Now you would think that with all the time, effort and enthusiasm that our potential Democrat presidential hopefuls are now expending on selling us all on the wonders of Socialism it would be, without a doubt, the greatest thing since slice bread.  But to believe such a thing is to ignore decades of undeniable proof that it is anything but.  And for those unwilling, or too lazy, to look back in history, it is Venezuela that is now showing us the consequences of Socialism in what is essentially real time.

Venezuela is in the dark, quite literally in the dark, and has now spent over a week with no power, and it is being reported that even in small pockets, if the power does come back on, it isn’t long before it is cut off again.  There are also other reports that show there is already widespread looting as families scavenge for food to feed their children.  According to the BBC at least 17 people have died during the week since the blackout began.  Welcome to yet another example of socialism’s end game.

Throughout history we have seen this same scenario play out time and time again, leading to millions upon millions of deaths, and as Democrats here in America push for socialist and communist policies, Venezuela is an in-your-face look into our own future should we allow them to convince us to trust them.  Socialism always sounds so appealing to those who are rather naïve and it’s not until one is in freefall after being nudged off the cliff that one realizes, in pretty short order, the error of their ways.

The downfall of Venezuela began back in 2007 when Hugo Chavez, hero of Sean Penn, Michael Moore and any number of other Hollyweird leftwing luminaries, started down the road to socialism by nationalizing Venezuela’s oil industry to fund government welfare programs, and from there everything proceeded downhill and has continued to do so at an ever accelerated rate of speed.  In the process Chavez took his country from being the wealthiest, most stable democracy in South America to what it is today.

That was essentially the beginning of the end, and it was in one paragraph from a BBC story that says it all for how it ends:  Without internet, mobile phones, banks, credit-card machines, electric cookers or air-conditioning, ordinary life is bordering on the unbearable for many people, especially in low income communities.  And it was just days ago that Senator Marco Rubio also warned that Venezuela is now headed into “unprecedented catastrophe,” as the nation continues its rapid collapse.

I think we’re all pretty well aware of how it is that our communist ‘educators’ have long been brainwashing our children regarding all of the supposed benefits that living  under socialism provides, to the point where now nearly 50 percent of Millennials and Generation Z, want to live in a socialist country.  Not that they want to move to one, what they prefer is for America to become one.  So for anyone who might think this is just a phase the Democrat Party is now going through, it most definitely is not.

Today’s Democrat Party most certainly is not the Democrat Party of our parents’ day, since today it seems very determined in its effort to force upon us those socialist policies that will only cause America to suffer the same fate as have all other socialist nations, with a total collapse and death counts in the millions. The devastating history and death toll of communism and socialism is being ignored by today’s Democrats/Socialists, downplayed with tropes like “They just didn’t do it right.”

And as I mentioned earlier, when looking at the devastation and abject human misery brought about by the supposed ‘benefits’ of living under Socialism, we don’t need to look at history because we have as America’s present day canary in the coal mine, Venezuela. And it’s become obvious that that canary is dead.  Americans should heed those who successfully escaped the ‘mine,’ and who are warning us how, “Venezuela was my home, and socialism destroyed it. Slowly, it will destroy America, too.”

Americans MUST either learn the lesson that Venezuela should now be teaching all of us, or prepare for the day when our lights go out, and when we no longer have access to food and water, or even things like banks and ATMs, because there are a number of events that can flip the switch and leave us all living in the dark with no end in sight.  And for all of those who still insist Venezuela isn’t really as bad off as has been reported, take off the blinders, please, and wake up.  Socialism is a fool’s dream.

There is no shortage of socialist candidates running for president in the Democrat Party.  This despite the fact that day after day we hear more bad news about how the many socialist enclaves that we have right here at home, and all across our country, that have promoted, for decades, socialist policies on a consistent basis, and are now facing bankruptcy, because those policies were doomed to fail from the very moment they were dreamt up.  Socialism guarantees nothing but poverty and misery.

The bottom line here is really a relatively simple one, so much so, that even your basic Democrat voter should be able to understand it, not that they will of course.  The canary, which in this case is Venezuela, can now safely be declared dead.  And it should now serve as being the perfect warning that we Americans should run just as fast and just as far as we can away from socialism, and from those who are now working so hard to convince us of the benefits Socialism bestows.  They are LYING!

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