Jeb 6

Apparently after having still not fully recovered from having had his ass handed to him by a complete outside, Jeb bush, the guy I twice voted for for governor, is now advocating for someone, ANYONE, on the ‘Republican’ side to challenge President Trump in 2020. It was during an interview at ‘fake news’ headquarters, aka the communist News Network (CNN), with David Axelrod, of all people, that Jeb said, “I think someone should run just because Republicans ought to be given a choice…”

But Jeb did acknowledge that it would be difficult for a Republican to challenge President Trump, but believed it would be good for ‘conservatism.’  He said, “It’s hard to beat a sitting President, but to have a conversation about what it is to be a conservative, I think it’s important.”  Bush spent $150 million in his attempt to win the 2016 Republican presidential primary only to get stomped by a political novice, candidate Trump, who ran as an insider challenging the Republican establishment.

The NeverTrump Republicans are like the union slackers, who tell the new guy to slow down because he’s making them look like the poor performers they are.  So I’m wondering, will it be Jeb who willing steps up to have that conversation about what it means to be a conservative and to take on the president?  Somehow I doubt Jeb would want to risk being embarrassed yet again?  After all, there’s much less risk involved in throwing crap from the sidelines than in standing up for what you claim to believe in.

President Trump may not be a bona fide conservative in the eyes of those like Jeb, but there can be no disputing the fact that during his time in office he has certainly governed like a conservative.  But apparently that just isn’t good enough for the remaining NeverTrumpers, like Jeb, who are still out there whining.  From his judicial appointments, to his tax cuts to his massive reduction in regulations and his boosting of our military, I seriously doubt that Jeb could have done as well as President Trump.

Granted, ‘The Wall’ is still not built, but having said that I think we are much closer to having it built than if we had Jeb in the White House.  And we would be even closer to having ‘The Wall’ built were it not for our rather sizable cadre of RINO’s in Congress who insist upon siding with the ‘open border’ Democrats as evidenced by the 12 RINOs in the Senate who recently voted against the presidents’ declaring a national emergency.  The crisis at our southern border is very real, it is not manufactured!

Yeah Jeb, great idea! Let’s work to unseat a sitting president in a primary which would have essentially a 0 percent chance of success for no other reason than to demonstrate a further lack of solidarity in the Republican Party while at the same time draining the coffers ahead of what is likely to be nothing short of a brutal and very difficult general election.  Sounds like a perfectly logical thing to do!  NOT!!  Maybe Kasich will give it a try, since he was such an outstanding candidate last time.

Here’s the problem with that idea, Jeb. The Republican Party is full chock-full of RINO’s, just like yourself, and the vast majority of conservative Americans now feel they’ve been abandoned by their party.  You all should be on your hands and knees praying that Donald Trump gets re-elected in 2020 because he’s the ONLY person who even remotely has a chance!  The Republican Party is on the verge of mathematical extinction and you’re either too stupid to see it, or you don’t care. Which is it, Jeb?

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