When it comes to the Democrats, I don’t think there is anything that makes the point better about the validity, or the soundness, of their arguments or of their positions on the truly important issues of the day, than how they now seem to feel the need to work to increase the size of their core voter base, first by actively encouraging that illegal immigrants be allowed to vote and now by advocating that the voting age be lowered to 16.  And they feel it necessary do this because of what is their inability to convince a majority of current registered voters that theirs are truly the best ideas.

After all, if Democrats were confident that Socialism is what most people are genuinely in favor of, why would they need to go in search of ‘new’ voters?  And it was a majority of House Democrats who on Wednesday actually voted to lower the federal voting age from 18 to 16.  And there were a number of high-profile Democrats who voted in favor of the legislation, including such luminaries of the left as Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff, Eric Swallowswell, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, Ted ‘Loony’ Lieu, and Tulsi Gabbard, along with psychos, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

It was Democrat Ayanna Pressley who introduced this bizarre piece of legislation Tuesday evening as an amendment to House Democrats’ “For The People Act,” which would overhaul federal election laws.  Pressley’s amendment fell short at 126-305.  Pressley introduced legislation to lower the federal voting age from 18 to 16 House Democrats voted 125-108 in favor of Pressley’s amendment, with two members voting present and three members not voting.  House Republicans voted against the amendment 197-1. Texas Rep. Michael Burgess was the only Republican to vote aye.

Pressley cited teen activists pushing for gun control as a reason to give 16-year-olds the right to vote, which she compared to having a driver’s license.  In remarks she made on Tuesday, Pressley said, “Young people are at the forefront of some of our most existential crises.”  She said, “The time has come. Our young people deserve to have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.”  No, they don’t.  There is no way that high schoolers, with absolutely zero responsibilities, should have any say on those things that will come to have an impact on those WITH responsibilities!

Translation: “We Democrats can provide for you the same way as your mommy and daddy can.  Just vote for us and you will be taken care of.  You can sit in front of your favorite video game and not worry about a thing.  Need ‘free’ food, a ‘free’ phone, a ‘free’ education, ‘free’ medical care, need ‘free’ housing, or how about some ‘free’ money, or a guaranteed income?  You got it, just vote Democrat.”  Democrats are just looking for more uneducated voters willing to put them into power and to allow them to make us into the next Venezuela, and who won’t complain when they do.

If not pure insanity, it is at least an act of reckless incompetence.  If anything we should be raising the minimum age to vote.  In today’s world people don’t truly mature emotionally, intellectually and experientially until they’re in their mid-20s.  But lower it to let 16 year old children, who still live under the shelter of their parent’s and have zero adult life experiences, vote?  That’s nuts!  The real story here is that we who have the right to vote need to do a much better job of electing people who will actually represent us.  Nothing against kids, we love our kids, but this is sheer idiocy.

Look, we all know why Democrats want to lower the voting age.  Hell, they’d lower it to 6 year olds if they thought they could.  It’s all about winning elections.  Democrats are now totally reliant on the most ignorant and uninformed among us, and they have already spent so much time and energy indoctrinating our kids about the joys of Communism.  And we also know that if there was a snowball’s chance in Hell that a significant number of these younger voters could end up voting for Republicans, Democrats most certainly would not be pushing so hard for allowing children to vote.

I find it ironic that one of their bogus subversive moves yet has been to project THEIR Russian collusion/election interference onto President Trump to the tune of Millions of wasted tax payers’ dollars, while at the same time openly fighting to negate the American people’s right to vote by giving illegals who are NOT citizens the right to vote in our elections.  No other country does this.  Nothing treasonous or subversive about that, right?!  And still there are useful idiots who blindly support the Democrat Party as if that’s the party that has American’s best interest at heart.

And if this doesn’t prove the stupidity and scorched earth policies of the left, I doubt that anything else will. They are intent on gaining as much political power as possible, no matter what the collateral damage. The dumbass lemmings who follow them aren’t intelligent enough to realize the ultimate outcome, but should look to Venezuela as being the perfect example.  Now they want the very ones who have to be told, sometimes repeatedly, not to eat Tide pods, snort condoms, or not to give themselves third degree burns with ice cubes, to choose the leadership of the country?

There really isn’t anything that Democrats won’t do in order to gain votes. They know that 16-year-olds, in general, don’t have fully developed brains and intellect yet, and are impressionable and emotional in the extreme, which is exactly the kind of people who tend to vote for Democrats.  Since the Democrats have now essentially lost the middle income, blue collar and white voters, are in the process of losing black and Hispanic voters and just might lose the illegal vote if the president gets his Wall, all  they’re left with are the indoctrinated ‘simpletons’ generated by public education.

And so I’m curious.  If little Timmy is allowed to vote at 16, he can also own a gun at 16? How about joining the military, can he also do that at 16?  How about smoking?  Can he drink alcohol?  Is he considered to be an adult at 16 under the criminal justice system? Our public education system has now succeeded in sufficiently dumbing down our kids to the point where the Democrat goal of a full Socialist takeover of this country has now become a real possibility.  Democrats can now be said to be in a full-blown meltdown. And I can only hope that there are enough Americans taking note.

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