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Well, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden has all but made it official as he has proceeded to ramp up his rhetoric being directed at President Trump.  Old ‘Creepy’ now seems to be going directly after the president as he prepares for a possible 2020 presidential challenge. In a speech to Delaware Democrats, yes the same bunch who continued to send this pervert back to the Senate for 36 years, ‘Creepy Joe’ called out President Trump specifically for betraying what he said was the very substance of our country.

And so it was just last Saturday that ‘Creepy Joe’ was heard to say, “The election in 2020, without hyperbole, is going to be the most important election this country has undergone in over 100 years.”  Adding, “Not a joke.”  And on that I cannot disagree with the guy who has now proclaimed himself as being the most progressive candidate who could challenge President Trump.  And as the Democrats continue their march to the left, I can honestly say that ‘Creepy Joe’ has never spoken truer words.

At this point in the race, most of the declared 2020 candidates spend more time talking about who they are and their own values and policies. Since ‘Creepy’ already enjoys a prominent name identity, he is already spending the majority of his time attacking President Trump. And aides of ‘Creepy Joe’ told folks over at ‘fake news’ headquarters, CNN, that ‘Creepy’ will “focus on the imperative to defeat Trump” if he runs for president.  His strategy was apparent in his speech on Saturday.

It was in issuing his warning to Democrats that ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “The danger posed by this administration to this nation is not hypothetical or exaggerated, it is real, it is existential and many of our Republican and Independent friends know it as well.” Now I think if there is one thing you can say for certain is that if ‘Creepy’ does end up being the Democrat nominee, there is no doubt that ‘Creepy’ would easily be the one sure to get the pedophile vote.  That and likely the nudist vote as well. But I digress.

‘Creepy’ again took the opportunity to distort President Trump’s remarks in Charlottesville, repeating the hoax that the president described ‘white supremacists,’ ‘Klansmen,’ and ‘neo-Nazis’ as “very fine people.”  Now never-mind that that resembles in no way what the president said.  ‘Creepy Joe’ continued ripping the President Trump, accusing the president of “tearing down the guardrails of society” by challenging the media, the judiciary, and the legal branch of government.

‘Creepy’ said, “The more you weaken the power of these institutions set up to prevent the abuse of power, set up to prevent the accumulation of power, the more power rises to the presidency.”  And he said, “Folks, we better wake up to what’s happening right in front of our eyes.”  He warned that American Democracy was in real danger of crumbling as a result of Trump’s presidency.  But it was during the reign of Barry ‘O’, with help from ‘Creepy’, that our democracy was damaged.

And ‘Creepy’ went on to accuse President Trump of betraying the American values of treating everyone with dignity and respect, including immigrants and the poor.  ‘Creepy’ claimed, “This president sneers at these values, literally. He thinks they make us weak, he thinks we are suckers.”  And he said, “Well, he is dead wrong.”  I always have to chuckle whenever I hear some Democrat who claims to be so worried about how this president cares so very little about our ‘American’ values.

Because it’s in that regard that ‘Creepy’ chooses to ignore completely that American values are NOT Democrat values, values which accept the murdering of a baby right up the time of delivery, failing to protect citizens of this country from those in this country illegally, acceptance of ‘sanctuary’ cities, as well as viewing as normal men being able to use a women’s restroom, these are all uniquely Democrat values.  And it is these so-called Democrat ‘values’ that the president has rightly chosen to criticize.

‘Creepy’ accused the president of betraying the American workers who helped elect him president by giving tax cuts to the wealthiest of Americans.  ‘Creepy’ said, “Trump turned his back on the very people he promised he would help, farmers, construction workers, teachers, home health care workers.”  He said, “So many folks in places like Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin were whipsawed by a changing world economy and left behind by the draconian policies of this administration.”

Oddly enough, however, it’s those same ‘draconian’ policies to which ‘Creepy’ referred that have resulted in that which was so successfully avoided during those dark years known as the Obama presidency, of which ‘Creepy Joe’ was a major player: a bona fide economic recovery, the lowest unemployment rate for blacks in history and the fewest number of Americans on food stamps since 2009.  And yet ‘Creepy’ declared, “Folks, we are literally in a battle for the soul of America.”

‘Creepy’ is correct on one point, that the coming election will be the most important election of the last 100 years, although not for the reasons he states.  Democrats are now calling for the dissolution of America as an identifiable entity. Open borders, universal healthcare and elimination of the Electoral College would mean that we no longer have a representative republic, period.  Within the first term of instituting the Democrats’ plan, the U.S. would be well on its way to becoming the next Venezuela.

In a way I hope ‘Creepy’ does get the nomination.  The president is not running on promises this time, he’ll be running on a long list of accomplishments including a roaring economy, a thriving stock market, energy independence, major reduction in useless regulations, tax cuts, peace and prosperity etc. What will ‘Creepy’ be running on?  That he was part of the most corrupt administration in history?  Or, that he will bring back those same economic policies that resulted in a stagnant economy?

‘Creepy Joe’ parses his words like the true corrupt politician that he is. The existential threat to America are the corrupt politicians who have perverted our laws, conned the voters, sold America’s secrets, and intellectual property, to anyone who would pay, and who were not necessarily the highest bidder.  And it is President Trump who has succeeded in upsetting the Washington DC applecart that has made millionaires of politicians, and has nearly destroyed the middle class in America.

The existential danger, to use ‘Creepy’s’ word, is that Donald Trump must be stopped before he can achieve what it is that he has set out to do. This is not what ‘Creepy’ has said, but make no mistake it is precisely what he means.  The only ‘danger’ posed by this administration is showing the American people the Democrat Party is fighting not for America, or for improving the lives of every American, but their own power and greed!  If any Democrat is elected in 2020, make no mistake, America is doomed.

The Democrat Party platform heading into 2020 seems to be as follows: elimination of the Electoral College, Medicare for ALL, lower the voting age to 16, reparations to be paid by Whitey, expanding the Supreme Court to 15 Justices, Open Borders, Allowing Illegal Immigrants and Felons to Vote, repealing the Second Amendment, a 90 percent tax rate for the top producers, universal income for deadbeats, $15 minimum wage, allowing men in women’s restrooms Medicare for all and on and on.

Granted, while most of our younger people received a pretty shitty public education, with the brain washing of many being completed in any of our self-proclaimed institutions of ‘higher learning’, you would think that even a complete moron would be able to recognize that what the Democrat Party, including old ‘Creepy’, is trying to pull off here, courtesy of their demand for open borders, for allowing 16 years old to vote and for abolishing the Electoral College, is perpetual political power.

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