left?  Then perhaps he can explain the total cave regarding the very obvious lack of ANY rebuke of Omar regarding her anti-Semitic remarks or the fact that every single Democrat candidate favors a borderless country, abortion at full term, abolishment of the Electoral College, 16 year olds voting, the ‘Green New Deal’, or a variation of it, endless Trump investigations, trans men competing against women and acceptance of Sharia law.  I’m sure I left something out, but out of all the declared 2020 candidates thus far, not a single one is anywhere near a centrist.

The one certainty as we head into the next election season is that if the Democrats learned anything from Hitlery’s defeat, it was that it is only by cheating the electoral system and changing the rules can they hope to win future elections. Make no mistake, in 2020 the Democrats are going to attempt electoral fraud on what is sure to be a massive scale. They did it in 2016 but it wasn’t enough so they got even more brazen in 2018. They will pull out all the stops in 2020 if they can get away with it. They are openly stating their unpopular agenda because they don’t want or need American voters, they intend to steal it, then claim a mandate for radical change.

‘Fast Eddy’ is simply dancing around the truth without ever quite colliding with it, for whatever the reason.  And it’s according to ‘Fast Eddy’, that President Trump is asserting that the Democrat Party is moving left.  But Eddy maintains that there is no movement to left actually taking place, that President Trump is simply making it all up. Seriously?  So let’s just say, for the sake of argument, the ‘Fast Eddy’ is a pretty smart guy, why is it, do you think, that he continues to choose to ignore what so many of us on the outside of the party are able to see as pretty obvious.  And does he really expect anyone by the hardest of hardcore Democrat to actually believe him?

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