I think there is very little doubt among most conservatives that when RINO Mitt Romney was elected Senator from Utah, it was ‘The Swamp’ that had managed to gain another member while we the American people hoping to gain someone who would actually represent them, lost.  And it was in pretty short order, politically speaking, that Romney proved that we could not have been more correct.  Romney left no doubt about whose side he is now on when he announced on Thursday that he intended to join many of his fellow RINOs in choosing to side with the Democrats in opposing President Trump’s national emergency declaration, using as the typical excuse that we always hear from these RINOS, and actually making the claim that his vote does not amount to a vote “against border security.”  Of course it does!!!

And in declaring his intentions that he would vote for a resolution that would nullify the president’s national emergency declaration, Romney released a statement in which he made very clear that he has absolutely no problem it all in making it more difficult to secure our southern border.  So the Senate passed the Democrat resolution today, and President Trump has said he will veto it. The House passed the bill in February.  Romney claimed, “This is a vote for the Constitution and for the balance of powers that is at its core.” He said, “For the Executive Branch to override a law passed by Congress would make it the ultimate power rather than a balancing power.”  But he seems to ignore the fact that had members of Congress done what we elected them to do, there would have been no need for an emergency declaration.

Romney blathered on saying, “This is not a vote against border security. In fact, I agree that a physical barrier is urgently needed to help ease the humanitarian crisis at the southern border, and the administration already has $4.5 billion available existing authority to fund a barrier–even without an emergency declaration.”  He said, “I am seriously concerned that overreach by the Executive Branch is an invitation to further expansion and future presidents. We experience a similar erosion of congressional authority with President Obama’s unilateral immigration orders– which I strenuously opposed. In the case before us now, where Congress has enacted specific policy, to consent to an emergency declaration would be both inconsistent with my beliefs and contrary to my oath to defend the Constitution.”

And so it was then that earlier today RINO Romney made good on his threat when he joined with 11 other Senate ‘Republicans’ in choosing to side with the ‘open borders’ Democrats in voting to bring to an end President Trump’s national emergency.  RINO Romney first signaled his position in January, before the president signed a bill ending a partial government shutdown that did not contain a requested $5.7 billion for border barriers.  The other 11 ‘Republicans’ voting with the Democrats were: Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Lamar Alexander, Jerry Moran, Pat Toomey, Rob Portman, Roger Wicker, Marco Rubio and Roy Blunt.  Now while neither Lee nor Paul are usually identified as being your typical RINOs, they are, this time, guilty by association, because all of the others are RINOs! Every single one of them.

These senators have claimed they oppose any form of executive overreach, it’s just rather frustrating that they have chosen to wait until we have a Republican president to express such opposition.  Where were they when ex-president Barry ‘O’s dreamed up his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) illegal alien amnesty.  Something that some activist federal district judge ruled, in August 2018, was illegal.  And it’s been more than a few lawyers who have argued that President Trump has the authority under the National Emergencies Act of 1976 to re-appropriate money to build the wall.  Romney’s announcement comes as a Morning Consult/Politico poll suggests that nearly three-quarters of Republican voters would more likely vote for a candidate if they backed President Trump’s national emergency on the border.

This was, most definitely a vote against border security. There is simply no other way to look at it. Let’s face it, if these individuals really wanted a secure border it would have been secured long ago.  Any Republican senator who votes against your security today does not deserve your vote whenever it is that they the come up for re-election.  And it was many of these very same RINOs who remained silent when Barry ‘O’ declared 13 national emergencies and when ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton declared no less than 17 national emergencies. I am ashamed and repulsed by the Republicans who are supporting Democrats in their rebuke of Trump.  Contrary to the assertions made by these pathetic turncoats, this was all about one thing, sticking it to President Trump. These people further the wide-spread perception that Republicans cannot be trusted.

In an interview earlier this week, President Trump said he found it “hard to believe” that any Republican would vote against his efforts to secure the border.  Personally, I too find it hard to believe that ANY Republican who claims to be serious about securing our southern border would chose to stand with the ‘open borders’ Democrats over this president.  And yet, 12 of them did.  But really, when it comes to this bunch of RINOs we now have in both houses of Congress, there is nothing that shocks me anymore.  And it was Rep. Mo Brooks who said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart that any constitutional concern over Trump’s emergency declaration amounts to “pure, unadulterated B.S.”  And I must say, it’s pretty hard to disagree with that assessment of things.  Kind of makes me wonder why I even bother to vote anymore!

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